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  1. After the update, i noticed that the loadings time increased considerably, not only that but the screen freezes around 60%, and because the loading is so slow, whenever i try to join a squad, by the time the loading resumes, i get a "lost connection to host" message. I hope this can be fixed, because it seems that for now i can only play solo.
  2. Yesterday magan said that plague star was 99% fixed in their end, since before it was unplayable, probably because of the plains remaster. So yeah, we just need to wait now.
  3. Xbox had another bug that needed to go through cert, and only after that they could release a fix for plague star in that version, so now, we just need to wait for them to deply the event to everyone
  4. Thank you. Let's hope they statrt the event soon then
  5. Where did you see that? im not finding it here, nor on the main page/discord
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