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  1. (NSW)Orbit

    Fortuna: Limited-Time Twitch Drops!

    So about 80% of my drops were credits. Like it was kinda cool to be able to get a chance to get a frame or whatever a Riven Mod is. But after seeing nothing but credits in my inbox it made me question why I even bothered watching streamers. Honestly even getting that bobble head thing would have made it slightly worth it. And this is just terrible for streamers in general. The boost in viewers is not a good thing for these creators since after this is done they all vanish. DE should come up with a new way to hype the release of a big expansion. Maybe do a in game event, a Dev stream that gives out rewards to anyone that stops by to watch. Something that dosen't effect the community like it does now.
  2. (NSW)Orbit

    Switch Twitch drops not working.

    Same issue I'm not getting any or they drop randomly after many hours.
  3. (NSW)Orbit

    Fortuna: Limited-Time Twitch Drops!

    I really hope its soon. Was watching a stream at work in the background for 8 hours. Was excited to open my inbox.......3 drops O.o
  4. I don't know if this applies to all platforms or just Switch. On Defense missions sometimes a single enemy will get stuck on a weird loop path. They just run in circles getting stuck over and over. This has cause enemies to fall into a wall or floor. I have been running a lot of Defense missions and for me its past a minor annoyance. Has anyone else experienced this?
  5. (NSW)Orbit

    Spectra Sugatra Visual Bug

    I noticed mine doing the same thing as well. All the other ones are bigger and fit properly.
  6. (NSW)Orbit

    (NSW) Is Anyone Out There!?

    Hello fellow nintennos, I am looking to be added or to add some people to my empty friends list. IGN: Orbit. Honestly I don't enjoy voice chat but would like some players to farm relics or credit farm. Maybe do some boss runs or spy mission farms. You know whatever we want. So please give me an add that way when I my brother asks what do I do with my time I can say chill with friends. Help a Tenno feel something send that FR! Thanks
  7. (NSW)Orbit

    Switch Handheld Screen Bug

    I don't know if this effects docked mode since I just play way more in handheld. Once in a while during missions the bottom and right screen edges look like they have screen tearing happening. I only notice it in missions so I am guessing it might be a performance thing when there is a bunch or things going on, but who know. Anyone else see this or experience it?