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  1. So about 80% of my drops were credits. Like it was kinda cool to be able to get a chance to get a frame or whatever a Riven Mod is. But after seeing nothing but credits in my inbox it made me question why I even bothered watching streamers. Honestly even getting that bobble head thing would have made it slightly worth it. And this is just terrible for streamers in general. The boost in viewers is not a good thing for these creators since after this is done they all vanish. DE should come up with a new way to hype the release of a big expansion. Maybe do a in game event, a Dev stream that gives out rewards to anyone that stops by to watch. Something that dosen't effect the community like it does now.
  2. I really hope its soon. Was watching a stream at work in the background for 8 hours. Was excited to open my inbox.......3 drops O.o
  3. Yes! Can't wait to check these out. hoping we see a event coming up in the new few weeks as well.
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