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  1. I can turn on DX10 too, but it's broken as well! After 20-30 minutes of gameplay driver is crashing. Have seen a lot of threads on forums with this problem even with new gpu - nvidia 1xxx and latest amd. So what should i do in this situation? The only answer what we got from support is that we need to update drivers or check hardware as it can be damaged. But both this advice is useless, as i don't have problems with dx10 in other games.
  2. Tell me, then why my friend with nvidia graphics with dx9 got fix for this issue?
  3. So many fixes, but 0 fix for Legacy Graphic card Dx9. I have AMD Mobility 3650 512mb and DX9 is broken on this card! Please Devs fix this. If you need more info i will provide.
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