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  1. Name Gertrude Nationality Eidolon from Cetus Age 657 years old Hobbies Killing tenno Killing birds Killing grineer Disappearing and reappearing on the other side of the planet Screaming Shooting my big gun, smashing the ground with my gun or my foot, or slicing the ground Becoming an articula for these dirty Tenno I love radioactive substances ! They eat away my shields :3 Biography Hey there ! I’m Gertrude :3, I’m a female hydrolyst (yes if you didnt know we do have genders, btw there are more than 2 genders), you’re in luck ! I am one of the few female hydrolysts who isn’t a furry so come make love ❤️ with me and marry me uWu, I’m a weeb sorry 😞 I don’t like wandering around alone in the plains at night, and I often get jumped by a bunch of thugs in shining armor 😞 but I do like going out of water and the going back into water ! Even if these godamn plants grow on my back, yea I’m sorry I don’t believe in Jesus or god but that’s okay ‘cos I believe in the government ! Anyways hit me up ! U can reach me via text : មួយពីរសូន្យមួយបីបួន
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