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  1. I'm so tired of seeing multiple trolling on the in game chat about Baro, recently it was another about "when Baro?", someone answered, and guess what came just 1-2 minutes later...? Yep another trolling about "when Baro?". This is so painfully obvious now that it's a trolling now, or has a strong "mematic" values to constantly chanting "when Baro?". It's always the same S#&$ on every day. Even when Baro is available, there're still "questions" about "when Baro?", and so fast when he left from the relay.... Sooo in just matters of minutes/seconds, another "when Baro?" pops
  2. This is among the craziest I ever has witnessed in gaming from my part... You gets lulled by every times when you practices on that test, I completed my very first time on that test with 2 or 3 drops remaining...Guess what happened during the actual test? *Very low/slow spawn rate. *Non aggressive enemies, they just stands still! Enemies pursues you like crazy during the practices. *Ultra-long distances between every drops with so little enemies around it, and no time remaining. *Aksons near almost every drops. You had to have Primed Sure Footed installed, otherwise yo
  3. I watched on the whole stream (while doing other things), but the problem is that I'm deaf...But this has been resolved now since we'll getting the next chance at tomorrow.
  4. I missed about this...I started a thread about this matter with no drop during 1st dec, which also appears to be my very own birthday!. It's a such relief that you gets another chance to getting that darn Braton Vandal Receiver at next tuesday!
  5. This is the first time which has occurred with me that I watched the entire stream logged in, yet I never received the Braton Vandal part drop during 1/12-20. It's really annoying if now I can't get that part, since you cant purchase the weapon or obtaining it on the game itself...so It's an important and very rare part, since I has the 2 resting parts and I'll getting the BR at tomorrow, only if it doesn't get messed up like during 1/12-20.
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