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  1. I sometimes gets killed on that mission even with my maxed out Octavia (max armor), my Helios Prime also often gets killed 2-3 times during the Jackal battle. This is not okay since it's a VERY early node! So poor new players with low levels and so little in armor, health and shield (and probably with a weaker frame + no healing companion too!), they'll sure easily gets instantly killed by those insanely high damaging electrical conduits around the arena, the screen easily gets very busy, so it's so difficult to see what heck is happening on the screen, and dodge those electrical conduits
  2. Why did DE made some certain weapons so strong from the beginning, and then just to nerfing them into oblivion, that so much that they became an entirely another weapon then? I knew that this were bound to happen to 130%, but still it's so bloody annoying that DE so often strips off all fun from the game. So please just don't make the upcoming weapons/frames/companions so OP from the start, that so many players gets angry and disappointed then. Same problem with that DE loves to make new enemies and bosses so unreal OP, so that's almost impossible, and then they had to adjusting for month
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