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    Information On Damage 2.0

    First, I'd like to ask, does this mean puncture will no longer mean 'Bullets go through enemies'? Because if it is, and there's nothing else in the game that does that, we're going to have a massive problem. [Also sorry for not reading all 30 some pages of this thread, incase this was answered] And second...'Level 1 enemies are still the easiest, but the difficulty of a Level 40 enemy in Damage 2.0 will be comparable to a Level 100 enemy in Damage 1.0.' Holy mother of god on a bike, are you guys insane? are you trying to scare away your casual community?! We don't need MORE BUFFS TO THE ENEMIES, we need serious NERFS. Anything that does flame damage is so overpowered that you can run missions above 50 without having at least two Rhinos, and anything with stun, which accounts for the majority of enemies in the game, save anything corpus [Aka the easy faction], can stun lock you in a corner. Who the hell thought we needed the common enemies to be buffed to function the same as lvl 100?! Most the people I know use 40s to grind on to get to 60s, and 60s to 100s. Now what, we need to grind on 20s to get to 30s, and 30s to 40s? This is...This is just..No...No.....If this is where Warframe is going, expect to lose a lot of your community, and incoming players. You already have a massive wall to entry, and this is jist going to make it a sheer cliff. This is exactly what I figured would happen when people were saying 'oh damage 2.0 will change warframe for the better!'; Clearly not. And before someone says 'oh it's okay, you'll be just as powerful as the enemies', One, no we won't. This has been made clear for months now that the enemies are always going to be stronger than us, and two.....Even if that was true, that's not how to properly balance a game. You balance a game by making each entity have strengths and weakness, alone, not make two entities overpowered and say that's balance. As it stands, either we have too little information here, or this is a horrible update that will break an already broken game.