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  1. I love how there are 3 of you whining page 1. Can we just not assume that you vocal lot on forums are applicable to the community as a whole? I run into this when coming up with ideas for changes and its frankly demoralising and honestly if thats what youd prefer to complain about right now there is nothing further to say given the situation with helminth potentially overloading the NPE just to name one of many more pressing issues.
  2. Perhaps maybe more then 3 words describing the issue? Also providing any information such as if its in maroo's bazaar or in a dojo? For example I had some connectivity issues recently on Switch that turned out to be an ISP issue between me and the servers. Unlike PC that is harder to track down but more information is better.
  3. In the last 2 days in NA Recruitment chat and Trade I have noticed a series of accounts using lines such as "hey guys I texted a guy for free plat (insert international mobile number)" and similar. I know the majority of you would not fall for it but its a variant of an old scam used by goldsellers in other games and in this particular case can not only cause you a loss of account but identity theft as well if they gain access to your personal information. I accept that Mods may remove this but I have reported ingame and have an open support ticket about this subject and wanted to spread th
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