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  1. I am not sure where you ignore the basic lore PoE versus fortuna as well as the Ticker guy who can boost your rep to cap daily FAST thus negating the delay PoE had and that lore wise it makes sense that the Orbs arent easily accessed?
  2. As a side note while not directly relevant attack speed mods like Fury etc can also make specific combos like the cleaving whirlwinds spin combo to animate more quickly and also animates the stumble MUCH faster as well resulting in less downtime.
  3. Yikes haha the last 3 replies are incredible yet massive going to need time to respond. While I agree there is more to be done from their end isnt it up to us as the community to be able to voice these concerns loudly enough while being smart enough not to engage those who seek to derail or troll? I will be having a bigger response just wanted that out there initially.
  4. Sigh why did people come here trying to suggest I look at videos? I searched youtube watched videos over the past month from all the top search result channels not just the ones search showed but went into individual channels. This isnt about promoting individual channels or listening to more opinions this is about trying to create a dialogue not about the issues presently faced but those in some cases in the very near future and how we as a community combined with Digital Extremes can make this game beyond incredible Now this is why I made the post!! I can agree with a few points you made about general content versus targeted aka wow raids with cosmetic and mount options as a good comparison but I want to counter that. I played WoW for 15 years and not once in those 15 years did I as a casual player find myself positively benefiting from the "discussions" on forums which provided insight into what a small portion wanted. While I can see your issues that is far less of a concern given the fact there are 2 big issues at play as follows: 1. Warframe is F2P WoW is Subscription based. This creates a dilemma not only for the developer but for the community that surrounds Warframe as they are trying to and often failing to balance content output versus quality. Before the inevitable quote spam stating that skins and such are not content they are. They are created to drive interest and in the case of Tennogen by people like Hitsu San Faven and others who see the huge potential for the game. What we need to do is stop being angry and provide coherent thoughts as you have but not just comparing two games and saying that WoW had a better experience and leaving it at that. We need thematic ideas that fit into what Warframe is and from Digital Extreme's end they need to be more visible in interacting with the threads and not just the repetitiive nerf this buff that on suggestion forums but dig into forum threads like this and find the gems that hide there shared by the few remaining engaged players. 2. Content is not coming as quick as we might like (Paraphrasing your initial paragraph) This is highly unfair again due to the size of the team when you compare it to the team that worked on WoW:BFA. I have noticed this cycle for 4 years that Warframe end of year sees a huge drop be it mainlines PoE or Fortuna and people are unhappy with the countless frame and weapon drops and primes etc in the 11 months between. This is highly unfair and if you were to compare that update cycle to the one for WoW particuclarly when you compare changes such as Solar 2.0 Melee 2.0/3.0 and the WoW graphical overhaul/stat crunch updates you look close enough you see a far more fast paced cycle for Warframe then what was once the biggest subscription based game As for the content being over reported I have no sympathy. There are many games out there with much less that have less complaints pegged at them. As for content I have not seen several ideas that people in other game communities did at similar times of drought. I point you to many many machinima created using an external program and the vanilla and TbC clients that content creators used to create movies using ingame animations etc. Sure one could argue the legalities and I have been personally trying to engage in accessing legally available models and tools that I could use to create similar content for Warframe but this is a mere example. For streamers there are few who actively go into region and recruiting to pull pubruns together in part due to badly handled moderation that stifles such community events. If we as creators had a genuine lack of content then I would see the arguement as fair but for the above reasons one which requires a point of clarification and possible chat COD update and added channel to do viably I can not fathom nor accept the "there is nothing to create."
  5. No? if suggesting people thats different to what was removed. I am not a mod so cant go beyond that ofc?
  6. Well as i said it was a thought in regards to how many have been or are continuing to behave but given the potential pressure I can see why they might stop producing content it just seems very anti the entire program for them to be allowed to retain that level of status. If any partners could actually conffirm the speculation on how much cntent and the frequency that it is expected that would help but eh,
  7. This was the intent of the thread. If what you said about DE expecting a level of activity to remain partner then that is wrong. Most programs of that nature I have come across DO NOT force CCs into that treadmill. I get that pressure is bad as well I would like to add that its a choice each creator made when joining and they felt they had a means to contribute and in some cases failed under the pressure and then left. those are not the ones I find aggravating its the ones who felt the pressure but publicly slammed Digital Extremes for percieved failings while not having a clue about paths forward and in many cases not even bothering to TRY and engage with the company at least from what I can see and those that did felt shut down and that fueled further dissent. My feelings have always been a system akin to the CCP program where a number of EVE Online players are flown to Reykjavik Iceland to CCP headquarters and engage with the developer and report back to the community. Sure that system had as all doo its critical failings but it led to a level of engagement that worked. I am not suggesting Digital Extremes flies community members to Canada yearly but if there was some method to engage that way and ingame with a system similar to the EVE ISD team which has proper training which to my knowledge the Guides did not it would create a situation of engagement that at present surpasses the current form.
  8. Ok you are either clearly ignorant of what the definition of a content creator is and have not read what is involved with joining the partner program or your intending to derail the thread not buying into that beyond the following: 1. Content creators exist because they have had or continue to have a passion about a particular subject. In the case of games sure the Developer is for the most part the majority of source material but it is also a skilled creators job as it were to create content at times when in particular MMOs and MMOFPS may be slow in creating new experiences. 2. No no and no that is one helluva bad argument and yet again deflection from the original intent of the thread and thus not warranting further thought.
  9. There are 3 issues at play here and they are as follows The majority of existing content creators and streamers that have a following have been around a reasonable timeframe. The content drought they complain about is not remotely a thing given the nature of the game design and the incredible variation of weaponry and untapped synergies Lack of creativity on the part of creators. Issue 1 The vast majority of negative posts by creators of late are from those who sunk multiple years and in at least 1 case nearly the entire time the game has publicly existed This leads to difficulty for the creators to create fresh content as DE has always taken a slow burn 1 big update per year cycle that is in almost every case MUCH faster then biggerr AAA P2P or B2P mmo titles such as Guildwars 1 and 2 FFIV and World of Warcraft. Issue 2 The supposed coontent drought I hear endlessly spoken about DOES NOT EXIST. The game as of Fortuna has multiple options for content including WoW Machinima shorts such as those created by Oxhorn in early vanilla. There is more to the game that almost every creator/streamer doesnt touch and if youd like some of those ideas I will pm you a few as I plan to use them myself in various forms. Issue 3 As I mention above there are ways to create content that extend be yond actual gameplay. Many creators/streamers exist and I hope many exist that may yet appear that create various out of game content for example I personally with a long effort have been trying to access and engage with Digital Extremes over a legitimate toolkit for video developers that is similar to the one Oxhorn used to create his vanilla wow shorts. The toolkit would allow creators to use models in programs such as Unreal 4 to create videos that would be either lore relevant or new fun creations AKA Red Versus Blue in the Halo engine as another example. Thats the issue those who HAVE covered everything think there is nothing left and that with a bit of creativity and engagement with Digital Extremes is patently untrue. EXACTLY. And this was not a thread to point fingers saying people are unfairly attacking creators/streamers it was made to find ways that can prevent such burnout and engage the community in creative endeavours within the game as well as outside.
  10. I want to add one more potentially explosive thought. Partners who decide to quit producing content should not remain as Partners. This whole i was a partner thing is very anti the intent of the program and while that is merely a personal opinion and one that is quite controversial I do hope to see some thoughts in return. I am not saying those who quit producing content should be removed but those who consistently post content that is showing the game in a negative light with baseless intentional information and is either posted as such or as "satire" I shall not name the one creator for which that is a particular focus and wont answer who if asked. This community has evolved but allowing aggressively negative misinformation and OPINIONS to exist and dominate the youtube searches is clearly not what the program was designed for and while several creators/streamers did NOT share my views on things not every one was baselessly attacking Digital Extremes either. Along with better engagement cleaning up that situation would go a far way to soothing my dread for the future of this community and honestly given experiences in mmofps and mmos in general the game too
  11. So been trying to find creators of Warframe content that dont fit in one of the 3 following categories. 1. I am tired of X Y Z yet despite the relative young age of the game refuse to accept the team when coompared to other developers just isnt quite as large and should be given the benefit of the doubt 2.. Crap videos about irrelevant and often drastic misinformation that prevents or discourages actual community discussion 3. Meme/Satire none of which is remotely funny as its repeated ad naeuseum ingame and out. I preface my thread with these three types of content being the majority of what I found at the top of youtube search results. I will not name individuals as in some cases I can while still frustrarted get recent departures from the creator side. I am here today after multiple attempts to find content that would show me moroe then the above and I am saddened by what I have found and came here to raise this and other issues. I support Digital Extremes but also am very VERY angry with the handling of issues I have seen eat at the once great community prior to its growth to its present form. I am not here to defend but to hopefully encourage a discussion that while heated I am sure will show those who may have interest that this community isnt like the countless ones before and full of elitism and entitlement but a place to engage in frank discussion. I know many of you may view my recent posts and see me as argumentative or aggressive as many have stated before and again but that is born of a genuine fear that this game as great as it is and as great as it could be may be shaped in part by a vocal minority that do NOT represent those who see whats to come but those who see something they arent liking because DE isnt doing what they alone expect and want for and to the game. Properly clarified EULA/TOS and proper training for support and ingame chat moderators. Better systems for engaging with support in instances of threatening and aggressive behaviour. These are of particular concern ingame and on forums as the moderators are only human and mistakes made but often I see blatant trolling and abuse go unpunished and see and experience the whole "they wont do anything so deal" that is ignoroed. I hope that this has been discussed internally for a while and hope that there are ideas in place because nothing I have on that would be deemed constructive given the free to play nature of the game and ease of which you can despite the rules reportedly saying you cant you can remake accounts. Better community engagement outside of Devstreams and the very rare responses on forums, Potential rework of the partner system to address the 3 key points at the top of the post. Community engagement in the early days was miles better then what it is now. Sure we have the Devstreams and while they are nice it would be awesome to see more engagement within forums outside of the rare pre update announce. I mention a potential rework of the Partner system for the reasons stated above as almost every video I watched over the course of today had bar the rare one been showing the game in a patently unfair and ill informed light. This is degrading and encourages destructive behaviours within game chat as well because unless you are on PC the moderators seem to show less concern. I apologise for the wall but this is again frustration driven and while there are some potentially explosive issues here I hope that can be handled with maturity and thought as I KNOW this community can
  12. Honestly what should be changed is how affinity is divided between frame and weapons/sentinel/kubrow. If you are doing this run setup frame + single weapon you shouldnt be penalised for having to use the frame more to survive. This would be preferable if possible than to the OP and similar situations offered over time. Keep in mind if your in a team and you run a melee and party all uses melee you get the affinity share on that weapon type so there is that as well so may not even need a change just a more focused group dynamic that while hard in public matches can easily be done with clans and friends.
  13. Uh think your targeting the wrong guy bud lmao. I was and always will be prefering Forma stay as is. Unless they dramaticly overhaul the system it is the best and fairest way outside of crafting frames/weapons to gate early to mid game as it were. I went from mr1 to 10 over months first time on PC and this time on switch i did it in less because it was a known system. While that will not apply to a new player its something to note.
  14. Ok you are ignoring two very urgent key points. 1. Chat moderation of late has endured some scandals and while they for the most part have been resolved if the moderators and developer cant or wont engage in this discussion to provide fair information it leads to more problems than it solves namely the appearance of the developer uncaring about aspects of its community. 2. They link to devstreams etc already ingame including the playstreams which are community based. This completely dispels your assertion that no one cares as they do often myself included use that as a source of timing info. Oh devstream xxx soon? Ill finish this survival and go watch cause of Y news. I am not asking for every streamer to be given coverage but I am asking for tools to better engage with the community and not to be given the impression that the few Twitch and Mixer partners are more important as quite frankly every single one I watch these days is jaded and cynical and quite frankly really boring. i point out Life of Rio who at last check was a partner with "satirical" content that is highly controversial and Tactical Potato and others are finding less positives and more negatives as time passes. I want to point out that the chat channel suggestion was one designed to provide a base viewership because sure like you said if your ingame you are unlikely to stream BUT it provides a more level playing field particularly for players like myself who like to run stuff with random players. An example of the chat I would send would be Tricap Public Runs streaming now! or similar That or my standard 45m Survival Relic Runs Bring your Radiants. that I often use when on PC streaming. This is what I understood advertising to mean essentially non game relevant links etc such as those you see in mmos with gold spammers not community based streams etc.
  15. 100% agree but eh until the system lands we arent going to be able to be sure. As to how the answer raised more questions care to clarify? its a melee weapon when held why should the blood rush and similar mods not apply if it has left the hand when thrown? You still used it to attack. Just seems like a very pedantic issue unless there is a balancing concern,
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