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  1. If everyone does a petition to bring ports 6695-6699 back into the game and end this problem
  2. it seems that the chat problem has advanced more because not only Claro and Net are in trouble, there are more providers with chat problems saying "Failed to connect to chat server" GVT OI VIVO SKY BANDALARGA other local SA providers
  3. I contacted my internet provider and the assistant told me that there is no problem with the provider or connection and they sent me to complain with the game company in the case of DE not only the providers Claro and Net have this case of chat with malfunction the following providers with chat problems GVT OI SKY BANDALARGA VIVO
  4. The warframe chat and one of the most usable features of the game has more people with problems in the chat and still this problem was not fixed the chat is with a blue rotating circle and keeps saying in the chat "FAILED TO CONNECT TO CHAT SERVER" I hope that people with the same problem write in the comment please everyone write there for DE to see our requests PS4 CHAT PROBLEM
  5. No Garuda Tiamat tennogen ? and the chat is not working stay with that circle loading and keep saying Failed to connect to chat server I've done everything and this chat is just that
  6. nothing changes in the construction of the Formas because it is already 23h and they said it will change to 23h I didn't understand DE sincerely
  7. Quivora is a warframe that has mirror powers her theme is about manipulation and creation of mirrors and it would also be a warframe that would fit into the NW glassmaker Quivora could be acquired in that NW
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