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  1. I tend to keep any that I've put forma into and ones I think have sentimental value (I would never sell my starter excalibur, even though I now use Umbra in his place, for example). If I've bought the frame with platinum, then I'll also keep those even when their prime exists. For those that don't fall into the category of having forma/potatoes/lenses/plat put into them or some sentimental value, I don't usually feel bad for getting rid of them.
  2. You have to personally break the crystal with a paracesis. If another player breaks it, it only appears broken for them. For everyone else it appears intact.
  3. Immunodes in the anomaly are supposed to have a set of three holders around them, forming a tear drop shape. Those holders are only visible to the host while only the immunode is visible to clients, making them a little harder to spot at a distance or against a dark background. Host migrations in railjack are still likely to turn the ship into a default 1000 1000 ship with no avionics, which is very bad in Veil Proxima and can be a total run killer. In the notes for update it states that points of interest and crewships that spawn ramsleds will only do so four times. In recent games I've noticed that crewships only spawn one ramsled each, which is fine, while points of interest that launch ramsleds seem to do so infinitely as long as your ship is in range. Or at the very least it seems like they're infinite since many points of interest launch two sleds at once, so if it really is four launches that's 8 pods sent two at a time. It makes it a bit difficult when you happen to spawn in really close to the point of interest. Sometimes squad status icons don't spawn. Not really gamebreaking but it makes keeping track of your crew as a pilot harder. Sometimes the hud disappears when using the forge.
  4. This screen is really pretty and I like how it looks a lot, but I am afraid that it will cause a loss of functionality if the mission progress screen we can check mid mission is changed to match. Because if the mid-mission screen looks exactly like this new end screen, with tabs and an opaque team diorama, then we won't be able to hit tab really quick to easily check our progress or pickups and still see or we'd be losing half the information without opening the full menu. Maybe an edited mid mission version with the player names in the center, stats on the bottom, and experience and loot info on the top with a transparent background? The ability to interact with the screen during a loading screen would have to be added too, because the current screen you can't change tabs or scroll once you hit the loading screen. Having to hit a button to see stats would make that worse. Will item labels be present in the final? It's impossible to tell what those prime parts are without labels nor is it possible to see how many of each resource you picked up. On a separate topic, the tooltips, I think we've all noticed how many tabs some tooltips have. Will it be possible to have certain tooltips with multiple pages pop all of them open at once when you hit tab? Especially if there's only one other page of the tooltip. Like relic tooltips, so we can see their location and the information about the relic all at once if we want to learn where to get one.
  5. It would be way more convenient to have it in game. Third party trackers showing the game state are nice and all but they're meant to be information we can access in game but all in one place for convenience. Except for the anomaly timer, which isn't shown to us in game at all. Without the outside timer you just have to get lucky and hope you check the veil proxima map while the anomaly is active.
  6. (there's a spoilers tag you can mark these kinds of threads with in the thread edit/creation menu btw)
  7. Will we ever get an increased drop rate on shedu parts? The new acquisition method for the ephemera and captura won't stop the people who don't want them and will just abort as soon as they see no shedu parts. What could also help is more time with the anomaly active.
  8. Pub matches are a wonderful mess of none of your teammates doing crewships or them seeing one person leave the railjack and just letting them deal with them alone while one person is glued to the guns and the other just sits around doing nothing until something breaks. Boarding crewships being absolutely terrible is probably a factor in why pubs never want to do it. Need an amesha or hope you find the one pilot who doesn't turn the railjack into the vomit comet the second they see the slingshot icon in the squad UI. Or fly outside the slingshot's radius to pick up a random hull weave floating in the middle of nowhere near the start of the mission.
  9. At this point I just dread doing the anomaly. With the bug that causes migrated ships to become 1000/1000 ships with no avionics or armaments, failed migrations, the 4% chance per symbilyst to get a shedu part, constant aborting of teammates and host, and the time limit you have to farm, it's just an exercise in frustration. Removing the ephemera from the rare container helped curb the people who searched the map for rare containers before aborting, but doesn't stop the mission from basically coming to a halt when all the symbilysts are dead and dropped no parts. And if you do get a part or a captura or whatever, you get no more farming time because you have to finish the mission and that uses up the rest of the anomaly time. The absurdly low amount of time to farm paired with the long waiting time makes it punishing to farm the shedu or any of the rare cache drops. Having more time to farm and/or a shorter waiting period between anomalies would help ease some of the rush. Having the anomaly replace the secondary objective on that node would help reduce some of the time spent finishing up. Making the anomaly a random secondary objective on all veil nodes could eliminate the rush to get a part in 30 minutes before it's gone. Could even then have it more likely, but not guaranteed, to appear as an objective on a specific node on a similar timer to what we have, without eliminating it existing on other nodes as a possible objective.
  10. No more collision warnings, everything looks good now. Thanks!
  11. I have a preference for Carrier. Load it up with Looter, Primed Animal Instinct, and Vacuum and then never have to worry about picking up loot or ammo ever again. Helios is great for hauling into new content to obsessively scan things. Don't really use the other sentinels besides dethcube sometimes, if I'm being honest. As for pets, mostly smeeta and helminth charger in terms of usage.
  12. This builder is very nice, easy to use even without instructions, and it's really easy to recreate an existing dojo with it. The room number, energy, and capacity numbers at the bottom are really helpful. Will you be adding icons like those in the in-game map legend? I do think that the observatory or dry dock have the wrong height measures in the tool, because I recreated my dojo exactly how it looks in game but the tool throws a collision where it's actually valid in game. Could be a measurement issue or the game being unusually lenient with my dry dock's depth, or me accidentally borking it. Instead of dumping a bunch of images I have an imgur gallery comparing maps, with the images I was using as reference to build the map (which I can retake if they're hard to read): https://imgur.com/a/bZl5hBM That aside, seriously great tool.
  13. If clan emblems get to be actual sigils (even glyphs, perhaps?), hopefully the image resolution for submission gets increased.
  14. A lot of games have things like being able to customize what color things like waypoints are or have multiple colorblind options to account for different forms of colorblindness or to account for users who have trouble with value and color contrast. It's really something that could help a lot of players, I've heard stories of players unable to see the red orbs in mastery 8 for example and end up struggling to proceed. A lot of text and hud elements in game rely entirely on colors that can blend into the background or are not easy for colorblind players to see, and there's no transparent or opaque background behind most subtitles or icons. An accessibility pass on the game's UI would be helpful for many. As for that Mastery 10 test, Titania's 4 makes it a cakewalk, and many tests allow the use of gear either through the wheel or hotkey so you could use energy pads to give enough to keep something like razorwing up nonstop, negating the need to stand on the platforms more than to start the test.
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