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  1. May I ask how much RAM you have? I used to have the same issue (on the steam version) when my machine had 8 GB of RAM, but it went away when I upgraded. I think the game may have trouble clearing memory and shutting down if that's the case.
  2. These changes look very nice, especially that decoration preview option. I hope one day we get the ability to freely arrange our dojos or at least store fully decorated rooms to move and place somewhere else. Deleting, rebuilding, and redecorating is very time consuming.
  3. I've played a lot of disruption this past week and despite loving the mode itself, the demo units still give me issues. I don't process sound as well as my teammates so I spend a good amount of it hoping someone located it before I did and the enemy waypoint popped up. Others have mentioned it in this thread, but at one point they added this red circular pulsing flash with a tiny visual indicator within it to disruption that showed you vaguely where the sound was coming from. At no point during any of my recent disruption runs did I ever see that indicator, even when knew which part of th
  4. Oh, so railjacks are not communal. The one you see in a dry dock is either your own or that of your squad's host player, so if you don't have one and neither does your host, the dock will be empty until you build one. You need to construct the cephalon in order to start Rising Tide, which will allow you to build your own. Not entirely sure what your former clan leader meant, perhaps they were referring to a bug that causes players invited to the dojo to spawn inside the hosting player's railjack?
  5. The edit says the Ticker floof's story functionality didn't make it. That just means it didn't make it into this specific patch but will be coming sometime in the future, right?
  6. This update fixed Eudico's Old Mate transmissions being a bit camera shy, but now her expressions are broken when talking.
  7. Sounds like a side effect of Auto Breach being designed to not trigger if you try to hack a terminal you failed to hack or exited out of. Perspicacity is just a reskinned Auto Breach. You can tell this if you have it pop up your ability name when you cast, as Perspicacity will always read as "Auto Breach" when a console is hacked, regardless of if you have Auto Breach on your parazon or not. Sounds like it's an unintended result of reskinning a mod ability as a helminth ability: Perspicacity takes on Auto Breach's no double-trigger effect. Hopefully they fix it.
  8. My top 5 frames to play as of recent are: 1. Nezha 2. Mirage 3. Trinity 4. Gauss 5. Wisp
  9. I think they need to separate NPC coloring from room color, like your final idea says. With the Solaris workers in the dry dock, for example, one of the polychrome colors changes their skin color, so you end up with someone with pink skin. Having a separate NPC polychrome would help. They should really rework the Solaris NPC color channels though.
  10. Loadouts would be nice. I don't like having to manually swap out my avionics when I want to switch between my cannon-focused solo setup and my more balanced turret and ordnance team setup.
  11. That would be a nice change. It's hard to cover a crowd in chakram debuffs when the chakram refuses to actually hit anything being aimed at.
  12. Limiting daily revives per frame on the Steel Path will not make it a more interesting or challenging game mode to play, especially not for the people running it who don't get downed while playing to begin with. Steel Path is just the normal star chart but with big numbers on the enemies and a chance to scan Misery for the first time in 5 years, after all. To be honest, I think a revive limit would actually discourage players from trying more varied or experimental builds on Steel Path instead of the meta builds that work and have far less risk.
  13. You can't unlink without logging into the game, but the Account Management page on warframe.com does tell you which steam account you have linked, so at least you will know which it is.
  14. I think the weirdest I encountered was when I desynced during a Void survival fissure as a client. To my teammates and the host I was frozen standing in place somewhere in the beginning of the mission, but on my side I was following them. All of the enemies in the mission were swarmed around where the game thought I was and wouldn't spawn near anyone else. I didn't even know I was desynced until my teammates started yelling at me for standing in place and drawing the spawns away. My operator wasn't affected for some reason, though. I still feel super bad that I ruined a survival for my teammat
  15. The normal regulators do have grips, they just aren't as big as the ones on the prime variant. As for ammo: presumably void magic, though with how fast Mesa moves when swapping firing positions, I wouldn't put it past her to be manually loading each bullet at hyperspeed between shots.
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