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  1. I did this puzzle thing too and was really disappointed that the only reward is nothing.
  2. Remember: they're doing this farm for kuva for riven rolls, so there's people still doing the farm for that because they've blown through the kuva their previous 3 hour farm got them. I don't think anyone's doing the farm just for the ephemeras and operator armor and relic packs. It'd probably also be a likely thing to balance against if solely because barely anyone is currently playing steel path except to farm or go through once for the mastery.
  3. We don't yet know how often acolytes will spawn nor how many essence they drop, so it's probably not time to consider steel essence dead yet. I'm personally a fan of the changes. It could probably be added on top of the current methods instead of replacing it. But as someone who doesn't find spending hours and hours in endless missions to grind a rare resource fun, having quicker ways to get a guaranteed amount is a welcome addition. It's a good addition though it really should be an addition and not a replacement. Endless farming for kuva for rivens shouldn't be the sole measure b
  4. Just checked: neither combo fury nor combo killer can be equipped on helios.
  5. Assuming we don't get another xoris situation, it's effect could be useful on a stat stick for exalted melee users. It would avoid the having to drop out of the exalted ability to maintain the non-exalted melee's combo thing. Of course that puts it at risk of a nerf, and you have to build a glaive stat stick for it. Otherwise it's an interesting mod that probably won't see much use unless we get a glaive rework.
  6. I have another album: https://imgur.com/a/K4c41Fd Some of the christmas present dojo decorations are untextured. There's a spot in my inspiration hall, next to a door on a side with only one door that leads to the crimson branch, where it is extremely high exposure and all objects inside it including the player become extremely glossy. The natural vallis orb has low resolution textures. The cloth behind Cress Tal in the syndicate screen is overexposed (also all syndicate leaders are misaligned in the syndicate terminal with some like roky being off screen). The shadows on Nora's face in t
  7. I have a few images so I'll just drop an album link: https://imgur.com/a/RtsqtNQ In summary: Roky is very chrome again, the arbiters leader has low resolution body textures (most of the syndicate screens have the body textures lower quality than the head), the operator is very glossy on the profile screen, there are weird outlines around reflections on the orbiter's floor, and many metallic surfaces have very chunky looking reflections (especially in the dojo). Also, many floors (especially in dojos and the orbiter) are extremely glossy. I also encountered a bug where Nezha Prime's d
  8. The actual problem of mission votes while someone is loading breaking parts of the UI predates the new mission UI, but seems to be way more noticeable or common on the new UI. I used to have it happen to me months ago on the old UI, a vote starting while I was loading would prevent the old end of mission UI from showing up and prevented me from interacting with the squad UI until I did something that made the mission UI come back (on the old UI's case, using the arsenal). Something about a vote starting on a loading screen breaks the UI and breaks how the end of mission screen comes up.
  9. I had acceptable performance and stable framerates on deferred when it was a launcher option, but now that it's an in-game option I am suddenly getting massive fps drops and stuttering despite not changing any settings from what they were on deferred before. I'm sure there have been changes between it being a launcher option and it being an in-game beta, so I'll just wait and see if it improves as the beta engine gets updates or if it just turns out to be a poorly timed machine/driver issue. It all looks lovely, though.
  10. Back when the Dry Dock became available, Ordis sent out a message about finding the schema for it in the red shift data from his latest routine star count and mentions scanning it first to make sure his sensors were working. So I think he is literally counting stars but for an advanced piece of Orokin tech that we leave alone a lot while on mission, literal star counting might be the equivalent of doing nothing.
  11. Mine is Excalibur. When you delete an item equipped in a loadout, that category defaults to the oldest item in your ownership.
  12. I put 6 forma into a Plinx. Laser blaster nerf gun go pew pew and that's all that matters. Also the infinite ammo is good.
  13. I think Nezha's kit is pretty complete. He has good mobility, a source of status effect cleanse, damage reduction, he can debuff enemies, produce orbs, teleport, and lock down areas with hard cc. His augments are also generally pretty good, though I don't think augments are included in the question.
  14. It is not affected by the double scan widget.
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