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  1. There's technically 6 kinds of hives but only the same three appear in normal hive due to a bug I think. The other three kinds, including the laser hive, appear in special variants like syndicate missions and anniversary alerts. I agree that they should find a way to fix hive so the other hive types appear in the normal mission. The other kinds are cool and so are the lasers.
  2. Hello, I have some questions: 1. Will there be additions to the drop tables for Void Storms in the future? Perhaps a second bonus table that rolls and has different items on it, so as not to prevent farming for Sevagoth/Epitaph. 2. Are there any plans to change the timing of Orphix spawns in the Railjack version of the gamemode? Orphix spawn so quickly that higher level missions become near impossible to solo to even the minimum 3 Orphix, especially if they spawn very far apart. They spawn significantly faster than they did during Operation Orphix Venom and it's hard to keep up, even with a team. 3. Ticker floof story when? 4. Will there be more customization options for railjacks, such as stencils for the inside like we have for our orbiters? 5. You mentioned in previous streams that the Corpus Ship rework went ahead in part because of Corpus Railjack, will future tileset reworks also be done to coincide with Railjack or other modes? 6. Will the 360 view gunner intrinsic be added to the new turrets on the big gun (only when the turrets are active, since it would negate needing to aim your ship with the big cannon)? 7. Are there plans to add starchart ground missions to Grineer railjack/add more ground mission types to railjack in general?
  3. TYPE: UI, In-Mission DESCRIPTION: Playing railjack missions on my own as Lavos and Nezha when I noticed while I was on PoI that my frame meter UI (I don't know what it's technically called. Lavos' mixing vial and Nezha's halo meter) was gone. The abilities still functioned, for example my halo was still up and I could hear the mixing sound effects and see the procs, but the meter was gone. With Lavos, whose meter is always visible, I noticed that I started the mission with it but sometime before entering the ground mission it disappeared. EXPECTED RESULT: Those meters are still supposed to be there and before this hotfix, they always were there regardless of archwing usage or if I entered a crewship/PoI or not in previous update versions. OBSERVED RESULT: The meter UI vanished and did not come back until I exited the mission entirely. Sometimes Nezha's actual halo visually disappeared but was still active. REPRODUCTION RATE: I have not been able to do this every time. Sometimes it happens and other times it does not. In the cases I did notice, I hadn't used the abilities tied to the meter until after the meter went away. So I didn't cast halo or use the mixing vile before that.
  4. I took a 5 year or so hiatus not too terribly long after starting because my computer couldn't handle it, thus the 69% MR2 metric. Glad I returned though. This all seems to track. I haven't used the Arca Plasmor extensively in a long time, but I used it so much once I could unlock it.
  5. While Mirage deluxe now plays her standing idle while holding a bow, instead of doing her weapon flourish animation, she instead just freezes in the last pose she was in before the idle animation timer goes off. This only applies to her deluxe noble animation set.
  6. As mentioned, the Tempestarii attacked us when we made mention of the Orokin. Cy also mentions that Lucretia Platform experienced an incursion in the past but makes no mention of the Tempestarii (if it were just one ship attacking it, Cy may have mentioned that or known what ship it was?). I have a few theories. The Orokin thing, plus the fact that the Corpus have been trying to cement themselves as the successors of the Orokin and will gladly snap up any Orokin tech they find, such as a Railjack, makes me think that perhaps the ship misidentified Lucretia Platform as Orokin or maybe the Corpus were trying to capture it because of its nature as a railjack? Alternatively, the mention of an incursion by Cy makes me think that perhaps the Tempestarii participated in an attack, but its nature as a ghost ship made it more prominent and elusive? Something more likely to stick in the mind of a survivor.
  7. TYPE: Mission DESCRIPTION: I was playing a Void Storm on Seven Sirens, Pluto and there was a side objective involving freeing a crewship from a tractor beam. REPRODUCTION: I'm not sure how to reproduce this but I was playing the mission as normal, going to marked objectives, trying to board crewships. EXPECTED RESULT: Once the crewship was freed from the tractor beam I should have been able to board it, reveal its engine, and detonate it. OBSERVED RESULT: I tried firing at the ship with forward artillery and despite getting damage numbers, the ship did not explode. A second shot yieled a 0 damage number, so I decided to board it and destroy it manually. When I entered the ship and revealed its reactor, the reactor was already in its damaged state and could not be blown up. The ship also could not be blown up with forward artillery shots. The mission would not produce anymore crewships and I could not complete the "Destroy Crewships" objective, as the only other crewship randomly disappeared while I was looking at it near a void tornado. REPRODUCTION RATE: That specific void storm instance ended once I abandoned the objective, so I could not reproduce it as the other storms were for different modes with a different selection of points of interest. A more minor bug: While I'm sure people have reported that Mirage Deluxe is missing animations for bows and an idle animation for spearguns, she also seems to have really weird geometry under her cloth. Her upper leg/behind looks fused to the cloth when it comes up and it's sometimes noticeable when using non-Mirage animation sets.
  8. Thanks for the update! The new Mirage deluxe skin is very pretty! Her bow idle doesn't seem to have an animation though (she locks up in her last position until the animation begins) and she doesn't seem to have an idle for spearguns. Very pretty animations sets overall though!
  9. I believe update 29.10 removed the need to build the halls in order. I'm not sure if it's required to have one, but I don't think they mentioned removing the minimum.
  10. It seems a recent hotfix broke the leashing of pets to their owners, because now my pets just keep continuing to aggro on an enemy no matter how far away I walk. They don't teleport either. My vulpaphyla has been dying a lot as a result, far more than it usually does.
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