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  1. Do you have all the planet statues? If you're missing one that'll tell you which zone you have something missing on.
  2. Are you using the in-game screenshot button, F6, or are you using steam's screenshot feature? Also unfortunately there isn't a way I know of to get rid of UI while doing video in the dojo.
  3. Do you by any chance have "Ability use on Selection" (or whatever its called) turned off in your control settings? Or perhaps somehow your ability keys were unbound?
  4. To maintain 3-4 syndicates at once you're going to have to take a hit on your Steel Meridian standing (but don't worry, you don't have to repay sacrifices you've already paid before). The typical way to do this is to side with Perrin and New Loka, run missions under their sigils until you are out of the negative, and then once those are maxed you use Red Veil as a way to increase Steel Meridian via the 50% ally standing. This way you can maintain 4.
  5. I ended up double checking: It only shows up for the host player.
  6. Each round I've played today neither me or my teammates have the little waist ring floatie we had last year, can we get those re-added? I just think they're neat.
  7. Whipclaw builds combo counter when you use it. So you don't actually have to kill anything with your actual melee to keep combo up assuming you have combo duration modded in.
  8. I just experienced this twice in a row. I tried to do Kepler, Phobos and got sent to Memphis. and when I tried Zeugma I got sent to Gulliver.
  9. I've beaten a couple planets so far so here's my feedback so far: Enemies Enemy levels and tankiness generally feels good The shield buff should be removed from the Treasurer since he already has high shields that cannot be bypassed with Toxin and provides extremely high damage reduction. The higher spawn rates feel good except in missions like interception where it makes defending points difficult. Rewards Teshin's store needs more rewards added to it overtime to give reason to keep playing. Things like exclusive mods, forma blueprints, more cosmetics/decor. Personally I'd buy pre-built apothics. Steel Essence seems to have a pretty low drop rate, so the price of things like relic packs means it is far more practical to just passively farm syndicate standing. This is especially true considering most people playing SP are likely above MR 20 and can get a relic pack worth of standing a day with just a sigil. Rotation rewards need adjusted. There is currently no reason to stay for more than one rotation for players who want the rotation rewards. Steel Essence drops should be increased. It shouldn't be possible to fight a Syndicate eximus squad and not get at least 1 essence. The Xoris Nerfing the Xoris makes me feel like I have less player choice rather than more due to other stat sticks requiring Naramon + Rivens + Combo Mods. Since the Xoris is tied to a low-MR quest, Khora is accessible after the completion of The New Strange, and Xoris doesn't require a riven due to its dispo being 0.5, the Xoris was a very accessible stat stick for newer players who don't have access to focus/Naramon, but do have access to some gladiator mods and a low MR glaive.
  10. Damage overflowing into Nezha's health when halo pops has been there as long as I've played him. Shield gating seems to help curb it but Nezha isn't exactly a frame that gets modded for shield. It certainly doesn't feel intentional and it isn't written in his ability description or ability tips. It would be a good change to see.
  11. Nezha's 3 has only blocked 90% since his rework in 2018. There was a recent bug that made it block 100% that got fixed on PC in late May but it sounds like it didn't get fixed on PS4 until Deadlock.
  12. Super disappointed that Nezha was skipped for Inaros.
  13. Time to return to my rivened melees. I supposed this had to happen due to the power it gave but resetting the counter every time you use an ability means that it's literally useless as a stat stick for frames like Khora. Especially since whipclaw won't be able to build combo as intended. Why not just give it combo duration when equipped by the frames listed above? So it can expire but someone maintaining the combo through normal play can still have big number?
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