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  1. 1. Clean dust around stick 2. Check settings as OP said 3. Check settings of the hardware and adjust it 4. Send them to Nintendo 5. If the warranty is over, use contact cleaner spray under the stick 6. Open the joycon and replace the stick 7. Give up and buy new one
  2. Though I really appreciate compressed size and optimized performance, I hope the visual quality of Warframes and skins be prioritized than background quality... I am totally OK with however blurry the woods or enemies look, but when my paid Tennogen skins look pixelated (Corpra head almost look like glitched), it makes me sad. I hope they look better at least in my Orbiter.
  3. OK... I tested current "Camera Tracks Melee Target" option ON/OFF and finally understand what it does and why it feels useless. 1. This option start working only when you actually hit the target. If your enemy is behind you, you can't see the enemy and you miss the target. Which means, this option will not be triggered. 2. It seems like this option doesn't track target into the center of camera. The tracking stops when your hitting target came into the outer edge of your sight. If you want to fight the enemy face to face, you have to move your camera by yourself.
  4. First, I'm not good at English, so please ignore some weirdness of my language. Englishing is hard. After Quick Melee has gone, I have huge trouble hitting enemies with melee combo on console (for me it is Nintendo Switch). These combo moves always miss enemies and my Warframe starts dancing swinging weapons against nothing. There are two issues. One, combo is bad. Two, stick controls are not suited to focus an enemy while your character is moving around. I don't have any idea to improve the first issue, so I want to focus on the second one. We already have an option to toggle "Melee with Fire Weapon Input". This is great option and made melee on console "viable" at least. But still far from perfect. Because we have to spam trigger button (which is hard to spam), and also, we always have to control camera while melee smashing. I think that is same on PC, but it is much harder with the controllers. My idea is, to make an option toggle to activate "Auto camera centering" when hitting melee button. When you hit the melee, The camera automatically moves to the direction your Watframe is heading. This means, when your enemies are behind you, you just need to 1.move backward 2. hit melee and now you are facing your enemy again. (Maybe Lock-on feature is better but I don't know if it is possible) I'm not sure if this post makes sense to you, but thanks for reading. PS. I am aware that there is "Align Attacks to Camera" option. What I'm suggesting is opposite, "Align Camera to Attacking Direction". And I'm sure there is "Camera Tracks Melee Target"option but I don't know what it actually does because it is always ON but my Warframe always hitting the wall.
  5. To be honest, this is very disappointing. I think Nightwave needs huge rework, but this is very small band-aid fix that doesn't even fix something. More specifically speaking... 1. Catch-up mechanic should not be like "complete bonus". It should be more friendly to new players and the people have less time to play. 2. Degrindification is hmmm. We need more options. Like choosing preferable 5 tasks from 20 tasks. I want to avoid craziness like "Socket Ayatans". 3. Changes to existing acts seems like very small change, except removing "Do you guys have friends" acts. I don't understand why there is still Ayatan Socket acts. Why? 4. New acts seems just like previous season's acts with just different contents. Unnecessarily hard or stupidly easy or waste your resource for no reason. No lessons learned. 5. Giving new story is good. But I think we still don't know much about the Wolf guy. Just showing some videos was not good way to introduce the character. 6. No, Wolf, please go away. And WHY don't you put exact date to finish the event? The worst part of all the Nightwave is ambiguity. We were running within the deep mist through whole season. "When will it end?" "Can I get to rank30 still?" No one knows the answer. It was like a marathon without goal line. It was horror. And funny thing is we are still in the mist.
  6. So, why should we go back to the Void if it is pretty much like all the other missions in the game?
  7. I think, if you had no reason to visit the place until being forced, you were not enjoying the place that much.
  8. If you like 1 hour mission so much, just do it yourself. Or recruit someone who has same fetish. Please don't make these niche things being forced to anyone. If you really like doing extreme stuff, you don't need rewards for doing it.
  9. Wow, are you picking every posts in this thread, Mr. God of War? But thanks for pointing out, anyway. English is not my language and I'm still learning it, so being corrected is very welcome. I hope at least you got my point.
  10. My problem is, I don't like 50% of challenges. I hate 20% of challenges. I have to do 60%(or 70%, I don't know, just confirm something, DE). I like killing stuff with different way. Other than that, meh. And continuous "meh" over months has become torture.
  11. I feel like "Elite Challenge" was a bad name choice. It is not anything to make you an ELITE Tenno who are chosen and superior. It is just a weekly challenge that gives you 5000 points. Some people took it too literal.
  12. I once said I liked this new system itself, but I changed my mind this week. I don't like Nightwave. "Hey, I give you 3 formas because you did your homework" "And now waste your 3 formas to finish your homework" No. Please go away Nora.
  13. I understand some hardcore players want more insane challenges. But if you really like challenges, why you need rewards? Some trophies or gryphs should be enough reward because you've done great thing and that is important. Being hardcore should not be mandatory because it will not be "hardcore" anymore. Elites are elites because they are small number of people. Endgame contents are good, but I think the concept of Nightwave is for everyone. As I posted before, don't put everything into Nightwave. If you wanna create endgame contents for elites, please make separated event or system.
  14. Before tweaking any challenges, put the alerts back into the game along with Nightwave. They are just too different to replace each other. And, Nightwave contains too many exclusive rewards in it. Not only the alerts rewards, they also have much more newly added rewards. So most of players "have to" progress it anyway and feel forced to do. The diversity of playing style and pace is the beauty of Warframe. Please don't throw it away.
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