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  1. I went to the TGS today, but I could not find any Warframe or DE related booth there. Maybe they just host this VIP event only? I regret that I missed the ticket...
  2. I can't say anything certain about PC, but I think what Test-995 said is right (from what I read on Japanese Warframe wiki). On Switch (and maybe PS4 & Xbox), the region setting is only applied to the game-play, and you cannot see English chat channels unless you change the system language to English, which requires to reboot the Switch.
  3. When we, console players (I heard PC players are in similar situation, but I'm not so sure) want to join Recruiting Chat of English, we have to set the "System" language to English. That means, we have to restart the whole system only for recruiting or trading with English speaking people, because these chat screen is divided with language, not region. In the gameplay, we can select the sever in any region from the in-game option screen any time. I live in Japan, but mostly play in US server because it is the most populated one. Also, we can "talk" or "invite" anyone in any region without changing these option. But for those specific Chat screens, they are locked with the language of the console system. It is very confusing and tiresome. As I said in the title, I am not native English speaker and using Japanese as primary language. So in general, I play every video games in Japanese because it is the most relaxing and easy-to-read language. But this game, Warframe, sometimes forces me to play it in English. Trading and Recruiting chat is almost dead in Japan. So if I want to radshare, radstagger, or trading without market, I have to quit the game, change the setting to "English" and reset the console every single time. And then I have to revert back to "Japanese" and restart again when I want to play other games in my language. I'm OK about playing Warframe in English. This is made by developers who speak English and I respect that. But restarting the console every time is.. a bit of pain. So my suggestion is, just let us choose the chat language to join from in-game option. Thanks for reading.
  4. Yes! I wanted to say the same thing with OP. I love the Spore Ephemera itself as infected grotesque decoration, but the glowing body effect is too much for my taste. I am not against its gorgeousness, but sometimes, too much effect kills the fashion.
  5. To be honest, this is very disappointing. I think Nightwave needs huge rework, but this is very small band-aid fix that doesn't even fix something. More specifically speaking... 1. Catch-up mechanic should not be like "complete bonus". It should be more friendly to new players and the people have less time to play. 2. Degrindification is hmmm. We need more options. Like choosing preferable 5 tasks from 20 tasks. I want to avoid craziness like "Socket Ayatans". 3. Changes to existing acts seems like very small change, except removing "Do you guys have friends" acts. I don't understand why there is still Ayatan Socket acts. Why? 4. New acts seems just like previous season's acts with just different contents. Unnecessarily hard or stupidly easy or waste your resource for no reason. No lessons learned. 5. Giving new story is good. But I think we still don't know much about the Wolf guy. Just showing some videos was not good way to introduce the character. 6. No, Wolf, please go away. And WHY don't you put exact date to finish the event? The worst part of all the Nightwave is ambiguity. We were running within the deep mist through whole season. "When will it end?" "Can I get to rank30 still?" No one knows the answer. It was like a marathon without goal line. It was horror. And funny thing is we are still in the mist.
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