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  1. I crash probably 2/3 of the time trying to go from Fortuna to the Valis, it's impossible, its basically a gamble everytime I want to go out to try a fracture etc. It's quite unbearable, DE is this a known bug that's being worked on?
  2. Shhhhhhhhh!!! I spent SO much plat last night on Syndanas and skins incase it was a bug, managed to get almost everything I've wanted till I ran out still a few things I'm eyeing though. I really dont want them to patch it out if it was!!
  3. DE... please, literally the only thing it will take for Baruuk to look like the badass he is, is to remove the weird little pencil mustache on his default helmet... Please? (I wont even go into the lampshade alt helmet)
  4. OMG I'm so excited for the new access!! Now I just have to pray to all that's holy that we get a simultaneous release across all platforms and Switch wont be left behind for a while 😞
  5. This is going to be a question from a weird angle on this but did the mission complete successfully? I have some friends WITH WF but they barely play and are brand new, ideally I would like to complete the challenge with minimal risk of PUG players etc. If I ask them to log on, taxi them to Gabii and just let them hide somewhere and AFK for an hour (I'll end up spending the whole mission reviving them otherwise) while I solo it will I still get the mission completion or will it not count with them AFKing?
  6. Hi, still having issues with the Zenistar not launching its disk on charge attacks (this is probably worse since WF has now been on the Switch for a little over 100 days so I'm sure more people are using the weapon and have been looking forward to for some time.) also the hotkey for switching to melee no longer works, only quick attacks.
  7. Still having the Zenistar not throwing out its disk issue, still have the operator switch glitching controls and now cant actually switch to melee the hotkey isn't working and the option isn't in the customize options anymore?
  8. having the same issue, its a real problem, swap out, swap back try cast ult and all it does is change weapons
  9. no I'm getting this too with the Zenistar. Over and above that the Zeni disk throw still isn't working.
  10. This is so great thank you very much! didn't expect us to be on parity with the other systems so quickly!
  11. Hey man, strange, should have been fixed by now? maybe send through a support ticket?
  12. Personally would love this. Given that its such a relatively under-powered system one of the few benefits the Switch has (other than portability) is it's versatility (as displayed by DE and PB with the gyro aiming) its touch screen is definitely a feature that should be utilized.
  13. Same here, in game I'm using the Chroma prime glyph with the black background.
  14. Hi, just reporting that I seem to have a 50/50 chance of crashing going into Orb Valis from Fortuna, it's worse when I play on the NA server vs EU server so it's now a choice between population and crashing essentially. Not sure if anyone else is having similar issues?
  15. Ah man, thanks for the heads up, I guess Primed Target Cracker and Primed Fever Strike (maaaaybe Primed Ravage) are better than bane mods at least 😞
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