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  1. Thank you Helen, this is a far better response than what we've had previously.  The bundle does go a long way to begin to win back player confidence (at least subjectively) so thank you for that.  It was also good to see Steve mentioning the situation on Twitter giving it a but more visibility.  You have a lot of very confused players here, on reddit and in game, with these threads being in the bugs section. Anyway, TLDR thank you for a proper response to the issue, it's much appreciated.


    For the sake of transparency given the far fairer response, I logged in just now and still had my Repala equipped, I'm not sure if it's because the rollbacks are being phased or if the program missed it because of the intended reparation gift.

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  2. Image result for warframe octavia


    Name: DeciBelle (or call me by my stage name - Octavia)

    Age: is just a number

    Favorite song: Dancing on my own - Robin, Low - Flo Rida

    Likes:  E1M1, Rickrolling

    Dislikes: Being told to keep my music down

    About me:

    I'm stronger than I look... but...do you ever feel like you're invisible? I do...  It's just, I don't know, it's like sometimes I feel that no matter how much I try offer my help my effort goes unnoticed, like...helllooo just try listen to me every now and then...

    Looking for:

    Open minded Tenno to join me for a party.  We can jump around, get low, shoot the breeze, dance from sunrise to sunset and be lost in our own bubble while the world passes by.

    Know that if by chance we end up together one day, I'm never gonna give you up... I'm never gonna let you down... I'm never gonna run around and desert you...



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