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  1. I guess you're right. People nowadays would choose the easiest route in, with as little effort as possible, with the most extreme being no effort spent at all, which is what Wukong is. I'm fully aware it's a very rough and nigh impossible road to cross but I've succeeded in the past and I'm not gonna stop doing so. Besides people've been recommending Rhino all the way back since years ago, and he still is a viable, solid, and comfortable pick up til this day. But hey, to play Rhino means you gotta play the game which is what people don't want, probably.
  2. Well go try and play in Asia server then. You'd be surprised by how many idle Wukong players there are. I understand he's a popular icon in the Chinese culture, in fact let me tell you I'm quite a fan of the Monkey King Sun Wukong myself, and that's exactly why I want to see him being the fabled icon Sun Wukong that he is, not an auto-play button. And stop going solo to comfort yourself, because you're basically being ignorant of the state of the game and playerbase if you always go strictly solo. I made this post based on my experience playing in public rooms. Again, I'm not telling them to NOT play Wukong, I'm trying to make people try the other 40+ Warframes too. Which is why I always recommend Nezha and Rhino to newer players instead of Wukong, because Wukong being too comfortable and easy is how short-lived Warframe players are born.
  3. Why don't you give a try for yourself? Go pick Wukong, equip a Kuva Zarr or Acceltra, go to a random sortie mobile defense mission, unplug your mouse, plop your clone, and do the mission. I did this for funsies one and it's completely possible. I'm not making up nonsense, I've seen way too many people in public rooms with AFK-Wukong playstyle that has 50%+ more usage rate on Wukong. If you're not seeing this then I wonder what kind of heaven server are you playing in because in Asia these players are everywhere.
  4. I don't criticize him for being too mobile. Yes his cloud walker is one of the best mobility skills in this game, and it is one of the best healing skills in this game, but I don't criticize Wukong for moving fast. I mean he's supposed to be fast, he's the monkey king! And he is supposed to be played fast! But the way I see it is that people only use it for a quick healing, as in tap 2, give your wasd a quick massage, tap 2 again to get out of cloud walker and continue their YouTube session or whatever. I tried this with my build and in less than a second my Wukong and his clone which has 6k health goes back to full health from near 0. It's that quick. And again, Protea and her kit requires you to play her, as in actively managing her turrets, alternating between her slash balls and shield balls, recasting dispensary every now and then, and the occassional time anchor or two before engaging into a big bulk of enemies. She makes you look at the screen and glues your hands to your keyboard and mouse. With Wukong clone, you can just plop down your twin, look somewhere until objective complete, and still get your loot. I mean if that's how you find the game fun, then sure, be my guest, but I just find it hard to comprehend why people "play" the game when they enjoy "not playing" the game. That's all.
  5. Pardon me if I'm catching your messages wrong because I'm not going to lie the way you worded your stuff is a bit hard to comprehend. I'm not strictly talking on AFK-Wukong, and it does exist, you just probably played too much solo or can't be bothered to look at other people. Though I don't mind myself, since I know full and well that I cannot control people's behavior in a public game, but that is one of his main problems. Like I mentioned before his playstyle encourages people to stick to him due to how easy he is and discourages people to try out other frames, then said player would burn out quickly after clearing the entire starchart with one frame, thinking "Oh Warframe is that game where you can spawn a clone that kills the enemy for you, boring!" (I legit have a friend that said similar stuff, I'm not lying, and I'm serious), and then complaining about Warframe not having enough content. Of course he has great survivability, can do speedruns on most mission, and easy to play. That's exactly what I'm trying to tell. He's too easy to play that he becomes the go to pick to basically any and every mission imaginable, without having a single thought on what mission you're doing, what weapons/elements you're bringing, and what can your frame do to your team or the enemies. I mean why bother? You aren't the one doing the killing, your auto-play button is. And what makes you think I haven't tried to talk to them? I have a LOT of Wukong "main" (50%+usage rate) friends, and I did try to suggest them other frames to try, but they're just too lazy to play the game to actually bother even looking at them and never played them beyond Hydron levelling for MR fodder. Though there's this one time where I recommended a low MR Wukong player to try Nezha and he's been a proud Nezha main ever since. I also tried to talk people over the public room, but well, there's no answer... obviously because they are AFK.. either that or I get my respond in stars, even though I have profanity filter turned off. Hence I created this post to encourage people to start recommending other frames as an alternative to Wukong, Nezha being a great option, and there's always Rhino. Cause I've seen enough people recommending newer players to beeline their way to Wukong which ends up with the new player losing interest in a few weeks because how uninteractive his gameplay is. I gotta ask though, are you one of those AFK-Wukong players? You seem overly aggressive, as if you're offended or being called out.
  6. Maybe you're right. Better to have someone shooting rather than none. And hey, if you also like playing other Warframe then good! There are more than 40 different frames to try each with their own uniqueness. If one wants to complete the entire game with only one frame then hey, be my guest! But then don't complain about the game being boring and not having enough content when you literally played through the entire game with an auto-play feature. Yeah that's the gameplay I'm aiming for, so much different stuff you can do in this game, there's even different possibilities you can do with you and your twin alone, like for example mowing down noobs with oversized staff with your twin doing the same thing. It's fun! Now I wish some other Wukong players would do this too. And hey, even when I play solo I consider my monkey twin as my teammate. The 2 of us with my trusty panzer delving deep into a Grineer galleon mowing hordes upon hordes of enemies, sound like exciting stuff to me. But then comes the public room part. Sure if you want to consider your teammates as monkey twin that's fine, but make sure to also contribute to the team, no not as in giving them buffs, but as in getting kills and taking part in the slaughter. Now imagine you're the monkey twin doing all the work while your master sits there watching YouTube until the objective's cleared. What would you do? Me I'd slap him in the butt to make him continue playing.
  7. I agree every frame is unique. And yes Saryn is a piece of toy or whatever in the sandbox. But to most Wukong players, Wukong is the entire sandbox. This is the point I'm trying to make. It's not that he's OP, It's that he effectively reduces some players' needs to try out other frames and get a taste of uniqueness themselves because they're too comfortable with Wukong and his handy twin. Now I wouldn't call this wrong, but this can get player to burn out pretty quick (playing one frame most of the time while there's 40+ something, who wouldn't?) and making them leave the game early. Again, having an auto-play feature on any game makes you get boring of that game fast. But then again I guess people are busy and like to multitask so much that they have to have the game running by itself to grind stuff while they do something else.
  8. See, now you're playing him effectively if you consider his clone only a supplement of sorts. It's you that is meant to do most of the work, which you clearly are doing with the interesting playstyle you just mentioned. Your playstyle is what I would consider engaging. Now I don't know how your experience with other Wukong player is, but I've seen quite a lot of Wukong players in defense/mobile defense missions where he's just completely standing still in the middle of objective, not moving a single muscle while his clone does all the killing for him. I suppose it's better having the clone shooting in his stead rather than having none at all.
  9. But he's still playing the game for you. All you have to do is just move a single milimetre from your current spot and bam he gets to pew pew more. You don't even have to look at your screen to do that. What can Protea do? She's one of the most engaging Warframe I've ever played. Her turret being only a couple seconds long forces you to be mobile with her. Her shield/slash ball is an amazing two-sided ability, one damaging and one buffing. Also she can bring her dispensary out which grants health, energy, and even ammo to the team. She doesn't have an immediate "oh sh*t button", just a time anchor that you have to manually manage properly to even be useful. And like I said, it takes less than a second to fully heal him and his clone, which shouldn't even dent the effectiveness of you and your clone's killing. Besides, your clone doesn't cloud with you, he stays there while being able to fully do what he usually does. Maybe it's a bit overrated sure, but it's one of the most handy in game right now. And if you're in one-shot territory you won't let your clone do the job themselves will you? You of course have to join him in wiping the mobs out, and shieldgating plays a big part on this. You can fully regain your shield by the time your cloud ends.
  10. Yes he isn't meta by any means no, he's not that frame that can nuke rooms within a single ability or kill bosses in a matter of seconds. But he encourages AFK playstyle which is not healthy, especially to newer players. I do agree though his rework makes him such a solid frame that he is right now and I wish other frames are reworked to be as good and desirable as he is.
  11. I don't recall mentioning twin's AI being braindead anywhere in this post or the entire forum in that matter. I literally mentioned he has aimbot, which means he's super good, especially combined with a strong gun like the Acceltra or Kuva Zarr.
  12. Octavia and Khora? The frames based on keeping their skills on and having to recast every few second to have their things up all the time? I'd say that's actually decent enough to be engaging. Octavia at least can give you and your teammates a considerably good buff, and while it's true crouch spamming can get boring at times, but you gotta have your eyes locked at the top right corner and down right corner to keep track of your buffs' and skills' duration. Besides I've played Octavia for more than one playstyle, and mobile Octavia with combining her 1 and 2 and not staying invisible 24/7 is actually pretty fun. I also enjoy creating different musics in her mandachord to let people (with mandachord music turned on) enjoy my creations. Khora still has to keep her dome up if you're planning to do a Pilfering Dome setup on a survival mission, and you have to actively slap your domes to kill enemies trapped in it. You also have to keep track of what your Venari is doing, be it be attacking, defending, or giving a heal to you or your teammates. Also ensnare is a fun thing to use with accumulating whipclaw and other melee playstyles. Limbo no punishment? Nullifier says hello. If you're not doing Grineer or Infested missions then you better pray your teammates can kill them before they get close to your bubble, and if you're staying in your dimension, you basically can't hit anyone, making you entirely useless. But in the end, Limbo is a quite complicated frame that requires a bit of micro-managing to actually kill stuff and maintaining his stasis bubble. Inaros? What is he going to do without his gun? You still have to shoot people with your gun to kill things. He doesn't have anything that can kill stuff aside from his guns, and you need to always keep your health in check with his pocket-sand finisher combo or you'll be decimated faster than you anticipated. Umbra requires a good micro-managing if you want to keep him alive while you're in spoiler form. You can't just cloud away to heal him, you'd need a couple of arcanes and going in and out of him to keep him healthy. Now before attacking me and saying I'm lying for stating my opinion, tell me one other frame that lets you complete a mission without touching your mouse and only pressing one single ability that doesn't require any single managing whatsoever.
  13. 4 players doing survival is a completely different thing. If you're using any other frame than Wukong you still have to actually play the game, shooting the mobs and whatnot. And sometimes it brings diversity in roles, one using Nekros for the loot, Khora for the dome for even more loot, Nova to speed things up, and Wisp for buffs for example. Now I'm not expecting this kind of situation all the time, because in the end people can bring whatever they want, and I'm not expecting the game to be 100% interactive either, because in the end this is a grind game and making the grind as simple as possible is the main goal. But this is a game and the purpose of the game is being played. With his twin, you're basically turning the auto-play feature on, letting you do whatever else on your other device and only checking in every once in a while, and not playing the game. If you want that extra polymer bundle, you gotta work and play the game for it, not just having a CPU do your work for you. If you want the game to play itself for you, go play the aforementioned Chinese RPG game. Then again in the end, it is true that this is ultimately my opinion, and I find Wukong, while incredibly cool and strong, super boring. But I gotta wonder sometimes why do people play Warframe if they're just gonna let the twin do their thing. I personally find the grind exciting, trying new guns and warframes combo on different missions, exploring different builds and elemental combos on different weapons. Sometimes I also feel like not doing too much effort, and I do bring Wukong when that happens so the effort I have to spend is split in half, but I still actively kill stuff with my gun alongside my twin. That's what I find engaging. I mean, why play a game when you find it boring and more of a chore rather than something exciting? I guess you people have played too long and just too burnt out if you think AFK-Wukong is a legit playstyle.
  14. Ah no, I was joking lol. I was stating what the description of the bundle would be if they were to make one. Anyway, getting Pilot Intrinsic to rank 5 is not that tedious actually, just make your way through the Proximas and maybe stop at Neptune. By then you'd have enough to rank your Pilot Intrinsic all the way to 5. Or at least I did.
  15. Railjack Intrinsic Promo Bundle; 300 platinums "Skip the tediousness of having to grind intrinsic points with your Railjack and start immediately at level 5 in ALL intrinsic categories with this promo bundle!"
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