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  1. I believe simply changing the head/helmet/skin should fix this issue. Happens the same with the Moustache event and any auxilary equipement that is gone after some time.
  2. Did you really just put Wolf Hood as a reward when we spent almost full day farming that 2% drop rate? Get the frick out of here.
  3. - Baruuk - Ash (Baruuk) - NeZha (Baruuk) - Garuda (Baruuk) - Xaku (Baruuk) - Baruuk
  4. My fun builds with it: - Volt - NeZha - Baruuk - Garuda - Ember
  5. Hey there! Sure thing! I believe there is a couple more spots left before we upgrade to a bigger clan size for more members! I will invite you whenever i am in-game :) !
  6. Huras Kubrow Imprint - Buy and Sell orders | Warframe Market 15p for 1x Samples will give you 50/50 chance for Huras breed 30p for 2x Samples will give you 100% chance for Huras breed
  7. My usualy picks: - Baruuk - Ash - Mesa Full tanks/damage hybrids, i barely even see my HP decreases >.>
  8. It is all random. You can either buy the samples from Warframe Market or simply keep breeding till you get a Huras :) !
  9. Hey there. Glad you posted this, because i also have exactly the same issue. My current fix is: - Go to settings, Audio ( I think) and disable Transmissions + Operator voices. This will disable Nora and all other transmissions because i'm really sick of the same transmissions over ~4 years now. This however, doesn't disable the dumb and boring Kuva transmissions that lag my game everytime i accidently click on their planet.
  10. @---No-Mercy---Congrats! Glad we could help and you got it done! What do you plan on doing now? Pretty serious question for me because I'm currently sitting at MR28 with ~90K for next MR29.. and I'm super tired from it beacuse some stuff are way too grindy for my taste. You can say this is what I still have left: Personally i can complete Melee, Primary and Secondary (excluding Kuva weapons because #*!% that) but everything is just annoys me too much.
  11. You cannot 'Equip' the heavy gun in your normal arsenal. What you need to do after installing the gravimag on a weapon, let's say, the Imperator. Now go to your 'Archwing' arsenal, where you equip the gun, archwing, and your arch melee weapon, choose the weapon there. In missions, you need to use the mouse wheel>Gear>Choose your archwing deployer. Make sure you have it in your gear! If you did all that and you still cannot see the heavy weapon option in the arsenal, contact support :) !
  12. You need to apply the Gravimag on your Archwing weapon of choice. Every weapon needs a different Gravimag. EDIT: Further info straight from the wiki Acquisition The Gravimag Blueprint can be researched in a Clan Dojo and be purchased for ‍35,000 from the Tenno Research Lab. Alternatively, a fully built Gravimag can be purchased from the Market for ‍20. One is obtained as a one-time reward upon the first completion of Phase 3 of the Profit-Taker Orb Heist. Usage Gravimags can be installed on an Archgun through the Actions tab on the Arsenal's Upgrade section.
  13. You got this 🤗 If the warframe issue is gone, maybe it's time to look more into the weapons you're using. Make sure to grab high firerate weapons for the nully bubbles (Nukor also works like you're using now) PS: Operator Arcane Magus Lockdown saves lives.
  14. Hmm. I think both are equal here :) ! The increased firerate from Velocity will do same damage (Maybe slightly more as well). Just to be sure, can you give it a try and see if the difference is significant ? And yes, i noted for No-Mercy that he can adjust the build for Adaptation (Personally, i would also go Adaptation just for better tankiness overall) but let's see if he can beat the test with this :D !
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