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  1. Thanks for the info. That being said, will you be adding tennogen catch-up bundles for the switch in that next update?
  2. This could've been Trinity. She was vaulted in 2017, and switch tenno hasn't even seen her outside of that Twitch Prime drop which to my knowledge has ended. Oberon left last year. Hell, Dual Kamas Prime is the most expensive weapon on the switch market right now. Please reconsider changing the lineup.
  3. FINALLY SOME TENNOGEN! Thanks for the new round of cosmetics! However, we're still missing TONS of cosmetics that PlayStation, Xbox, and PC tenno already get. Any updates on those catch-up bundles?
  4. When are we getting More Tennogen on Switch? There should be tons of confirmed skins now, what gives?
  5. GIVE US MORE TENNOGEN CATCH UP BUNDLES ON SWITCH! It's already been 2 updates without the gear and skins that PS4 and XB1 tenno have. If you can't, at least give us an update on how the rest are coming!
  6. Still no tennogen catch-up bundles. Most of us want to have the same content Xbox and Playstation players have already. Please give us an update on that or include it in the next big update for the game!
  7. Damn, no tennogen catch-up bundles. This is the second update we've gone without recieving the cosmetics PS4 and XB1 already have. When will there be more??? Any updates on how that's going?
  8. Will tennogen Catch up bundles be included when it comes to Nintendo Switch?
  9. How will buildable archwings be implemented into Empyrean system?
  10. -When will we get new Outfits and hair designs for operators? -who is getting the next rework? -Status update on Empyrean phase 1?
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