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  1. As someone who is now onto his fifth Kuva Drakgoon with literally every other Lich having one, I'm really starting to get sick of the RNG this system brings. It's bad enough that I've been getting god rolls (40% and up) on weapons I hate and/or don't want to use, yet always get sub 30% on the very rare chance that I do get a weapon I want, but it'd be just a little nice if half my Liches didn't all have the same gun. I think there is one of two ways DE could improve this system: Either allow us to throw lower rolled weapons into higher weapons for a small buff (I'd say at max 5% increase), or have the Larvaling spawn with the weapon they'll have as a Lich. The first option would at least make lower rolls not feel like a kick to the gut, while the second option would drastically reduce the weapon RNG while still having us grind Liches for better percentages.
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