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  1. here, have a patience pill and welcome to the rice fields
  2. but the story didn't finish itself
  3. that's a looooong stretch. and even in those where you can you have to finish the story to do so. have you finished the story in warframe? don't think so
  4. okay, new game plus. we can close the thread now or what?
  5. nah mate, conservation is an activity unrelated to anything except conservation rewards: fluffs and it's consistent: fish parts are a resource that is required to progress in the game, fluffs are not
  6. idk it's kinda silly change that doesn't address any issues at all and while saying that it wants to make arbitrations more interesting and rewarding it is glaringly obvious that it's a poor bandaid for a problem where host leaves and forfeits rewards for his squad and also it won't work, cause it doesnt fix anything..... at all
  7. iirc with host migration players were supposed to respawn and have an invulnerability timer but apparently it doesnt work anymore or smth
  8. mining and fishing was advertised as optional before poe was even released, on release it wasn't non-optional sadly and now dobby is finally free from doing stuff he didn't come to play a shooter for
  9. i agree with previous replies, OP please organize your post - it's a mess that i can barely understand
  10. i havent tried it yet of course but it kinda looks all over the place imo, what do you think?
  11. right now i can be randomly on from 10am to 10pm gmt, maybe a bit more
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