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  1. a good way to make your counterpoint irrelevant
  2. that works as intended, because it shows you radiant relics in alphabetical order then lower rank ones in alphabetical order. it never said it is gonna sort by relic count
  3. right now i can be randomly on from 10am to 10pm gmt, maybe a bit more
  4. eh, hoped for more but expected as much. sent friend req
  5. Lith Meso Neo Axi got a backlog of relics and cant be arsed to open em all so if you are a seasoned fissure runner be my guest P.S. also can exchange for prime parts i don't yet have but that's a long shot tbh https://wf.xuerian.net/648b8a57-5968-4a88-9b52-707b7c6e0e62#wishlist P.P.S. you can have em all for free and all you get from opening them under obligation of providing missing parts but that's a veeeeeeery long shot and would require a legal contract so i wouldn't get left without relics and missing parts but nobody is gonna sign a contract for that lol
  6. cmon guys stop complaining about animations it's a tech demo made with existing mechanics in like an hour or so
  7. rhino stomp divebombing you to cast it only took like what? four years?
  8. they should've just said that the quest is not ready and we need to wait a week and we'd wait and nobody'd say a thing why it had to be complicated like this? " i don't know, i'm not a doctor, old spice shaving gel"
  9. let me tell you smth, i didn't even know there are some bloody hashes to scan until 4 days into the event cause i was busy doing bloody nightwave and closing fissures
  10. so it's not an exalted arch gun i guess? (which was advertised on the devstream as one?)
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