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  1. Basically after seeing Atlas Prime's stats compared to the Atlas base model, seeing old weapons get a buff, and all the reworks being done on older frames I was hoping we could start talking about reworking Ash Prime, Ember Prime, Frost Prime, Loki Prime, etc.... What other frames need some love? Who else wants to see it get done?
  2. I can't wait to see the changes to Prime Accessories Packs. I'm already super excited to get the Valkyr Accessories Pack. However I'm hoping for Nyx, Rhino, Frost, Ember, & Loki Accessories Packs are available year-round, & not phased out completely.
  3. I know this is the wrong thread for this but, can Wukong & the Celestial Twin both perform the stomp at the same time similar to the way defy works? I have trouble getting the twin to use the ability where I want it to.
  4. I must say I am loving the Titania rework for the most part. The increased energy pool, not having to recast Tribute as often to refresh the buffs, and Razorwing's vacuum allows you to stay in Razorwing a lot longer. But I still hope DE takes another look at Lantern it is still the least used part of the kit for me. Even with 4 Lanterns up enemies still attack me or my Razorflies. Giving us more cast hasn't solved the problem of the ability not functioning properly. I'm hoping DE takes a look at some of the suggestions posted in the forum and thinks about changing Tribute altogether.
  5. Will the Thorns buff from Tribute also apply to Sentinels, Moas, Companions & the Razorwing Butterflies?
  6. Honestly, the Nyx rework looks great, and so does most of Titania's rework except for Lantern. The casting animation still looks too long for a frame advertised as an agile trickster. Also from the Dev Stream, Lantern did look a lot less bouncy, but if you are trying to CC a specific area it still looks ineffective. I'm worried about Razorwing as well as teammates with Arca Plasmor, Ignis, & Catchmoons bouncing them out of the intended area while clearing out crowds of enemies attracted to Lantern. I would have preferred a stationary animation similar to Trinity's Well of Life with a butterfly theme similar to Titania's Dust buff. I do love multiple enemies can be turned into lanterns, but it still looks like the most clunky part of her kit. A more radical rework suggestion for Razorwing would be to make the butterflies exalted weapons upgradable with sentinel /robotic mods. I think this would help with their performance at higher levels. Also an innate life steal and/or serious DPS buff for Diwata.
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