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  1. Xaku is awesome , Lavos is great (loved the refreshing change of ability mechanics), and now Sevagoth. Sevagoth is ridiculously fun to play with. I'd hate to be the Warframe that followed these three. Lol
  2. Ty for fix. Still gonna miss that Zekti Hull Component I lost.
  3. It is incredibly annoying that I can't just choose to host from my own Railjack. Having to abandon a mission repeatedly simply to use your own boat is extremely frustrating.
  4. Will Railjack nodes give mastery similar to the way Star Chart and Steelpath nodes do?
  5. Will clearing nodes in Railjack offers mastery points. I know that upgrading the Intrinsics offer mastery, but I am curious if the Railjack cart will be bought in line with the Star Chart.
  6. I'm super excited for this update. Thank you for all the hard work.
  7. My only question is why can't I just purchase loyal crew members directly from my syndicates? That being said Ticker is my favorite NPC (and probably the only reason I go back to Fortuna), but this seems like a very round about way of recruiting to me.
  8. I'm hoping this means this we're getting a definite release date for Update 30: Call of the Tempestarii, and more concrete information about what will and won't make it into the update during this steam. Also nice progress on the ghoul saw vehicle.
  9. Can we please workout a way to have the old alert system & Nightwave.
  10. LOL. I am both terrified and cautiously optimistic. I also hope we will get more info/timeline on the Corpus Queenpins (weapons, ephemera, etc), Command Intrinsic, and new Corpus Railjack maps. I'm kinda hoping for rank 4 (or higher) Railjack components and armaments.
  11. I don't know where to report this but I noticed I'm not receiving Intrinsics from RailJack.
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