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  1. I’ve tried to complete the new Emissary Derelict Mobile Defense mission currently on Europa and got stuck with a door that wouldn’t open seven times in a row. I’ve tried in both solo and public missions. I completed the Mars mission first try with no problems.
  2. Because they don't want to commit to something when they aren't sure when it will be ready? I'd rather not get a date than get a date which is just pushed back or has content rushed out before it's ready.
  3. I'm honestly genuinely curious about what you do find tedious if not doing the exact same mission over and over 40+ times in a week.
  4. Yes, each Exodia costs 5,000 standing now so it costs 50,000 for one maxed Exodia.
  5. The grind for the Exodias is ludicrous. It takes bare minimum 34 runs just for the standing for two maxed Exodias, and that's assuming you don't get any drone pathing bugs or host migrations that are very common and completely ruin your run. If you don't use 4 phylaxis and 4 catalysts it takes even more runs! I would much rather spend 5,000 standing on blueprints than 50,000 on a completed Exodia. I can only bring myself to grind one since it's so boring.
  6. By reading this thread one might get the impression that a short delay in a video game event is something worth getting upset over. Try to remember two things: one, that DE are humans and deserve basic respect. Two, that this isn't really that big of a deal. I'm not happy about this, I'm a Switch player and we've never had a Plague Star event before. It's just not worth getting upset and treating other humans like garbage. Grow up.
  7. You’re the one who has no idea what they’re talking about when you’re here telling people to go buy a tennocon digital pass to wait until June and go spend ducats on Volt relics rather than buying the prime pack - when if they didn’t want to buy the prime pack they could just farm the darn relics for free right now since they’re unvaulted
  8. Baro has not had those relics for at least as long as the game has been out on Switch.
  9. Every prime is available for free through relics, so I don’t see why you would ever buy any of them under that logic.
  10. Can the Switch get some kind of extension and/or compensation for the Orb Vallis glitches making it so difficult to complete and farm Thermia Fractures and the Exploiter Orb? I know I have personally lost hours to crashes and host migrations and bugs and I'm far from the only one. It has been very frustrating.
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