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  1. Switch got the exact same Empyrian update PS4 and Xbox got, 27.0.5, just nearly a month later. We have never gotten an update before another console did, it has always been same time or later.
  2. There is a lot to like about railjack, and plenty of potential. The one thing that really needs to be nipped in the bud is the random stats on components and armaments that take huge investment to build. This needs to be removed, or at the very least, not expanded to any other part of the game. Liches were bad enough. I think you can have random stats on equipment that you can use instantly for no cost, or you can have equipment that takes a big resource investment. Both is just too much. It's making me want to just say forget the whole thing.
  3. I understand all of that. However, the post that started this thread heavily implied that the update was almost ready but was going to miss the cert deadline, and that we would get an up to date build in early 2020. That clearly isn't the case as the 2019 version still isn't ready to go to cert. To find any of this out, you had to watch a stream. I understand that things can only be done when they're done, but better communication should really be a priority. It solves so many problems when expectations are set correctly and delays are clearly communicated.
  4. It's a little bit disappointing to hear we're getting the old build, this post seemed to suggest that we'd be getting an up to date build when it finally arrived.
  5. I'm only slightly annoyed that I watched The Game Commercials when I could have just waited for Prime Time
  6. I'm okay with this. I'm glad Nintendo gives their staff a long holiday. The video game update can wait. Hopefully we will get a nice polished version of empyrian in 2020
  7. I only got the poster since it dropped during the Nintendo stream and there was no announcement in game about this. I had to come here to find out what the glyph and noggle were about only to find out too late that I missed them.
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