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  1. I'm an avid user of Titania and although this is all better than she currently is... It still feels lack luster! Razorwing needed vaccume. Find a balance with lantern, it feels very similar to casting her 1, I feel you should either scrap her 1 or lantern two ccs that don't work together is just awkward. Tribute... Change tribute completely, maybe make it so you can actually summon a horde of butterflies that are simple AI like Atlas rumblers? As said though I think these changes make her better than she is now.. But ultimately when you reach her prime release with her kit how it is, things don't work great together and is in general slow and clunky with casting, will require another rework/tweaking. As a Titania main and about 12 Forma put into her collectively with her weapons, it's nice to see her getting some love. But yeah, abilities 1 + 3 don't work together, 2 is just a nightmare to deal with and Razorwing getting it's needed fix! 😄 Pogchamp! GT: Protocolypse I've sent several bugs/glitches with Titania on both Xbox and switch!
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