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  1. Yes I saw this on the stream as well. Imagine not having to go to streams for critical info about updates
  2. So do we get an extension on the expiration of the event because it says it’s ending on April 21st for pc who now already have access to the event, while switch update isn’t even out of development yet and then in addition needs to also go through the cert process... or do we just cut our losses and scramble to finish whatever we can with the time we have left once the update actually reaches our platform? Seems pretty common sense that not every platform should have the same expiration date if we aren’t getting the same release date.
  3. Found another fun bug. God knows when this was introduced because I have not tricapped regularly in over a year now but there is now obviously more reason to. Basically loaded into poe and within 2 minutes of the mission completely locked to operator mode, unable to use skills or gear items, and unable to open chat window to even tell my teammates I was bugged. So I hard reset and reconnected to the squad. Within seconds the same thing happens only this time locked out of transference, still unable to use all skills/chat or even shoot my weapon. Closed game and decided I will just finish buying the rest of my arcanes like I have been or wait for scarlet spear.... ty de, very cool 😎
  4. so, logged in for about 20 mins of the update and this fun bug appeared. Tried restarting, temporary fix and then immediately reappeared upon loading into an area. Chat UI is completely scrambled and unable to click links within. any chance of a hotfix and not leaving this in for the next several weeks? Shown below https://imgur.com/a/FLk1iJY
  5. Well. You’re wrong. My friend isn’t stupid. They know the difference between sleep mode bug and matchmaking one. Restarting does nothing. It’s permanent in her case. She is no longer playing. And no matchmaking bug is not being fixed in this update lmao. It wasn’t even mentioned.
  6. “Some bugs” this one isn’t really just some bug. People literally are unable to play together or trade. It’s a pretty colossal bug that isn’t being addressed or even acknowledged. People are quitting over it. It’s a bit more than just some bug
  7. Like the miragulor bug on switch they weren’t even aware of existing until like 6 months later? I wouldn’t assume anything unless given actual confirmation which I don’t see
  8. Assuming they don’t leave in literal game breaking bugs asked about in this thread that people have completely stopped playing over. None of it was directly addressed in the patch notes
  9. Yes, I also have a friend who has been unable to play with her friends for literally months and received no update from DE even on a support ticket as well as here on forums when multiple players have asked. But I guess expecting any more is just being childish. Must be Nintendo’s fault! 🥴
  10. >DE blatantly lies and makes empty promises >children on forums: blame Nintendo! lmao kk
  11. Ah yes this definitely does sound like some pretty vague language being used. My mistake. “Console players you will be getting Warframe revised that includes the things we’re talking about today as well; that includes the changes to impact, the changes to gas..”
  12. Can’t tell if memeing or retarded. In no instance of what I said included me not liking the update. Maybe you’re confused which one I’m referring to. There’s one that completely ruined an entire ecosystem in the game and one that will in some ways work to improve on those missteps. Maybe go through and read to try to get an actual grasp on what you’re replying to before all the white knighting 🤔
  13. How about maybe not lie in the first place and promise in front of 20k people that the changes made it into cert when it didn’t? Idk.
  14. What is completely killing one of the most used elements in the game and making the most hated one worse anyway? You’re right. This can wait 🥴🥴
  15. You’re missing the part about being lied to on a regular basis but I mean yea I guess if that’s ur thing. Go off king
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