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  1. The Nintendo Switch Community is the largest NEW PLAYER Group to the family. They talk so much about the New player experience, and keeping new players, but this entire community of Nintennos were mostly New, and have stuck around. With each new update I just feel less and less welcome to the Warframe family. Switch players seem to just be the lower class Tenno. My friend Offline list keeps growing.
  2. I might be alone on this one, but after today's dev stream I realized that when my next gen consoles come, I won't care at all bout Warframe if I can't move my account off my switch. Ive been crying for cross save, but what I think I really want is just an account migration. I don't really want to pour more money and time into a game on this pseudo mobile platform, when I could spend the space on games actually designed for my switch. When the next round of Zelda games come the game I'll be deleting will be Warframe--not because I hate the game, but instead of buying more SD cards just for a f
  3. Preach. lol i think the community most concerned/interested/anticipating cross save are us on the Nintenno Glitch. even switching into Operator mode lags
  4. I am so close to just uninstalling the game. All I've been doing for the past few weeks is farming bile to try out some synergy ideas. Its beginning to feel like I'm getting punished for my desire to play with the new system
  5. Grandmother's cut scene (where she is introduced for the first time) is stuck. She begins talking, then her audio stops but the script continues, and eventually the tenno is stuck looking up at grandmother
  6. I feel this! so hard. I have friends and clan members who have not logged in for 150+ days. I have friends in real life who will never put this "free game" onto their switch because they'll have to go out and buy another sd card just to get the game onto their console, and for everyone else in the community, we all just feel like the losers suck in the weakest version of this growing game. It doesnt matter how much hype goes into it, it just feels like we'll never play the same game as everyone else.
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