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  1. Can't wait to download this! I thought it would take longer for Console versions of the game to catch up. This was pretty fast imo. Another thing is I'm glad the Switch version of the game is finally on par with other consoles!
  2. So what do you think will be unvaulted next? Personally, I'm hoping Loki Prime will be unvaulted.
  3. Was just gonna say this. I thought the update would stay in cert longer. Not that I'm complaining 😛
  4. .You can get the parts as well as the main BP from your clan dojo's Tenno lab
  5. This is the first time I'll be playing during an event like this so I'd like to know.
  6. I really don't know where else to say this. I already made a topic and sent a message to the community inbox 3 days ago but got no response. I just wanna be able to use my nintendo Switch glyph on the forums... This is basically my message (I dont wanna rewrite it again and think of a new way to explain it...)
  7. I don't see how it's stupid at all. If you think about it, players can earn affinity simply by having other squad members do things. It's easy to get affinity without doing much. The test is there to make sure that you actually deserve the higher rank and not just because you got carried. IMO it sounds more stupid that you got your high MR by simply leeching off other players. Not that most players leech but if you really did your part in game, you should have enough experience to pass the test right? Then if not, it's an eye opener that you actually need to up your game - > this should make you wanna practice again and again till you get better and pass the test.
  8. While I found it annoying at first, I slowly started to actually appreciate it. I rare know a game that actually tests their players if they deserve a certain rank or level and not just because they spent time doing mindless farming.
  9. So I have a PC account that was made 5 years ago. But I only really got back to the game when it got released on the Switch. I didn't migrate the account but I use the same email. When I log in to the forums by entering my email and password, my forum name uses the PC IGN and glyph. But if I log in via Nintendo Switch account, it's still the same account but it uses my Switch IGN and keeps the PC glyph. How can I switch to my Switch glyph? EDIT: Here are two screnshots that'll hopefully explain what I mean:
  10. The switch version has this annoying color bug that makes other parts of her use the default colors no matter what other colors I used. I tried to get the pose and angle that hide those so...here's the best one I got lol
  11. Hahahahahaha what are the chances After spending a crazy amount of Plat for Frost Prime parts and a good and kind veteran friend of mine (who migrated from PC) chose the frost prime blueprint over another rare part he wanted during a lucky fissure mission just to give Frost BP to me, Frost Prime will now be easily farmable 😂😂
  12. Thanks. Will keep that in mind. Ik it's kinda dumb to just realize that now but I tend to be impatient with repetitive cinematic so I never cared to wait lol.
  13. Saying that they don't share the same experience is not an attack. Enough with this sensitivity and focus on the big picture and acknowledge other people's different experiences. I do have problems with the game crashing. Some days I don't get crashes some days it happens 3 times. The framerate are is also crappy especially when playing with 4 people on a defense or survival node for 30 mins. There are bugs and glitches in the game (like the one I posted where the screen just froze while trying to change mods or when I was trying to kill Kela de Thaym but for some reason I got stuck on the circle platform and when I used /unstuck, I got teleported back down and have no way of getting back up so I had to abort the mission) that are really annoying and disruptive. But the game was never unplayable (which what you make it sound to be). Sure sometimes these crashes and glitches are very annoying. Losing 30 mins of loot because the game decided to die is not cool. But this doesn't happen to me at least 90% of the time I play. Cetus and PoE performance are not smooth. But generally I've been able to do bounties and hunt eidolon with 4 people with no problems (aside from one friend who lives far away with a bad internet connection which usually disconnects) I've died to lag but that's because my ping was high playing on other people's hosts (I play with people on the other side of the world). But this was never the case when I'm the host. Also never died or had an invisible enemy. Again, no one is attacking you. We're just talking about the game and our own experiences. Saying "nah man I don't have those problems" is not about being against you.
  14. Btw, I woke up at 4am in my time just to watch the devstream from beginning to end. Didn't get my resource booster 😞
  15. https://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-122-overview The names are somewhere in this article.
  16. All i wanted to know was when mesa prime access is coming on switch 😞 All these delays, while understandable, are actually very disappointing. I appreciate wanting to prioritize quality updates but when the hype and expectations of time has been triggered, it's hard to swallow a news of delay, twice. Since the relics for the mesa prime access pack are already on switch for some reason, is it possible that we could just get a server update and have the Mesa Prime access available on the market?
  17. This. I have similar thoughts. As much as I love this game and it's developers, this is a very frustrating issue and would really want to hear an explanation as to why this is the case for the Switch version of the game.
  18. That's because the past weeks have been the holidays for the developers. They've stated during their last 2018 devstream that they were aware of the color bugs but won't be able to work on it until the holidays are over. They've also stated that they plan to make the switch be on the same version as other platforms which means yes we are getting the rest of the updates.
  19. I'm sure the update will fix it. They've been aware of it since the holidays there's no way they're not including that fix on the update
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