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  1. Anyone else also having issues with the timer stopping and requiring you to leave the extraction area and rejoin? I need more testing but seems to correspond to using certain abilities or entering operator. When you’re getting mobbed and trying to stay alive, it becomes problematic. Especially during an Arbitration..!
  2. Well played OP. You’ve successfully farmed an upvote from me.
  3. Yes they do need to be level 30. Which is why it wouldn’t work on Earth. As echoed by others - in the void enemies are already alerted and there are no alarms. So you can play perfectly normally with no requirement to do any stealth whatsoever and complete the challenge. It’s probably the easiest elite you’ll get.
  4. Also people tend to only play “normal” missions if they’re farming something in particular. These will tend to be the same levels over and over. So as you initially start of, you won’t come into contact with many people as there is no reason for others to play that node again. As you progress, you’ll find more people playing. Also as above, make sure you’re actually set to multiplayer by checking the icon next to your name!
  5. Same happened to me. Got one shot two times after the 30 minute mark with a potato’d / forma Harrow in between pressing his 4. After the first time I even played extremely defensively, spamming his one and only depleting my shields when 4 was active. But even that didn’t stop it. Now I know what the likely culprit was!
  6. Finished it today, nearly 600 hours. Never actively farmed and just played SO for more interesting levelling. If others are staying until 8, then I’ll tag along. Now to farm the Kavat codes...
  7. Also remember that multishot on shotguns works differently. You have to achieve 100% status BEFORE adding multishot mods. Otherwise it’ll show 100% but it’s not a true 100% per pellet.
  8. I don’t know how quickly the kick bot works. Had you been speaking a lot in region chat before you tried to trade? Maybe you had already said something.
  9. I like it as well! I think people just wanted the ultimate destroying capability but it just isn’t that. I get why - it’s the bloody sun! But it can still destroy trash mobs and strip armour with the haste mote active. Re the OP’s complaint, it is just bringing it in line with other abilities although I agree that it was a good selling point.
  10. I’d suggest reflecting on your own ability to be coherent before commenting on another. Anyway - OT - OP, you need to supply further details about what was happening at the time and what you were doing. Also it might help if you stated the exact mission type and location. Although it does sound as if your power has been drained and you don’t know how to refill.
  11. Indeed, my mistake. I’m getting mixed up with the milestone rewards. I think.
  12. Would this not also give you a free weapon slot once you mastered and sold it?
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