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  1. Not seeing a lot of love for her but I’m using Octavia more and more. She scales fantastically well and, so long as you can avoid the AOE one shots and manage her abilities, she’s got good survivability. Otherwise I tend to use the frame that works best for the mission or one I haven’t used in a while. Keeps the game fresh.
  2. Just turn it into a stat stick and be done with it!
  3. It isn’t hard. I think he probably kept forgetting that Wukong’s staff is melee 3.0 in terms of combos. So you need to hold the back key to stop him lurching around. So long as the mod set up is good, you shouldn’t get hit by the bubble. It’s easily done though.
  4. The other option, although maybe somewhat suicidal, is to melee the bubble with a long range weapon. Especially true with a frame like Wukong. The reach will not only take down the bubble but kill those around it. With careful positioning, you maintain the safe distance and any active abilities. With the quick change system, it works well with shooting off a couple of rounds before melee’ing. It’s not really a “method” as such but it’s how I tend to counter them with my playstyle. I don’t think there’s any real optimum way because of their mechanics. I personally like the addition of them, until you get mobbed by them in a corridor.
  5. Is your name IXRI? As in capital “i” either side? It says you’re currently offline.
  6. Ok no problem. I’m tucked up at the moment but as soon as I’m free I’ll log on to make the trade with you.
  7. Of course - will you be on in a couple of hours? Otherwise it’ll have to be Thursday all day (GMT).
  8. Bulky Kubrow and Kavat sold. The rest remain, including the Lotus.
  9. Hello - excellent - I will hit you up when I am next in game. Might be some delay as unfortunately I’m stuck at work for a couple of days so completely understand if you find an alternative seller 😊
  10. Sorry, didn't see this - yes I still have it available.
  11. Thank you for the thread, DE, it’s enjoyable reading through the comments. Some good criticism but a large part is people complaining that they’ve spent hundreds of hours trying to squeeze every last drop of plat out of the game by cornering a market, only to realise that their profit margins on some items have now been slashed. If your only purpose in the game is to farm Kuva for riven rolling then it may be time to explore taking a break!
  12. Hello Fellow Tenno, All prices include BOTH imprints. Please message me in-game or on the forums. I am around all day today and tomorrow and will be able to accommodate you. -Bulky Sunika Kubrow - 80p SOLD - Athletic Chesa Kubrow - 50p -Athletic Huras Kubrow - Lotus - 120p SOLD -Skinny Sahasa Kubrow - 40p -Smeeta Kavat with Persian Head and Mermaid tail - 80p SOLD
  13. Thank you for the hotfix! I did the alert when it was live before the fix and then logged off and cannot play again for a few days. Will I miss out or will it still register when I log back on?
  14. Been playing with Wukong all day and thoroughly enjoying the rework. There are issues with his clone at the moment which need ironing out. For example, he'll run in little circles around some enemies, completely ignore others or stand there doing nothing. I need to test properly but it seems that his "4" causes him to bug out. I *think* it is when you allow your energy to run to zero. The staff stays visibly equipped on your clone, rather than him defaulting to a weapon. This causes him to just stand around doing nothing until you activate it. On occasions when I noticed it, even pressing 4 again didn't start him attacking enemies again. When I cancelled "4" manually, it worked as normal. In regards to other abilities, his two is a fantastic healer and mover. You have so much control and it moves so quickly, that you can move far in the 2/3 seconds you have. Take it to Jupiter and you'll see exactly what I mean. Or the open worlds. His 3 could do with more time, in my opinion. Or a wider default range. I only found it effective when being completely mobbed. When it did work at max strength, it caused a lot of damage in return and was very good. But I feel in lower content it just isn't worthwhile although still fun to use. His 4, when working with the clone (see above) is very strong, very fun to use and I do like the simplicity of the combos. I personally prefer this new combo set up. I tested a potato'd 0 forma build in Arbitrations (min 30 minutes) and he survived perfectly well and was more than strong enough to cope. Wukong for me will now become a go to frame. I just hope that the clone bugs can be ironed out. But fantastic steps in the right direction.
  15. Looks good to me - I much prefer frames with different options where you have to think a bit more to get the most out of them. A question if someone knows (I can’t see the answer but might just being blind) - does the passive kick in during Arbitration missions? It would be particularly useful to have “free” revives in this mission type!
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