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  1. Maybe bugs related to the upcoming “player as stalker” mode. DE would’ve had to programme a fifth player to be able to join the squad as the “enemy”. It’s possible that this work is bleeding into the live game. Thats my theory anyway. I don’t have a clue though 😂.
  2. Anyone else also having issues with the timer stopping and requiring you to leave the extraction area and rejoin? I need more testing but seems to correspond to using certain abilities or entering operator. When you’re getting mobbed and trying to stay alive, it becomes problematic. Especially during an Arbitration..!
  3. I wouldn’t do this personally. There is supposed to be no interaction between the two accounts. It may be worth sending a support ticket off asking this question though. If they say yes, you at least have a paper trail to back you up.
  4. Are you sure you’re not doing the practice runs by mistake? Sounds that way if you’re running it 4 times.
  5. Ha, tell me about it. Nothing worse than being stuck at work and the App “kindly” notifies you about a time limited alert. That’s what Nightwave was brought in to stop. Hopefully Season 2 brings us the balance that’ll allow you to jump on and do it quicker. There’s less Acts that reward the same standings and the time limits and other bits have been trimmed. Apologies again - I can see what your initial question is now. I think I latched on to one line of a later comment and had a little moan.
  6. My apologies - I didn’t mean to sound sarcastic or inflammatory. I’m just frustrated as these threads and comments keep popping up at a rate of knots. DE does need to find a balance between those that can and those that struggle but, for the latter group, there has to be an expectation of missing out without the need to expect that things are handed to them. A game needs an element of reward to those than can to make it worthwhile. I’m also a shift worker and feel your pain, especially when my rest days are cancelled or I’m required to stay on late. It’s just one of those things unfortun
  7. Indeed. Given that they’ve put out the normal number of challenges and no alert (which I would expect) to remind people to spend Wolf Creds, I suspect it’ll finish at the end of the week. Also OP - you had 11 weeks to finish 60% of Nightwave. It isn’t DE’s fault if life got in the way of that. The next season will cater / pander more to those that can’t / won’t do the grind.
  8. I think the issue is less the frame, more the player. I find it harder to die as Valkitty than to stay alive. She’s a fun frame. If I were you, I’d farm her normal version. If you like her a lot after playing that, then any plat purchase to get her will be worth it. I got lucky and ended up in an endless with someone who was using old relics. Got two parts for her and it was then an easy decision to buy the other two using plat.
  9. Alternatively go into a capture scene and make your own one!
  10. No. I won’t believe it until I see this masterpiece.
  11. At work. What’s this madness?!
  12. Personally I don’t like to use weapons with my sentinels. I like the precepts that go with the sentinels themselves but will run them either with nothing or Artax. The cold proc and the bright laser pointing out the enemy off screen is invaluable. I appreciate this doesn’t answer the majority of your questions but gives an alternative to needing to worry about modding and spendin resources.
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