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  1. Especially in the Shifting Sands tactical mission, where a melee weapon is less useful and people don't bring it there (-exceptions). A fat Grineer bloke hits me with the butt of his gun, I am out of bullets and cannot even punch him. Now what?
  2. In event missions the flying boss sometimes goes missing. Jumps through the ground and is nowhere to be found. Making the mission unable to complete. Not even a mark on the map, no key, no progress. Also, make them impossible to ragdoll. They may fly way off the map with a lucky boltor shot. And so does the key on them. There are two consoles just across the room. Why cannot we activate them both? They are easy to defend. They are close to each other. Some places are too dark and flashlights don't activate automatically there.
  3. I think you misunderstand me. I do NOT want Warframe to be a cover based game. Nothing big, nothing that would change the core of the game. Run&Gun it is. That's great. I like it. I just thought a minor "addition" would be nice. Nothing game-breaking. There was a lot of text from me. That doesn't necessarily mean my suggestion is a big one. I just wrote down everything I could think of that covers most aspects of it. I could have wrote: "Hey, I want a cover system in the game!" but that would be stupid. Could have used a different title though as the word "system" sound big. Most of what I
  4. Maps are generated procedurally. Cool. But after hundreds of hours of running through the same rooms, it starts to get boring. I enter a room and know what is where. Always the same. The only surprise in it is: which door do I have to go through to the next room. A room as a whole is probably not created from modules like types of walls that quickly stick together, ground that fills the place and so on. It is carefully constructed by human beings. Thus completely random room types are not achievable. What Is in fact possible: Random placements of boxes, barrels, terminals and other obj
  5. Grineer and Corpus use covers. Good. Tenno run in and out of cov... ummm... run behind objects. To shoot, they run out of there. While I understand that the point of this game is to run&gun, sometimes getting in a proper cover is the best option. One that makes sense in a gunfight between a low leveled Excalibur and a high leveled Bombard. This feature certainly would NOT be overpowered. - protection would be from one side only - grenades, rockets, napalm and toxins still do damage - some bullets can still hit the top of the head or the shoulder - can be suppressed, similarly t
  6. I think every mission report should have a number on top indicating the amount of time it took to finish that mission. Better than remembering a number and forgetting it several times a day. Survival have some sort of timer already, but this would be in the report only. This is a simple feature. May be useful to some people. Edit: School is starting soon and we need to efficiently allocate our time. (engineering student here)
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