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  1. Hi friends! Sharing a video I made about the newest event operation, from the perspective of a new player. Not trying to compete with other videos that do amazing job in explaining how to do it. I'm just interested in sharing the new player take on it. Hope you like it... Cheers!
  2. Just like it says in the tittle. Once you get near the five minute mark, you suddenly stop getting the small life support drops from killing enemies. Is as if the game just turns off the drops and then it becomes unrealistically scarce. To the point where you are OBLIGATED to activate the Life support consoles, over and over and over. Cause if you dare go for Kuva harvesting, you will step into the red zone and have no option but to extract. This issue kills the purpose of Kuva Survival. Simply put, there is no Kuva survival at this moment. It is frustrating... Please fix this.
  3. Bloom is off as well as everything below "Enable Screen Shake" It is very annoying while in Kuva survival
  4. Had lots of fun putting this one together with some friends. Happy Holidays everyone! please consider subscribing if you like the content :)
  5. Category: Dojo picture entry Platform: Nintendo Switch IGNs are: MAJOR_PRIME / TheBlindTenno / Nightblade
  6. I agree, they just become voided when he delivers his points in a rude manner, rather than a friendly and constructive manner. He then goes the extra mile to encourage everyone not to watch the video... Maybe if he had shared hi's points in a more friendly and supportive manner, we could have engaged in a meaningful conversation regarding his points. Thank you all for the support! Cheers <3
  7. I take constructive criticism no problem. Always asking for it. But if you want to start telling everyone not to view this video just because you don't like it is just plain rude. Maybe offer your suggestions in a constructive and friendly manner? This might make it more welcoming lol. Ok, about Volkeris... thank you for the flowers and thank you for your reply. I shall send you warm fuzzy space hugs as well <3
  8. Again, the flowers you are gifting me smell amazing and I appreciate the extra effort you put into your claims. I can only send you a warm and fuzzy space hug while I keep doing my thing.
  9. Haters always gonna hate. Thank you for watching and helping us raise awareness with your reply :)
  10. Did you know about blind gamers? In this Machinima Short I collaborate with Tech of the Blind to raise awareness about the blind gaming community. Please consider subscribing if you like the content. Cheers!
  11. Thank you Super! Finished filming the scenes yesterday so now I'm on to editing the machinima short... However, here is a flight test I uploaded, to see if I could simulate the vehicle drifting/cruising through space.
  12. Thank you so much for the feedback. Will see what I can do... Again, thank you for your input!
  13. This is just a test to see if I can make it look like the "Space Van" is slowly drifting through space. This is for a Machinima I'm actively working on. Feel free to let me know what you think as I always welcome constructive criticism. Cheers!
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