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  1. Every mission. Which is super annoying. I did 30 minutes worth of the Neo fissure survival and lost a nami skyla blade and 200+ traces. Thought it was an isolated incident so I did all of the gift of the lotus and got $&*^ for it. Then I joined for a tricap and made the whole group crash when I left to change my weapon. It's happening everywhere. The game is broken.
  2. So I just maxed out the Void strike branch of Madurai and when I cloak up I don't see the charge stacking at all. I'm using the 3-2-3 amp and void strike just doesn't seem to have any effect. can anyone help? Never mind. I just realized I didn't turn it on x(
  3. No, I really don't. My input is always snappy and responsive. So unless you're talking about the zoom issues, which personally I don't mind since I have no trouble reading the location names and the default zoom, you are just making assumptions about my experience that are frankly incorrect.
  4. Because that might just be you, buddy. I never have input lag for one, and latency issues really only occur sporadically, but no more so than before Fortuna. And certainly not enough to say it's all across the board when stuff like Tricap hunting has been greatly smoothed out.
  5. I know it sounds stupid but try resetting your game. Sometimes bug like this are probably just runtime errors.
  6. But I'd hardly call it rare. Last night was the first Tricap I completed without anyone crashing. Then when we hopped back in for a quick Tera take down, three of us crashed before we exited the loading area. Like sure, we should be happy that 1 crash meant you weren't going to crash again. But it was a common occurrence for sure. I just hope this actually applies to all PoE crashes and not just the one specifically triggered by the door opening.
  7. "Fixed a rare crash when transitioning from Cetus to the Plains."
  8. You can click on the game icon to check on the progress more in depth.
  9. Also "and this is just the first installment of Fortuna content! You can expect more to come next year," You wot m8? It's only February.
  10. Erm. What if I cleared up room elsewhere for the update, will this overwrite my older game file and normalize my SD card capacity?
  11. Progress is linked to your Nintendo Account as linked to the DE servers. Your progress will be fine.
  12. Archive some software and then redownload it later. The increase in data will really only be 300mb
  13. Yeah that's what I did when I hit 13000 hours ETA (a hair under 542 days) Thankfully my apartment's comp wifi is pretty fast so I'm looking at an ETA of 1 hour and 41 minutes.
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