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  1. Prime Accessories pack= - 1365 Platinum - Anten Prime Earpiece, Respa Prime Mask and Erlang Prime Oculus - Cholla Prime Sugatra - 90 Day Affinity Booster - 90 Day Credit Booster Prime Access pack= - 2625 Platinum - Mesa Prime - Akjagara Prime - Redeemer Prime - Exclusive Mesa Prime Glyphs The money is really in the Plat, boosters, and weapons. If they just sold a prime frame I'd say it would be like 20 bucks. If you don't care about the extras and just want Mesa Prime, you're better off just farming. You basically pay 80 bucks to save yourself hours of playing with the plat and the weapons+frame pre unlocked and potato'd.
  2. What if I told you the relics were on Switch already? But if you're busy I extremely strongly advise against it. I got the neuro relic without even noticing and then farmed Neo relics for hours upon hours before I finally got another then I just paid plat for the last two pieces. When I say hours I mean like 10+ hours.
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