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  1. Twice in a row now I have had my lich bug after attempting to convert it. Everything is normal up until I hold down A to convert the lich. The icon gets bigger, and then the selection gets locked, but the parazon animation does not play. The lich just stays stuck where it is for the rest of the mission. Meanwhile my frame has no weapons, so I can't shoot or melee. I can use frame abilities, but that's it. If I walk up to the bugged lich, a little box appears that says "X Assassinate" but I did not choose to interact with it either time because I wanted a converted lich, and I learned the first time this happened that just waiting until extraction would still return my stolen items and give me a converted lich. It's annoying for the other people in my team, though, because my lich won't despawn, so no other liches can spawn once he bugs. I was Inaros both times, in case that matters, and spent the rest of the mission throwing sand in peoples faces so I could at least be sort of helpful.
  2. Prices are for 2 imprints.
  3. Yes, still broken. The bug flickers in and out when changing appearance, but otherwise when I look at a companion in my ship, everything appears correct. In missions, though, it is bugged for everyone except the host. The host sees the true energy color, but everyone else sees the purplish bugged color. New kavats are great, but please fix the ones we already have!
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