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  1. From the videos I've watched the azima disk will bounce a bit then levitate to about 1 meter before discharging its ammo but in my experience it just starts flying infinitely upwards wasting all the bullets in the process why?
  2. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  3. Operator, why do you never bring anything nice for ordis Have I been "a bad boy"(glitch) -inadequate. I may have encount-ered an error.
  4. TYPE: Launcher DESCRIPTION: Trying to update and play the game it gets stuck at this point every single time VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: last update was glassmaker thing and this started at least four days later EXPECTED RESULT: launcher enumerates needed files and proceeds to download them OBSERVED RESULT: the above happens and doesnt change under any circumstance including language change during which it stops at 8.5 MB instead (in the case of french). REPRODUCTION RATE: Every single time I have tried to use a vpn thinking it was a network or firewall problem that didnt work. I cant afford to reinstall at this timte as the data for that would be over 50$ and if it doesnt solve the problem thatd be terrible
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