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  1. Nightwave exists entirely to reduce the rate at which players are rewarded. If that were not the case, it would have been added to the Alerts system so that players could either play the RNG on Alerts for desired items or be guaranteed specific rewards by grinding out random objectives in an Achievement Hunter simulator.
  2. In the Uranus tileset for Spy missions that has a large central pillar with the console at the top, there are breakable glass panels that when shattered are supposed to partially flood the level so that the next higher section can be reached via submerged archwing. The panels shatter, the sound of flooding can be heard, and the water level does not rise. This has been happening for months now.
  3. When I am selecting the relic to take on a mission, why do I need to see all of the relics that I do not own? What use case is that? What is the scenario that is addressed by showing me everything that I cannot select? I am baffled. Suggestion: Show only owned relics when selecting which to take on a mission. Add a check box with persistent value for 'Show All' Everything that can come out of a relic is used to build something else. If you just overhauled the relic UI, why did you not show whether or not I own the thing that the relic reward is used to build? Do I care that I have zero Braton Prime stocks? Suggestion: Right now if a blueprint is tool-tipped it shows the mastery rank required for the item that the blueprint builds. Add that to the components of the item the same way it appears for the blueprint of the item. In addition to the mastery rank of the item that the blueprint/component builds, show how many of the built item are owned and whether or not the built item has been mastered.
  4. I believe that Nightwave was not an attempt to better the game experience for the players. It was not, as was touted, a way to remove the 'missing out' from something that an Alert offered for a limited time. If that was the motivation, there are many easy ways to address it. Extend the Alert duration for desirable rewards is one way. Add the Nightwave system to the existing Alert system is another way. If you want to grind away at random tasks that may or may not interest you so that you can eventually get exactly the thing you wanted, Nightwave gives you a guarantee. If they had kept the Alert system but added Nightwave, maybe you will get lucky and be available to play when it's part of the Alert system rewards. You think they have any problem with making people get lucky? Try cracking open some relics, once you are lucky enough to get the relic you need. Then get an Ivara warframe. And an Ash. And most of them. No, Nightwave was not motivated by a desire to improve the game for players. It was motivated by a desire to control the economy of items that can be purchased for platinum. Under Alerts, if you played more, you got more. There was no effective hard cap of 'Wolf creds' that limited you to 1 potato per week at best and that only if you got nothing else. Nightwave does not exist to make the game better. It exists to make the game more profitable. They will never return to the Alert system, because it interferes with their desired monetization of the game. Warframe is free to play, and I believe that it has the least intrusive monetization system of any free to play game. Nevertheless, I would have preferred more honesty in their disclosure of motivation. If Nightwave was meant to fix the shortcomings of the Alert system from a player's point of view, it would have supplemented Alerts and not replaced them. But it's not meant to do that. It's meant to provide incentive to the people who play the game the most to buy platinum.
  5. New players aren't missing anything except the ability to gain faction without having to spend faction.
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