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  1. Erm, DE not giving us the alert system back? So many ppl asked for it to come back but were ignored... 😞
  2. It’s been like this for like 5 years? not gonna be fixed sadly
  3. this is our last weekend for it?? i'm still missing 2 parts, motor and handle i think oh noooo, any tips to farming wolf?? keep running low lvl missions?
  4. Actually semlar did a great job, why not allow him to carry on?? so far I think DE spent a lot of time to come up with something which is less useful compared to what semlar did i don’t think semlar spent such a long time to come up with what he had
  5. DE need to do something about ridiculously priced rivens A redesign of how rivens work, remove uniqueness, increase supply of rivens and make it easy to roll the stats you want This should send the prices crashing and would be a bonus to be able to trade on warframe market cos it’s no longer unique
  6. Im quite fed up with DE that I have decided to stop spending money on this game they seem bent on taking out all the fun from the game via poorly thought out decisions
  7. Waste of time, I avoid him in solo another badly designed boss mob when ppl start aborting missions when he spawn, DE has failed badly in making it fun the entire nightwave plus wolf is the least fun “event” that I have played so far. Thumbs down!!
  8. Waste of time, I avoid him in solo missions Another badly designed boss mob
  9. Never use the trade chat, nothing but rip off, avoid those toxic players Use warframe market to check pricing as for rivens, don’t need them to play and enjoy the game the riven system is badly designed, stay away from them and be freeeee 😛
  10. DE kinda killed both fishing and mining which was fun to some players now everyone just farm exploiter or thumpers theres no longer a need to do any gathering except for night wave what a shame, I enjoyed gathering resources RIP fishing & mining
  11. common colors lotus 80-100p both prints
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