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  1. Erm, DE not giving us the alert system back? So many ppl asked for it to come back but were ignored... 😞
  2. Actually semlar did a great job, why not allow him to carry on?? so far I think DE spent a lot of time to come up with something which is less useful compared to what semlar did i don’t think semlar spent such a long time to come up with what he had
  3. common colors lotus 80-100p both prints
  4. please give us back our bait recipes, both systems can co-exists why limit us to only 1 way of playing the game? If a player wanna buy the recipe to craft, by all means if a player just wanna use standing to get a quick bait, that's an option as well why can't both co-exists? since i started playing few months back, DE kept changing and taking away the things that i enjoy i will be only complaining for so long until i give up on this game just like alerts & nightwave PLEASE?
  5. it's a right step to control the riven market please stop paying ridiculous amount for them as their disposition can change, usually it's a nerf or simply, avoid rivens like me 😛 dont need them to enjoy the game
  6. alternatively, DE can overhaul the entire riven system and make it rng independent this should send the market crashing to affordable levels for all players 🙂
  7. If they don’t change, they are gonna lose quite some players and these people are often those who buy plats, have a life outside the game, job and family to take care off etc. If I’m posted abroad for 1-2 months, am I screwed?? I’m just gonna play other games instead and spend my money elsewhere. Its probably good for those hardcore players who have a lot of free time. These players are less likely to buy plats cos they grind for everything DE, your loss! you need both group of people for sustainability, the 1st group who feeds you your profit and the 2nd group who keeps the items affordable platinum wise for the 1st group of people
  8. Just wanna add, I do enjoy the new content that nightwave brings but what I really dislike is that the content are time limited i used to be able to login and do whatever content I feel like doing, which I enjoy doing Now, it feels like a chore to login, feels like my game is revolved around nightwave, forced to do the content because it’s time gated and I might miss out on the rewards if I don’t do so. I really missed the old alert systems, it’s rng but at least I’m not compelled to do it. If these do not change, then It’s just a matter of when before I lose interest in your game Not fun anymore In short, forcing players to grind content for time gated rewards is a bad move. and please bring back the old alerts, both systems can coexist we want the freedom to play whatever content we want and not worried of losing out possible time gated rewards!!!
  9. Players like to have options to do whatever they find fun. Please don’t force and restrict us to playing content that we don’t want to. Bring back the old alert system which can coexist with Nightwave system so that a player can reach rank 30 just by playing alerts which give out standing and wolf credits too. Give players both the options to play what they like. This will be great news to many of us. If I dislike the nightwave challenge for whatever reason, I still can just play alerts only and not lose out on the nightwave rewards. If I’m so good and Uber that that I have completed all challenges within 2 hours, I still can do some alerts for extra standing and wolf credits. Majority of us will probably do both, I personally will skip challenge that is not fun to me and make it up by doing alerts that I wanna do. if I happened to be out of town for the past 2 weeks, I know I can make up the standing by farming alerts this week. I don’t wanna be forced to login because I might lose out on standing and possible rewards i hope DE can seriously consider this because I love this game and I hope that it will get better and better. Simple integration of 2 systems will help to cater to vast majority of the players and please remove “with a Friend/clanmate” requirement from your challenge Thanks
  10. In-Game Name: Im_a_fat_boy2Mastery Rank: 15Country: SingaporePreferred clan: NightfallPrevious clan: The PakkDo you have Discord?: NoAnything we should know about you?: Hmmm
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