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  1. Also got this. I just got the three forma off wukong and used it just now that I recovered the forma nightwave. did three things in quick succession, only to realize nothing popped, nor did the counter go up at all. :<
  2. Alrighty, so, I've been spending a few hours getting to know the new tiles and hunting for secrets. managed to bust into 3 of your "4 button speed puzzle" rooms across different tiles. But the one in this room: is bugged. I did like I did for the other 3 puzzle sets, but once I hit the last switch it doesn't stop the clock and open the orange door. Might wanna check on it. thanks. dunno how many more there are hidden in the tiles. but this would've made 4 I'd gotten into already. :V
  3. I have this for yous. but also made it another thread, so not to flood this thread with any discussion that happens on my own.
  4. I would appreciate being able to get the blueprints still also, as the bait prints seemed to give quite a lot of baits in return for dropping some left over resources. as much as I like buying baits in fortuna, particularly for the more powerful standing giving fish during a resource booster. I didn't mind having a glut of cetus bait thanks to crafting with my stockpile of fish drops that weren't being used also. you can fish pretty fast when they get going and you know your spears and species.
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