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  1. I have a pretty beefy rig with Ryzen 2700X, 32gigs and an AMD Vega 56, but Nightwatch Napalm and similar effects that linger on the ground (like Nezha's Firewalker) can seriously dumpster my FPS when I'm playing on full 4K. Lowering the resolution scale somewhat fixes the FPS issue, but instead I get crazy input lag, similar to when VSync is enabled.
  2. This is a fairly longstanding issue, see for example The problem is in his 4 having a separate combo counter that starts going up when his fists do physical contact with enemies and which overrides the normal "background" melee counter. One trick is to equip the Melee Guidance aura to make it so his 4 cannot gain any combo (due to negative combo duration) while at the same time putting +combo duration mods on your regular melee to counter the aura for your normal melee combo. I am not sure how Primary/Secondary Dexterity interact with Baruuk's 4, you might have to do without those Arcanes.
  3. How is this happening like every other time a new primed mod comes with Baro? It's such a common occurrence to read "fix: new primed mod(s) can now be linked and traded". Is it not possible to catch this with some test?
  4. I'm astonished that changing a couple numbers in the reward tables takes so damn long. Was the rewards person finally fired and now there is no one that can put the final signature under such an important reward change?
  5. I haven't tested this myself since my very first Corpus Lich where the armor/shield removal worked as expected. To my knowledge, Psychic Bolts have never removed damage attenuation. The wiki also pretty clearly states, that either a) armor and shields, b) Ancient's auras or c) Eximus' auras are removed. A fairly common issue with the ability is it not working reliably as client. You sometimes have to spam it a couple of times to see the effect. This killed Nyx for me in squad play, unless I'm hosting.
  6. Still happens as of 30.6.0. Edit: Might be related to doing the same bounty multiple times in a row in the same instance of the Vallis. World state not properly resetting or something like that. It was the T4 bounty, immediately started from within the Vallis. Before that I tried starting via Eudico, but loading broke in the Fortuna elevator and I had to go back to the Orbiter. Then went straight to the Vallis and started at the NPC right next to Fortuna. Did four in a row. First one was normal. Second one couldn't be finished in final stage, because the spy terminal couldn't be used. Of note here is that the vault was actually the same one that was used in the first bounty. Then in the third one there was a) defend Coildrive (CD) which stayed invulnerable even after the hack and b) rescue hostages with no data keys dropping from the Jailer (which did spawn), where the rescue stage location was the same as the one from the second bounty (but different than the first). Curiously enough, while I obviously couldn't get the bonus objective for the rescue stage, I was rewarded the bonus reward at the end of the third bounty (I did complete all the other bonus objectives though). In the fourth bounty, I came back to a defend CD stage at a location I'd been before and there was a CD already standing that couldn't be destroyed. After some wonky collisions, the new CD was hackable but once again permanently invulnerable. In the rescue stage (same location as bounty 2 and 3), Jailers dropped the data keys as expected, but about half of those fell through the ground and were only picked up after they magically teleported back up. The final stage sent me back to the same Spy vault used in the third bounty and all terminals previously interacted with were in an unusable state. So the final stage (which would've rewarded two items) had to be failed. As it feels pretty bad to get screwed out of your rewards, I stopped here.
  7. I know of the old saying "never play in patch month", but I concur with many other posters here: getting keys retroactively for at least all killed/converted Sisters would be a good move. Now some feedback on the acquisition changes themselves. I'd much rather see the Holokeys in the actual endless rotation tables. These are pretty bad right now and in need of some serious changes. Ash and Ambassador parts in C rotation, redundant rewards in form of Endo and Railjack parts, Riven Slivers when they exist as common Requiem Relic reward. Anyone looking at the tables should see this immediately.
  8. This one sadly didn't fix Galvanized Aptitude not working on the Komorex.
  9. +1. Reported this in the mega thread a day after the update dropped, nearly a month later and this is still not fixed...
  10. On the matter of wishing for gameplay that involves frequent swapping between primary/secondary/melee, a start would be to drastically reduce default swap time for all weapons (i.e. no mods involved!) and also make (significantly) reloading while holstered the default for all guns (again no mods involved!).
  11. I can't say exact numbers for general 4 player squad drop rates, but my rough guesstimate is: with 4 player spawn rates comes 4 player drop rates. From experience, you need around 100-110 kills per minute to fully support yourself with drops. In other words, if your weapon has a 2 second reload, you're falling behind by 3-4 kills per reload. SP survival is very unforgiving with respect to the equipment you're bringing. AOE or stay home.
  12. I very much agree with your post, but this little snippet is somewhat problematic IMO. What we think is reasonable (for me this would be at least 1 SE/min on average without booster, e.g. pre-nerf Odin) is probably very different from what DE intends it to be.
  13. What is "actively killing enemies" supposed to mean? I'm doing a Disruption right now, currently sitting in round 23 with just 18 Acolyte spawns. Do I have to go out of my way and kill more enemies than needed (i.e. getting the keys and killing the Demolysts)? Is it some KPS thing? Some absolute threshold? Under which circumstances are they intended to spawn? I've had similar issues in Exterminate and Defense where killing everything resulted in no Acolyte spawning within a sensible (for Exterminate I usually leave after waiting 4-5 minutes, so roughly 7-8 minutes total mission time) or even realistic (how are you even supposed to wait in a Defense when everything is dead?) time.
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