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  1. I can't say exact numbers for general 4 player squad drop rates, but my rough guesstimate is: with 4 player spawn rates comes 4 player drop rates. From experience, you need around 100-110 kills per minute to fully support yourself with drops. In other words, if your weapon has a 2 second reload, you're falling behind by 3-4 kills per reload. SP survival is very unforgiving with respect to the equipment you're bringing. AOE or stay home.
  2. I very much agree with your post, but this little snippet is somewhat problematic IMO. What we think is reasonable (for me this would be at least 1 SE/min on average without booster, e.g. pre-nerf Odin) is probably very different from what DE intends it to be.
  3. What is "actively killing enemies" supposed to mean? I'm doing a Disruption right now, currently sitting in round 23 with just 18 Acolyte spawns. Do I have to go out of my way and kill more enemies than needed (i.e. getting the keys and killing the Demolysts)? Is it some KPS thing? Some absolute threshold? Under which circumstances are they intended to spawn? I've had similar issues in Exterminate and Defense where killing everything resulted in no Acolyte spawning within a sensible (for Exterminate I usually leave after waiting 4-5 minutes, so roughly 7-8 minutes total mission time) or even realistic (how are you even supposed to wait in a Defense when everything is dead?) time.
  4. And this whole DPS-based DR in some random incarnation and status cap crap is on the Liches as well. It really needs to go away. "Tough" enemies shouldn't boil down to sponge and trying to circumvent some random DR formula.
  5. Was waiting in an Exterminate Incursion for 10+ minutes with no Acolyte before I just left the mission. This is obviously not the Feedback board, but just make Acolytes spawn on objective completion. So what if you could speed farm with Captures? The regular SE rates are terrible as is.
  6. This is still an issue as of 30.5.1. Just tried a couple of different instances of Orb Vallis and no Coildrives roaming around.
  7. Are you kidding me? You didn't address the `on kill` criticism at all. Wow. How about putting changes on the test server if you want feedback after playing?
  8. I'm very disappointed about the communication here. Why even put these workshops up when there is basically no significant response to feedback? Doesn't seem like there is any interest whatsoever on your side to apply outside feedback either, so why bother? This is mostly just dumping finalized information about an unfinished update, not much different to my ISP's message telling me about maintenance related downtime. Is this really what you people at DE intend? Feels bad.
  9. I don't even. How about finally buffing/reworking all the terrible companions and their precepts? You just made Helios so much worse. Just waiting for "fixing many-year-old oversight we’ve lived with where Smeeta's Charm occasionally gave double stuff".
  10. +1, same thing happened in today's Sortie. Was a public 4 person squad, had a pretty bad connection (not sure if me or host).
  11. Yes, I suppose you could call it a rhetorical question. I didn't want to be too negative about how they're handling this once again and I'm still trying to. So we'll leave it at that.
  12. With the update including these changes just around the corner, what is the reply to all the feedback given? Some important questions haven't been (officially in the workshop posts) answered yet as well, like clarifying that the change to CO does not include a status cap (I think this was clarified on some stream?). Or how the decay of buff stacks works. The `on kill` stuff being a recurring subject of criticism (after skimming the ~100 pages of feedback) hasn't been addressed in any way either.
  13. Can you clarify on all things "stack"-related how these are lost? Do the buffs decay one stack at a time or will you lose everything immediately? I really hope for the former.
  14. These changes should really be put on a public test server for people to get a first hands feel for it. And by that I mean having a PTS open for everyone for a week or more, not randomly pick a couple that can try it on one specific weekend. Then don't dismiss feedback and iterate (potentially with more PTS). Excuse me for the caps, but that is by far the most important point in this post. From what I can read in the OP, I'm not happy about the changes. Especially all the "on kill" triggers for effects. "on headshot kill" is a particularly bad one. The "while aiming" buffs have always been a pain. The nerfs to Blood Rush and Condition Overload are far more than "minor", they are gutted by 33%. If this is not a lot, I don't know. EDIT: How did I miss the 3 status cap on CO. This is beyond a crazy huge nerf. Just the hard CO nerf cuts damage in a basic scenario in half (4 status effects). Combine that with the BR nerf and we're looking at about a 70% damage nerf in high end scenarios (a Jat Kusar with full BR, 5 status effects and only Organ Shatter will only do about 29% after the patch). What I'm kind of missing is how these changes would make the Sporothrix viable in any content. We still have the problem that these single target non-crit weapons have no place in the game. All enemies where you'd want to use such weapons are more or less exactly made to counter them. Damage reduction that can only be "cheated" with crits, status immunity or very low caps on the amount of status stacks. I'm mostly talking Acolytes and Demolysts. Maybe even Juggernauts, also Eidolons. Another important thing to me personally is how you think these changes will help me use guns in a SP solo survival. I don't see me doing 2 kills per second with these changes. Guns are still required to reload. Making guns reload while holstered the default no mods required(!) would go a long way.
  15. Could not finish solo R-9 Void Storm due to lack of fighter spawns, stuck at 87 of 110 or something. Did POIs first, then actively started the fighter/crew ship hunt. Please fix this already.
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