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  1. Not like that BS twitter feedback they get from time to time is any better.
  2. Why is this in the community section? If this isn't general feedback, what else is? Nice work, thanks for putting this together!
  3. After looking up a variety of Proboscis Cernos "review" videos from close to its release, I would say that to some extent this has always been an issue. But for some reason I never experienced it as bad as it is now. To be fair, it is kind of hard to see in a lot of videos, because no one is really testing for this specifically. If anyone could chime in with their experience it would be much appreciated. In case the pull effect could always be blocked/interrupted by other animations (like described in the OP) and it just eluded me, this thread can be taken as feedback instead of a bu
  4. Nothing random about it. Check my two posts (with a video showcasing the issue) over at
  5. The mod Vapor Trail is supposed to add 10 to your K-Drive boost speed while consuming 10 energy per second. This works as expected on energy-based frames (my testing just now was on Wisp). But while the mod does consume shields when used on Hildryn, no additional boost speed is gained.
  6. Tested in The pull effect of the Proboscis Cernos is currently hindered by various effects that -from memory- didn't do so on release and up until very recently. From what can be seen in the following short (~45s) video, it seems that enemies in a stagger/stun animation can't be pulled anymore (see e.g. at ~15s). The pull speed is also affected by Nova's 4 (at ~22s). https://streamable.com/iw684b Edit: Not shown in the video, but enemies cannot be pulled during the stun duration of Silence the duration of Magus Lockdown
  7. Ok, I see. I just took the theoretical number from the wiki, because I could never be bothered to actually actively farm those fissures. But from the top of my head I'd say that I usually had 2-3 spawns in the 1h SP Ani/Mot I did from time to time. Not that my numbers make the problem any better. You'd still have to do these 2h every day for a long time and can't even do it in normal fissures.
  8. What numbers did you use? You can get 164 ranks doing every possible challenge and the story things. So you'd have to grind 16 ranks with glass fissures. That means 160k standing, with 150 standing per fissure, one fissure every 25 minutes. 160000/150*25/60 is roughly 445h. The season will be up for 257 days. Maybe I'm still missing something.
  9. From my napkin math, you'd have to average 2h of glass fissure eligible mission time per day over the course of the season (or about 445h in total). The biggest problem stems from the "glass fissure eligible" part. I can't back this up with numbers, because only DE knows, but I assume that a huge amount of mission time for a lot of players is actually regular fissures. And guess what, those cannot spawn glass bois.
  10. There were 37 weeks with 2*7000 and 5*4500 challenges, 257 days and the 5 Glassmaker puzzles at 7000 each (hope I have nothing wrong). From weeklies: 1350500 (rank 135) From dailies: 257000 (add all dailies for rank 160) From puzzles: 35000 (add the puzzles for rank 164) Keep in mind that there were a couple of "wrong" challenges at some points, giving more standing than usually.
  11. From a logical point of view, the Lavos Blueprint and his Chassis etc. should be swapped due to dependency.
  12. When I saw this thread pop up in the forum overview, I honestly thought "wow, finally some news on that?". Clicked it and here we are.
  13. I'm currently sitting at 168 and could reach 172 if I did the Tridolon challenge that I've put off for weeks. This would then include all weeklies and most (did some breaks here and there, in total maybe 2 weeks worth missing?) dailies. The glass bois were a pain, though in retrospective farming them apparently a hard requirement for even thinking of reaching the cap.
  14. The way DE handled this season was horse. For people complaining about reaching cap there's an easy solution. DE should've just ended Nightwave at that point. The last extension was horse. For people complaining "but covid", there's an easy solution. Prioritize Nightwave and dumpster Necramechs. Like, what was that about 3 month per season, shortish break and onto the next? Maybe I'm repeating myself, but this season was horse. And we thought last intermission was horse... Am I close to cap? Yeah. Am I salty? I'd say likely. Does it matter here? No. PS: Insert your wor
  15. Thanks for the fix. The Stahlta Shock Rifle skin seems to be broken now though. Secondary shots don't explode for me.
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