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  1. The Blood Rush (and similar mods) <> Operator interaction is still broken, using Void Blast can and will often lead to losing stacks of the mod (see this report for reproduction steps).
  2. I'd like to bump this issue as it's still a huge problem, even after the related fix in 25.7.4 which was kind of the inverse problem.
  3. Bramma doesn't need a nerf, it just needs to be deleted from public matchmaking.
  4. Maybe it was the binding related changes in 27.5.3, but right now I'm able to use 'Y' for reloading. Thanks for the fix!
  5. Yes, can move them fairly freely. Say, if I'm resting my ring finger on F, I can reach SZX easily, for A I have to stretch a little. Left Shift and Caps Lock are two far away though. I do try using my Xbox One controller from time to time, but it always feels way too restricting.
  6. From what I can tell, the only key relevant to Flappy Zephyr is the jump key? That one is still space for me, so no issues there. Now to sate your curiosity: There is a chain of reasoning for my choice. Reaching the Ctrl key with my pinky is really uncomfortable to me. Some people rebind Ctrl to Caps Lock, but when I'm on WASD, moving my pinky up to the third row feels weird, unless I also move it a bit to the left, but then I'm on the edge of the Caps Lock key. I could put my movement on ESDF, but then I'm off center on the Caps Lock key which my keyboard (and most of my old ones, been binding like that for a long time now) doesn't like. Moving one further gives my pinky the A and Z key to reach really nicely. Not having the little notch on the F key permanently under my forefinger is nice for longer gaming sessions, but not that much of an issue (I do touch type, so used to the notches).
  7. I rebound the movement keys away from WASD to RDFG everywhere I could, but the orbiter steering in the loading screen still uses the default WASD keys. I checked all `Customize Key Bindings` screens (normal, lunaro, decoration placement, frame fighter and railjack) whether there is any movement still bound to WASD, but I couldn't find anything.
  8. I tried to customize my bindings which includes putting the reload function on 'Y' (US Layout). While it is possible to assign the key to the reload function without a hitch (the Y appears in the binding box and there is no failure message on leaving the options menu, also the Y will still be in the box when coming back), pressing Y in game has no functionality. Some functions do work on Y though, for example binding 'Jump' to it.
  9. Are you sure this is just a visual bug? I have Sigma MK 3 with max Hyperflux, should be 350*1.99+100=796.5. Same as for you, only the payload screen shows the correct value. Everywhere else it is 720. And with everywhere, I mean in the pilot HUD as well, so I can only shot battle avionics for 720 flux. Edit: And it goes further. The mission starts with 720 flux, but the in mission forge also displays 796 as max. So you can craft more flux. But the moment you exit the forge, your flux is back to 720, effectively wasting your resources.
  10. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Magazine extension mods are not properly applied when entering objectives (e.g. crewships, missile station, etc.). Weapons start with their baseline magazine capacity. A reload is required to have the correct (including the mod's bonus) amount of ammo in the magazine. REPRODUCTION: Equip a magazine extension mod on any weapon (tested Exergis with Ammo Stock and Rubico Prime with Wildfire). In a railjack mission, enter any objective. See that ammo count is baseline (e.g. 1 for Exergis, 5 for Rubico). Reload weapon for correct count (Exergis now 2, Rubico now 6). Leave objective and enter again, ammo count will be back to baseline. EXPECTED RESULT: Magazine should have the correct amount of ammo immediately on entering the objective. OBSERVED RESULT: Magazine has baseline capacity on entering objective, not accounting for mods. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  11. Check if you have `Transmission` volume up. If it's 0% or something lowish, you won't hear the rescue target. I usually have it off, but for Lua rescue I crank it up to 100%.
  12. Is the list for melee weapons complete? There is no mention of the Gram (Prime). Jaw Sword got the stat stick nerf, what about Amphis et al? The Miter change doesn't make any sense to me, Mutalist Quanta as well. I have to admit that I just leveled the latter one, that could probably explain some crazy upshot in usage. Lastly, you introduce new weapons and most are immediately nerfed in disposition. Shedu nerfed, out of 16 Kuva weapons, 10 are nerfed, 1 is curiously buffed (and I feel the Hind is just an oversight). Baza Prime nerfed, Aksomati Prime nerfed. I predict the future and say Pangolin Prime will get nerfed next time. This seems like a bad pattern, of which the root cause (whatever that may be) should be addressed.
  13. The damage a Lich can do to defense objectives is too high. My current Lich has a 30% radiation Nukor (does the Lich actually benefit from higher percentage damage bonus?) and right now is on level 3. I just did a Lich controlled defense mission solo as Banshee (or more like public, but no one joined) and on wave 5 the objective was at about 60k+ health with a little bit of shield IIRC. The Lich spawned in right next to the objective and I could barely squeeze in two Sonar casts before the mission failed, because the Lich nuked the objective within seconds. Considering that Liches are only affected by very few crowd control abilities (like Silence seemed to do nothing to him, Lockdown also not working), I don't see any "difficulty" in this, but only a frustrating "cannot react to, fail mission" moment.
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