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  1. (NSW)Alvarin

    Winter 2019 Featured Dojo Contest is Live!

    They didn't list Switch for the platforms who can enter for the contest.
  2. (NSW)Alvarin

    Winter 2019 Featured Dojo Contest is Live!

    No Switch Dojo Contest? Aww.
  3. (NSW)Alvarin

    Not getting Tennobaum first tier rewards

    Ah okay must of missed that
  4. Earlier I checked my PC account and got the rewards after we past the first tier but the rewards were not sent to my current account on the Switch.
  5. (NSW)Alvarin

    Constant crashing

    Whether this is in alerts or other missions like story quests it seems to happen semi-often and without no real explanation as to why it happens just that the software encountered a problem and has to close.