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  1. Was thinking the same but others could move fine but i dont really care about bugged games they are often funnier for me at least (Not saying this game is bugged but hope you understand what i mean lmao)
  2. Normally when you have 2FA and use another device you have to confirm in your mails and that is of course to prevent someone maybe hacking and trading all your stuff to his char
  3. people were talking about how bugged the game is and i was like i never encountered one in my life. So i started a game to get some orokin cells and what happened? I couldnt do anything i joined in game and could not move or so anything lmao
  4. Thank you for the post man the trailer is amazing cant wait!
  5. Well hope its some kind of """teaser""" that it will come soon
  6. Yeah in germany its usually around 3-6 pm i guess
  7. and with that I will cry myself to sleep
  8. Quote "MAY 21 UPDATE:Happy Tuesday! We are on track for release this week. We traditionally release Wednesdays or Thursdays - so you can expect Red Text to appear one of those days.... we're very excited, Tenno. The Anticipation!"
  9. After seeing that: I cant wait longer I need that drone
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