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    Howl of the kubrow quest

    Hello Warframe devs and Warframe fans I have some issues with one of the quests you get "Howl of the Kubrow". I find it really frustrating about how rare the egg is during the quest. I mean i get it later on, but during the quest it's kinda dumb, think about it the quest is kinda like a tutorial on how to find the eggs but you can't do that when it's like 1 in a thousand that you'll find one. I mean i was there for like 30 minutes and still haven't found one. Here's how it could've gone, the Lotus tells you how to find them and when you break a few dens you finally find one, you go back to the ship and Ordis or the Lotus say something like "Wow you were really lucky to find one that quick i doubt it's going to be like that the rest of the time." Anyway that's just a real pet peeve of mine, other than that i love the game and you guys did a pretty good job on it.