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  1. Both parties in this argument are just assuming. Unfortunately we cant just check what happens to prove one or the other correct.
  2. So again. If they are designed to despawn, why are they set to kill.
  3. That brings me back to what I also said. Why isn't the funcKill trigger flagged properly? Or why isn't the TP trigger flagged properly?
  4. Then why do they contain a funcKill and not just bottom out like the ones on the Venus ship tileset?
  5. You can't not decided to make them death pits It isn't the standard pit. Its a fully scripted death pit. That's a design choice, not an accident.
  6. Thats the entire basis for this thread. "Luki is used in bork way, attacc activate" So the real debate, again, should be on why DE has decided to use death pits with improper boundaries, flags, and the like. A whoopsie by everything but the art department and a failure from the QA team.
  7. So if I ragdoll them into the pit it wouldn't be considered an exploit? Oh well, time to break out the impact shotguns lads, we have a new one on our hands that the fourm community has legitimized.
  8. I disagree. I remember Loki being able to kill enemies with abilities with ST on some maps in the past. The death pits are a new addition, but some map AOE objects are allowed ST surfaces. (Lasers, fire pits, ect)
  9. I guess everyone who uses Trinity's EV to deal damage is exploiting then. After all "Trinity's Energy Vampire is not supposed to deal damage" -DE Selene No, the base issue that that the things considered "cheats" have been in the game for months to years and are suddenly now banable offences. DE is at fault for bad communication and poor clarification of their own rules.
  10. So the open public harassment of clans who have placed and remain placed atop the leaderboards isn't happening? Odd. I have reports from many members saying that is infact happening. So again, players remain harassed for a lack of coding oversight by a game studio.
  11. Please check pages 1-10, then check the Reddit. I can't TLDR hours of reading anymore then "Community lynchmob"
  12. 90% of the arguments used on this thread are fueled by competitive clans to strip other clans of their titles, go figure. I've been checking everyone's clans as more and more posters are cropping up, and, to no surprise, a majority of S#&$posters are from "Competitive" clans and Alliances that have been caught "exploiting" in the past. This event is no exception, except as always, a competitive clan wasn't aware of the issues themselves and was left in the dust, resulting in them fueling a mass mob to have the other clans banned and their names slandered. Prove me wrong, I'm waiting.
  13. Not every run was illigemetent. However thanks to the community every run is now considered an exploit run if it hits over 20k points. Many players and the runs, legitimate or not were in mission for over TWELVE hours to achieve even the 200k+ mark.
  14. Just don't use Loki in the event from now on. Lots of legit runs were frozen as well.
  15. Darksectors or bust Zany. Let the clans relive their former glory among the stars. Let us mass mobalize again.
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