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  1. Wait, I haven't been on in almost a week..... They don't explode anymore?
  2. A hit-scan shotty without terribad fall off and a semiauto DMR would also be really neat. I can't really see a Bow being made into a kitgun, but at least the rest of the weapon types should be in there somewhere. I hope the new infested Kitgun parts bring some more variety. It's a shame that, for me, the best kitgun primary is also also the most pedestrian of them all (lame rattleguts).
  3. I like the idea that he can bounce off of obstacles with an augment. I can imagine hitting a hallway at the right angle and zig-zagging down the hall. Might need a cooldown between explosions (or add an energy cost to them) less you find a narrow, nook to cause some kinda ultrasonic-pong-paddle shenanigans.
  4. There could also be a myriad of different types of players who all play for different reasons and thus have many different examples of what they expect from the game. Though that could also be wrong. Maybe everyone is wrong?
  5. Mission variety, varied,exciting and dynamic mission objectives, exciting and fun weapons, the integration of Archwing into typical missions and tile-sets, archwing melee on foot and a SOBEK WRAITH.
  6. I didn't think there were still gamers out there who were mega tools like this. I thought we had gotten past the graphics obsessed, CoDBRO era of gaming. Maybe I just moved on and wrongly assumed other gamers followed suit.
  7. I do not have the best weapons for Eidolon hunting. In fact, despite playing since CB I only have 2 Amps built and both suck. This is a choice I have made and I accept the ramifications of this choice. That said, I always bring my Harrow to Eidolon hunts when I do them. His 4th ability grants immunity to the Edolon's Energy Spike and provides massive critical buffs to your entire team. Personally, On top of shooting the weak spots and providing damage with my Operator Amp, that's my biggest contribution to the team.
  8. Would be an easy fix, I'd surmise. Treat the the cloaca like opening the door to Deck 12 and then close it behind the group once then all enter it. Now you must finish the vault, of which there is no escape. The risk is higher that way, too, as now you can't just leave and escape. You have to press forward or forfeit your spoils y abandoning the quest.
  9. Maybe Riven Slivers could be used to reduce the Kuva cost of rolling Rivens? You can pay a set amount of Slivers to "stabilize" the Riven thus reducing it's roll cost. Maybe you could also spend one while rolling to prevent the cost from increasing next time?
  10. Gonna throw my support in also. Maybe introduce some of the new infested mobs into these new areas as well. Seeing the centipedes crawling all around a hall way would be insanely cool!
  11. 2.0, 2.2, 2.X. Sayrin went though several iterations to get where she is now. Inaros (like all warframes) also deserves to get looked over and have his kit re-evaluated.
  12. I really only ever use Balefire to give me yet another gun to put status on for the Orb Mother fight. That's really it. I don't even think I bother with Aegis Storm. I think the only time the energy orb spawning part of the ability is worthwhile is in a Disruption mission where the enemy density is MAD DENSE. Even then, using Balefire further outpaces your shield gains. If anything, Balefire needs a energy cost reduction in Aegis Storm mode more than it needs additional damage. I'd rather fire it twice as much than have each shot deal twice the damage.
  13. What if Sand Storm also stripped armor as the enemy armor is sand blasted? Maybe devour can also be changed to release a giant Imhotep face (Mummy 2 style) that rushes forward to stagger enemies. All enemies will have a portion of their health consumed and returned to Inaros. Enemies affected by pocket sand will have a greater portion of their health devoured and provided they are below a certain health threshold will be fully consumed and grant bonus armor. Allies passing through the Sand Face will have status effects removed and granted a portion of the healing and armor bonus given t
  14. I arm my Sentinel or Moa with the sniper rifle from the.. umm.. the Grineer gas sack Sentinel.... who's name I've never committed to memory. Great range, so it will eliminate interlopers before you even know they're near. Wukong's clone with a sniper rifle is also a good idea.
  15. I feel like at the very least, it could use a combo bonus similar to sniper rifles. I think most of the semi-auto, marksman rifles would benefit from this. Not as powerful as the Sniper's scoped bonus, mind you, but something to make them more competitive with fully auto crit or status weapons an the various BFGs floating around. Make them a middle ground between snipers and assault rifles.
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