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  1. If anything after a Riven has its disposition lowered maybe they could at least reduce the cost of re-rolls for a week or two. That would at least encourage people to roll for new combinations which might offset the drop in value from the disposition changing.
  2. This is actually pretty easy in a squad. I have 2 methods to deal with this: Play as Gara and camp the Tenno Goal. Mass Vitrify the immediate area around the goal and toss Hall of Mirrors out ahead of the goal to delay oncoming attackers and pick them off with the Opticor Vandal. Camping with Khora and using double Strangle Dome and Ensnare to protect the goal. Limbo is also effective but boring AF IMHO.
  3. Did anyone else get a Big the Cat vibe from the TennoCon squad link reveal? We have a Fat Frame who is buddies with a Fast Frame who likes to fish..... and maybe chases after a frog?
  4. Do you still need a minimum of 3 people to mitigate being forced to spend a revive due to the double barreled instant kill sniper shots?
  5. Arcanes definitely give kitguns an edge. Maybe we need faction Arcanes for other weapons? Arcanes for Corpus guns, Arcanes for Tenno guns and so on. Design them to add flavor to each faction. Maybe Corpus Arcanes do stuff like rerouting power from shields or something. Tenno weapon Arcanes might work around hacking reality or something. I could think of a bunch of them if I put my mind to it.
  6. Secondaries with unique effects such as syndacate procs can competitive with kitguns by offering unique effects kitguns are unable to take advantage of. Pistol, kuni, whatever. Maybe even making syndicate style Greneer, Corpus and Tenno specific mods that are universal across all weapons from that faction. Since Kitguns are unique to SU they wouldn't have access to those mods. Kitguns get to keep having the unique niche of equipping arcane while the rest of our Arsenal becomes more competitive.
  7. More Syndicate secondaries would help. Syndicate procs can be powerful and serve as an attractive alternative to PAX Seeker. Maybe more syndicate mods too!
  8. I know this bug isn't as "sexy" or show stopping as some of the other bugs people are sharing but I'd really like to get an idea of how to resolve this. Like does anyone have an idea on how I can start troubleshooting this? My TAB key works fine everywhere else outside of and inside of Warframe. I can not locate a key binding for "Cycle UI Panels" or whatever. No other key binding appear to be giving me any trouble. This is the only instance where the UI is giving me any grief.
  9. FYI I am still having this issue and still can't figure out how to resolve it. Anywhere in the UI where a popup prompts you to hit TAB to show more information TAB doesn't do anything. I would sure love to see what I'm missing on those other tabs...
  10. So as of last night the Ropapopolyst still charges its 1 shot 1 kill laser during its cut scene and proceeds to kill 1 or 2 players instantly coming out of the cutscene. Is this supposed to encourage team work or just a bug? You can also mount the Ropadopealyst while it has shields preventing people from shooting off the shields. You can stay on it near indefinitely preventing the mission from continuing. I'm sure some people just don't know better but I'm also certain some people are jerks and trolling. Especially when they navigate the Rololololyst under the center playform.
  11. Anyone know if a full squad of Whisps can buff each other's Sol Gate with massive amounts of damage buffs or do you only get buffed from your own mote boys?
  12. I don't feel like the rewards are really worth it. I also don't know why the demolyst has to be both super tanky AND immune to abilities. Maybe one or the other? One that has lots of EHP and requires CC and mad DPS and another that's fast, agile and fragile that requires precision aiming and focused fire but is also immune to Warframe abilities? I just feel like if it's a tank and it ignores your attempts to use warframe abilities it trivializes your choice in Warframe and makes it all about having super-high damage guns and melee weapons. Please don't trivialize my choice of warframe.
  13. Once bugs are dealt with I'm sure the fight will be fun. In the meantime, however -It charges its instant kill shot ALL THE TIME even during cut scenes or when it transitions into more scripted moments. This means if you aren't in operator form before a cut scene starts your die. Period. The end. Unless there are 3+ people present in which case maybe you'll be the lucky one not to get shot. -Lots of instances where you'll fall and then spawn back into the same place you fell from. -Can we make it so that if the Ropalolyst still has void shields you can't mount it? Ive heard it said that this was the case but it isn't. This just leads to too much trolling. -I can't readily tell when dangling the BFG/orbital strike actually connects. Make it more obvious please? -Ropalolyat frequently gets stuck in the upper structure of the capacitors. -Entering and exiting Operator gets very glitchy during the boss fight. I've been stuck as a non-existent operator a few times who was unable to use any abilities. -When defeated I don't always teleport to the end. Sometimes when I do I'm stuck. Each platform seems to be deliberately placed an inch and a half further than you can typically aim glide after a bullet jump. I don't know why this is. If you're gonna put them that far out please place some wires or something we can run on. -leaping between cables leading to the capacity seems clunky. Can there be some sort of way to just seamlessly leap between the rows?
  14. When viewing my Warframe's abilities I can't use the TAB key to cycle tips. I don't even know how to begin troubleshooting this.
  15. Can we please get a Dye specific for Orb Vallis that uses local resources? Can the dye also turn fish Red, instead of Blue, since the coolant of Orb Vallis has thick, goopy blue stuff all over it's surface?
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