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  1. You're clearly not playing the same content I am. The trouble with firearms in this game right now are well documented. Most firearms become functionally useless at higher levels regardless of how you mod them. Meanwhile nearly every melee weapon can be made viable far beyond where firearms become unusable. This is just how the game plays right now. Go on and take a Sobek into Steel Path and let me know how it stacks up against a well modded Skana. The Skana will out preform the Sobek every time. Will the Skana be god tier? No. But you Sobek will require you unload magazine after magazine into
  2. The problem is that a higher levels all but maybe 4 guns become useless while melee scales seemingly indefinitely. That's mathematically a fact. The armor and health pools of enemies quickly gets to a point where firearms are out classed by event he lowest tier, Rivenless melee weapons. All effects are subject to change, and I highly doubt DE will see this and be like "Ah-Ha, that's it!" but the hope is it gives them ideas to juggle around. That said, these effects are based entirely around dealing damage or bypassing defenses. They are meant to help add additional scaling to damag
  3. I acknowledge it's not liked by many, but I've honestly never understood why. I can see why in a Spy mission it would be an issue, as you now lose the option to get that 3rd memory bank and the highest tier reward..... but for any other mission where rewards are not based on finding 3 secret boxes or doing 3 obstacle courses or whatever what's the big deal? I'd rather mission be interesting than repetitive.
  4. I'd really like to see more dynamic missions. Extermination missions turn into Capture missions as VIPs are located, Mobile Defense missions turn into Spy missions, Survival missions randomly give you the option to Sabotage the ship's reactor for a big payout, Excavation missions occasionally launch a mega extractor that attracts a lot of attention and you have to defend it from several waves to get a big reward.... stuff like that. Give me a story. Make it all feel alive.
  5. It's been nice seeing everyone post their own thoughts on this matter. I thought I'd share mine. I feel that scaling is the biggest issue right now with Firearms. My idea is two fold: Buff IPS damage for firearms and add additional effects to both elemental and IPS status proc from firearms. IPS Physical damage should be a big part of gunplay. Not just slash, either, but the whole spectrum. Make bullets less about space ninja magic and more about the shooty aspect of combat. These effects should be consistent and not tied in anyway to status chance. IPS damage from firearms is
  6. I don't agree with this. Currently, ranged weapons are in a similar position and need boosted damage to justify their existence. If equally(ish) effective people can use whatever weapon they want whenever. I think single shot weapons need boosted damage. Period. Boosted crit and status are also good options, but as it stands they need at least a base damage increase more than 4 times what they currently have. Automatic weapons need to have their reload speeds reduced, critical and/or status chances increased and their damage boosted by at least double what it is now. Shotguns need their
  7. We need not only dual sword/dagger Zaws but also the ability to make Spearguns and Gunblades by combining Zaws and Kitguns. There's more potential to be had with the current system. It just needs to be tapped into.
  8. I'd just like a 2 Handed Nikana stance that utilizes aa full set of the button combinations. The existing stance moves are good enough for me, aside from lacking all of the combo options.
  9. I'd like to go into a mid to high level mission with only a properly modded Primary or Secondary and be as effective as if I had gone into a mission with only a melee weapon with a mediocre mod setup. No status priming one way or the other... just effective weapons across the board. Not all weapons need to be top tear, but all weapons should at least be on par with other weapons of similar MR or investment.
  10. My biggest gripe with the randomize button is that with the Valentine pallet, the 4th of July pallet, the Shamrock pallet and Discord pallet I get a whole lotta color schemes that are all one color, or nearly the same color. Like, yeah it's cool the pallet looks like a flag, I guess. But I don't need the same white and red 30 times over.
  11. I've had Warframe though Steam forever, though not from the very start. I have the Epic Store so I can play Mechwarrior 5.... that's kinda it's purpose for me. Like the butter robot from Rick and Morty. Anyway, I don't want to install the game twice for the new skins. Is there a way to, like, trick Epic into launching the Steam version or something? Like, can't I just link my Epic account like I did with Steam? It's just skins, so if it's not worth the hassle I'll not lose any sleep.
  12. I was going to postulate it has something about power strength, mutation stacks and Elemental ward.... But ya only got 9 stacks and you can see the ability hasn't ben subsumed onto your frame. Power donation glitch?
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