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  1. Innate punchthrough Is a great Idea. This would make me rather happy. Please include beams on this. Not sure it would be enough, but it's a great start.
  2. I guessed they would put Nidus out in October since he could be kinda halloween themed
  3. I just wish they would knock a couple of pips off of stack wheel. Make it 3 instead of 5. With other players around, it can be a terrible time trying to build stacks. Other than that, I feel he is a pretty great frame.
  4. Oh, and since the prime is coming out. It would nice if they did a little "rework" and reset his stack building pace back to his original release.
  5. I'd have to disagree. Each non sigil syndicate has plenty of stuff to grind for. They could put in a "trade standing for grandmother token" or "universal family token" and you'd have some items refresh every few hours.
  6. If not, I'd like something similar. It annoys me that I'm just able to have the one infected drone, but 20 of the other drones. As a pack owner, I'd be fine if they put it on the market.
  7. I'd love a 15% sigil for the family, so I can gain rep in other missions.
  8. More than anything I'm waiting on Infested Liches. The infested faction is my thing, so the enhanced weapons and converts will keep me busy for a long while. Wish converts would randomly be hanging out in your orbiter though. Being able to have your converts in any railjack role would nice too.
  9. Skipping over the lore debate that's going on... As far weapons, I think DE still holds the stance that only Tenno weapons get a prime (a.k.a orokin era). Anything from the other factions won't get primed. The lich weapons are basically the primes for the other factions. Best we can hope for is maybe some infested skins.
  10. Would be kinda cool if the morality choices/system actually mattered. Maybe a slight buff to an operator stat per choice you make. Drink the Kuva: 5% amp damage. Don't drink the Kuva: 5-10% armor. Also, a bunch of more choices in mission. Like that one mission to save the passenger ship or leave. Stuff like that could go to the morality system, but make it rather rare. Like the glitched loading screen and "Hey kiddo"
  11. I like the base, but the fully mutated state looks more void than infested. Infested is a twisted fleshy biome, not goop. Kinda disappointed with that. I'll play with the colors once I get it, but pretty much betting I'll just end up using the non primed skin. Would like to know the cosmetics that are coming with it. Hoping at least those are properly infested. We'll get our "primed" infested weapons when the infested lichs come out. Hoping for a buffed synapse myself.
  12. Which weapons will be in Nidus Prime set, and will they have infected skins?
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