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  1. Thanks for the fixes but how am I supposed to play the game, unlock nodes and then get access to arbitration if your launcher fails to update at every major update. It gets stuck at 25 or 32KB on the checking for new content screen or it goes past this to the downloading update screen and downloads the entire thing(upto 0Kb left for download) and then fails saying "update failed. Some content could not be downloaded from our servers". I have raised a support ticket but have not received any reply, other than the automated did you restart your system mail, let alone help. Lots of players who play on the asian servers have been complaining about this for the past 2 months on the PC bugs forum site but received no reply from either the developers or the support staff. Everything I've tried so far from my end is mentioned here in my ticket: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/1707149 Please fix so I can play this excellent game. Also apologies for hijacking this thread but i couldn't see any other way to seek help/your attention DE.
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