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  1. no I never got banned nor any warning
  2. i didnt share my acc he was sitting right beside me and he tought it was funny to write the n word in the chat while i was away i also have proof of him saying he is sorry for doing it
  3. its cleary his fault for messing with my account like that and not minding his own business and a 15 year ban is to much I just want to play warframe peacefully
  4. he and I go to the same schools and live in the same community so he comes to my house to play cod in my mobile and I am not lying please believe me he did it
  5. Hi DE my account was banned last Sunday 28/2/21 because of the use of the n word in the region chat but this was the doing of my friend who hijacked my controller when I went to the washroom he did this for the reasons of dumb fun and I am not lying because I don't use any of the public chats except the recruiting chat when my friends are offline and i wont use a profanity in the public chat in fear of getting banned I was never rude or trolled any players and always upheld the code of conduct please DE remove my ban
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