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    Lore islands

    Hoo, boy, the spoiler section...
  2. Colyeses

    Lore islands

    It occurred to me with the Call of the Tempestarii quest, as others have mentioned, that it very poorly hooks into existing stories and is instead yet another started plot thread that doesn't resolve any of the longstanding ones. Aside from that, though, it's also very much isolated from what we already have, which is a shame. I mean, we have Solaris United, we have the Syndicates, we have the Ostrons, the Entrati... A lot of factions and characters have been established in the Warframe universe, but a lot of them act once and never again. A good exception to this is Alad V, who keeps cro
  3. I am not contesting that. Railjack does lack a lot of depth, but my issue is that the changes made so far are missing that point. They're not refining the concept, but instead subsuming it in standard Warframe. The space shooter portions did not get expanded or woven into multiple gameplay facets, but instead got stitched together with normal missions. But the general gameplay of the Corpus Proxima do not match this concept. Sure, the skirmish that we know from the Grineer Proxima is there, and it does do a solid enough job at executing the general concept. But if your primary mission
  4. That's the problem though. The fact that the space layer pauses at all during a space layer mission is jarring and disappointing. When Railjack was expanded, people were hoping to get more Railjack, but instead, we still just have Skirmish. The only thing that changed is that in the new missions, you do Skirmish, then a regular mission afterward. At that point, just the Skirmish itself would be closer to what Railjack players want. The Railjack reworks were focused on making the gamemode 'less Railjack': Less squad interdependency, less space combat, less material value to the Railjack i
  5. It was a void rescue ship. It had a void drive aboard, and that is all it needs to dive into the void and make its rescues, as is demonstrated during the quest. At the point where the Corpus were attempting to capture and destroy the Tempestarii, it was still on a mission to save someone. It only turns out afterwards that the 'person' being rescued is already dead. Yes, it is heavily armed. It was lost during the old war, after all, so it likely had to defend itself from Sentient attackers whenever it wasn't diving the void. What Vala did is the equivalent of bombing a hospital.
  6. I'm pretty sure Microsoft does not run certification for all content produced to Windows systems. I think Steam might, but technically, the content isn't pushed to Steam but to the Warframe launcher.
  7. Probably because DE has full, autonomous governance over releasing content on PC, while on other platforms, they need to coordinate with the proprietors of that platform. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have to certify patch contents.
  8. That's something that's pissed me off as well, the affinity distribution is entirely illogical. The hardest enemies in the game also give by far the lowest amount of affinity. I get that we can't always have a direct correlation between difficulty and affinity, especially with Steel Path, but I shouldn't come out of a 1.5 hour run on the Cambion Drift with about 2 levels' worth of affinity, when I can get roughly three times as much from a 5 minute spy or exterminate.
  9. The fact that Railjack, on its own cells, gets less time than bogstandard WF is a problem. What do we have Railjack for if the focus is still going to be on on-the-ground combat? I strongly dislike the direction taken. It completely devalues Railjack.
  10. Basically, we need Railjack missions in Railjack, not ground missions.
  11. Stitching non-Railjack missions onto Railjack missions does not make it become less of a content island. Effectively, once the first part of the mission is done, Railjack is shut down completely, which is the opposite of what got me excited about Railjack. In essence, all your efforts have been to make the gamemode less like Railjack and more like bog-standard Warframe, at which point you should ask yourselves if there's any point in further developing it. Command is a nice addition though. Feels nice to have a fully staffed ship. Now we just need something to do with it.
  12. Yeah, but that should've been the priority, not 'how can we bog Railjack down by tacking on non-Railjack missions?' I made a suggestion about how to handle this stuff about half a year ago:
  13. Regular missions don't make Railjack 'not a content island'. Railjack was a content island because the only thing you got out of Railjack was more Railjack. There were no cosmetics, no weapons, no companions, no warframes, nothing, that could be acquired from Railjack. From the get-go, the best way to have Railjack be less isolated would have been to make it viable for Relic cracking. But instead, this update seems to have been focused on making Railjack 'less like Railjack'.
  14. I personally don't like the direction these changes are going into. Diminished squad cohesion, reduced influence of the Railjack itself, flattening these systems to fit them with Warframe's own... At some point you have to start asking 'why is this Railjack, instead of just Archwing'? Railjack came out with a vision that was more akin to the concept of the old trials, where everyone had a part to play in a greater whole, and now it's all being scaled back down to the point where I'm not sure what the point of Railjack even is anymore. It's Archwing, except all other squad members are glue
  15. Drop-down style selection will always get my preference. Press [key assigned to cycle ability] to replace your 1, 2, 3 and 4 with the cycle abilities. This lasts for 1.5 seconds, or until one is cast, after which everything reverts to normal. If the UI can be made responsive enough, this should allow you much quicker and much more precise access to all of your sub-abilities. The problem with this solution is that you are giving double occupancy to those slots, meaning that it's harder to modify Xaku via Helminth. Right now, I've taken out Xata's Whisper, and I'm happy with that, as Xat
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