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  1. This I disagree on, because none of the enemies hit by the AoE are actually getting hit with a finisher, so it shouldn't trigger Trickery. The overall nerf to both usability and output though is nonsense.
  2. Actually, it could use some bugfixing. I suspect that if the headshot kills the target, the subsequent burst does not apply mods, since its AoE is much smaller. And when playing as client, a headshot burst doesn't produce the additional spores.
  3. I had the idea of making void procs increase void damage taken by the target. This would make it directly antithetical to Sentient resistance gates, which would be thematically fitting, and a satisfying, self-contained damage type.
  4. I've added a first draft of this idea to the concept in the ALT Spellcraft section, and added notes about its minor synergies in Replicate and Locus Arcanum.
  5. Resuming my project to craft a concept for each of the submitted community warframe themes, this is my concept for Morpheus, as submitted by @JONNY_AFRO_ Passive - Painkiller Sleeping enemies won't wake until they take at least 50% of their current HP in damage. Additionally, Morpheus' abilities deal 100% more damage against sleeping targets, increased by 50% for each sleeping enemy Morpheus kills with a finisher. First Ability - Lullaby Tap to toggle - Morpheus projects an aura around him that gradually slows enemies in it, until they fall asleep. Enemies that wake
  6. That's a good thing though. You don't want to be punished by having your battery emptied out from hitting his best offensive skill. I want to use that ability without having to worry about having to run circles for a minute to refill the battery. Keep in mind that charge level also impacts the output of this ability.
  7. Well, that, or the projectiles should simply be terrain agnostic. IIRC, the motes from Breach Surge and that Zaw arcane are.
  8. This is actually what I am complaining about. The distance they travel in a straight line before they start to curve to their target is a massive problem in more enclosed spaces. That is a different problem where the Sepulchrum (And the Zymos, too) doesn't work when playing as client. It doesn't home in -at all- when client.
  9. There's definitely something offensive here, but it's not Otak. Let's start off with this: Rell isn't 'coded' autistic. The devs straight up stated that he was their attempt at portraying an autistic character. Second: What happened to Rell was an indirect consequence of his Autism, not his Autism. He was isolated from the other Tenno by social barriers, which led to him falling prey to the Man in the Wall. Third: Rell is a ****ing hero. The Chains of Harrow shows how a kid that felt alone faced his own battle against an ungodly entity (Which we now know also drove another man t
  10. Mine doesn't attack that often, but when it does, it generally kills whatever it hits, at least on starchart levels. That makes it a pretty bad buff though, since this basically means it's at its best when it's not needed, and when you DO need it, it doesn't work.
  11. That is dead wrong. The Panzer and Crescent Vulpaphyla offer different abilities, with the Crescent being decent, and the Panzer being very strong. The Sly Vulpaphyla is just a much weaker pick. As mentioned, the buff toggles off when you need it, and the base effect is pretty awful too. In my opinion, a better idea would be for it to give the evasion buff while you reload, and make it last until your next attack, to give it some semblance of a purpose. But a % chance to get hit anyway makes it trash tier no matter how you apply it. Evasion is a terrible idea. And I don't know
  12. Isolvaults could use an overhaul. The missions stacked up make for a very boring, anti-interactive composition. Gathering wyrm bait is all right, but the bait concoction is the first waiting game. One and a half minutes of no real threat, just standing around a single defense target. Then there's the second door, where the game turns to survival, and you're waiting about three minutes for the game to allow you to continue. Then there's the Necramech fight, which is actually pretty active and fun. Then there's another waiting game as you wait for Otak and Loid to get their
  13. That's not true. The descriptions for both the Trumna and the Sepulchrum refer to their bouncing bombs and homing missiles respectively, the Zymos description mentions exploding headshots, and the Quassus mentions thrown daggers. All the new Tenno reinforcements are pretty clear about their functions.
  14. I'm seeing a few calls for Grasp of Lohk to be recastable and I'd like to go against that. I'd rather have its 'all or nothing' style used to leverage greater output. If a Xaku manages to manifest 5+ guns, it should utterly wipe enemies, but that can't be done reasonably if anyone can just collect them by constantly recasting. The ability, IMO, is close to perfect. It just needs a larger lock-on range for the manifestations, and it needs to have some anti-armour effect that scales well with the amount of guns acquired.
  15. There's definitely some boring ones in there, that much is true, but I do want to point out that Grasp of Lohk is excellent. The variable output creates a dynamic ability that can be exciting to use, fishing for the perfect grab. It just needs a bit of a buff, and it probably needs its max grab count restriction removed. That said, it kinda went all the way downhill when they selected 'Broken' as the theme, as there was no reasonable way to make that theme pop without 'breaking' game design rules and goals. Any of the other themes would have been much more workable picks.
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