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  1. It's a pretty awful argument by DE, honestly. Grasp of Lohk had more skill expression (marginally, but it did), and an intelligently multi-faceted use that allowed build and play variance. To scrap all that to not overshadow a frame that's been begging for a rework due to being so many miles behind other, newer frames is just backwards design. Loki's design should be improved to Xaku's standard, Xaku shouldn't be dumbed down to Loki's level. Even if Grasp of Lohk better serves the purpose for which I personally use it right now, I can appreciate that it lost functionality. And
  2. I played him, and IMO, he's one of the least interesting frames in the game. Cooldowns and the infusion mechanism sound like they could impact things, but honestly... All of his abilities are damage abilities with zero variance, nothing about him is actually 'Alchemist', he looks awful, colours very poorly and his abilities handle really damn poorly with animation locks and a very cumbersome dash. Most disappointing frame, for me.
  3. I was already quite apprehensive about Lavos when he was announced, and upon playing him... It really doesn't look good. Passive It feels like this went from paper to live without testing inbetween. It's too much of a hassle, in the middle of hectic combat, to spend two or three seconds on combining elements which only affect your -next- cast. As others have mentioned in this thread: Just let the elements sit there and affect -every- single cast you make until you change elements again. Just add two little blank slots at the top of the circle that holds the end element, to show what
  4. They have such a long way to go before they are comparable to Warframes. They carry only Archguns versus Primary, Secondary AND Melee (With Melee being incredibly overpowered), they can't heal, making all damage permanent, they can't regenerate energy outside of energy orbs which means your abilities are dependent fully on RNG. Necramechs are garbage compared to Warframes. Stamina is just the cherry on top.
  5. But you can use Big Shield™ to keep it alive!* *Energy orbs acquired separately. Property of RNGsus incorporated.
  6. It's very easy to understand what Orphix spawns are, when they come in, and how to open them up. It's a bit more difficult to figure out its hitbox, as it is difficult to spot from a distance, or from any angle other than the front. Some Orphixes also spawn in weird orientations, which makes it difficult to line up a good shot, which can add to the confusion. Absolutely terrible, but most of that is down to Necramechs themselves being absolutely terrible to play. Specific to tilesets though: Small and cramped spaces offer two noticeable problems. The first is the camera, which co
  7. To clarify what's wrong with this sentiment: game design should not be oriented towards making the acquisition of new content as painful and dull as possible in order to boost sales. If people buy Lavos to skip the operation, DE is, from a business point of view, encouraged to make events worse and worse.
  8. Just to clarify, because I'm seeing a lot of misapprehensions: Lavos will have cooldowns. These cooldowns are NOT affected by efficiency directly. Instead, his third ability reduces all active cooldowns by 1 second per enemy hit. The cooldown reduction provided by this ability IS affected by efficiency. This could all work, but it hinges massively on one primary issue: Will the damage scale? Since damage is the only thing Lavos offers, if the damage scales as poorly as Ember's fireball, for example, the entire frame will never see any use. While it's nice to
  9. Get two birds with one stone: drop fake Lotus' voicelines and make the operator more autonomous by being his own mission director.
  10. I had hoped you would rework them before upping their droprates, because as it stands, they're a worse drop than endo. Really thankful for the new vault flow though, that's going to save years off of people's life expectancies.
  11. Probably intentional, just like you can't equip Eject Mag and its equivalents on weapons whose primary drawback is a long reload time.
  12. A highly competitive scene is good for viewership and bad for the playerbase. With all monetisation focused on pve content, pvp is and will always have to be second fiddle to the pve. You don't want to draw in pvp players, only to let them down when the mode doesn't get any further development for another 5 years.
  13. I'm not talking about how hard it is to aim. The reticule moves the same on either. I'm referring to how much DPS is lost when a shot goes wide. Tremor loses 1/9th, Brash 1/17th. This means bad aim has more impact on Tremor's performance than on Brash's. And, as I mentioned, overkill is worth nothing. If every shot is a kill, Brash can score almost twice the kill count. Additionally, Brash would be far better against Nullifiers. And Brash would work far better with status effects due to stacking it faster, while Tremor wouldn't scale better with crit. Overall, if Tremor
  14. No, high damage grips should have a higher potential DPS, because lower rate of fire means higher pressure on accuracy, less effectiveness against larger groups (overkill isn't worth anything) and absolutely zero worth against object health, specifically nullifier bubbles. Rapidfire should trade lower DPS for greater ease of use.
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