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  1. On a sidenote: can we get a gara helmet based off a chandelier?
  2. It's not a bad idea to have passives, they just have to be good passives. Nidus' passive is phenomenal, and there's plenty of room for more engaging passive abilities. A flat 4hp/s though is extremely underwhelming, that much is true.
  3. Because there's more than one type of damage calculation. We've got abilities, that range roughly from 100% to 200% damage output depending on your build, but we also have weapons. Those have multiplicative scalings that very, VERY quickly go completely overboard. About 120% bonus damage from element/status, x2 for the serration-like mods, x2 for multishot, then x2-5 from crits. Point is, level 100 enemies are currently paperweights against guns, and armed concrete slabs against abilities. There's several abilities that pretty much completely cease function after level 30, and those could do with assisted scaling. Either that, or we need to completely revamp Warframe modding.
  4. This could easily be symbolic language stating that she knows the Man-in-the-wall's hidden intentions. While he ostensibly helps us, it is very much possible that he's doing so for his own immediate gain. It wasn't anything to do with the waking of the second dream. Rather, in the Chains of Harrow questline, if I recall correctly... I don't think the connection with the Void entity is unique to the player Tenno, I think it is a binding aspect of ALL Tenno. He implies on some occasions that the power the Tenno have over the void originates from him, which puts him in a very interesting position as a participant in the New War. Considering he also led us to the Paracesis, it's safe to say that he is slanted against the Sentient. Personally, I suspect that the Tenno are serving as his anchors to the material realm, and he is therefor keen on keeping them alive and connected to him. He could serve as a Faustian-deal type character later on, offering greater power in exchange for increasing his influence on the world outside the void, possibly culminating in a full-on breakthrough, allowing him to manifest without the help of the Tenno.
  5. I think we can safely say that its category is: 'Drunk'
  6. It is not, as it cannot use the holstered reload mod. It also cannot use the explosion radius mod, and it can't use sniper mods. In reality, the chakkhurr is in its own unique category.
  7. Or you could use a different, non-aoe weapon, if the stagger is that much of a bother. You realise that the stagger is meant as a counterbalance to the aoe aspect, right?
  8. That's infinitely more work though, and it'll get worse and worse over time as more content is being added. You'd need to redo all frames any time one needs a nerf.
  9. I want to argue against this. Vitality is a necessity, certainly. Out of the basic stat-stick survivability options, Vitality is the one that works best since shields are terrible and his base armour is too low for a % boost to it to be worthwhile. Vitality scales with the bonus armour from Bastille though, which makes it an obvious pick for defense. Adaptation... I've never been fond of. Never bothered experimenting with it either. I understand that it can provide near complete damage immunity but I'd prefer a frame stand on its own kit. This is a personal difference of opinion though. In regards to Streamline: Why bring up Photon Strike? It is a total waste of energy to pump out a single damage point of which the DPS is easily outclassed by most weapons due to a lengthy cast time and limited impact radius. I -never- use this skill because it does not serve a distinct purpose outside of its flashiness. Tesla Bank is a matter of personal preference again, but I can see the appeal. It's odd though that you're pinning the use of Stretch on Photon Strike, again, and completely ignore the much more significant impact of +range on Bastille and Vortex, which are two abilities with adequate base range to scale up on and excellent impact. A range increase means a more effective pulling effect on Vortex (Which I'd have thought would be something anyone who uses Photon Strike would remember) and more importantly, increases the efficiency of Bastille's armour sapping and increases Vauban's freedom of movement. Photon Repeater feels like a band-aid to an at-its-core bad ability. It's also important to note the difference between Tesla Bank and Repeater: You pick one because it makes a decent ability better, you pick the other because without it, the ability is borderline unusable. Flow is, in my opinion, always and forever a complete and total waste of mod capacity. Energy regeneration will always be a bigger deal than having a large reserve as having a high capacity does nothing without having the means to fill it. Arcane Energize and Zenurik are the tools of the trade for a dedicated caster frame as you need to have a constant income of energy if you actively want to use abilities. And lastly: You are dead wrong about no one using strength builds, because I actually run a negative efficiency build on my Vauban which is designed to capitalise on the fact that he's the best caster Warframe in the game that doesn't scale with weapon mods. I think the big issue you're struggling with is that you're focused on Photon Strike, as opposed to the real hard-hitter in his arsenal: The Flechette. The Flechette covers a much wider radius and keeps firing for the entire duration of the grenade without any further input from the player. This allows it to work in tandem with the DPS of your guns as opposed to in competition with it, because not a single ability can win that competition. You also get four of them at max, allowing you to spread the influence or double down on a specific spot. A neat technique for an STR-build Vauban for example is dropping multiple Flechettes on a Vortex to build a meat grinder. Nothing survives being dragged into that. In my opinion, Vauban is incredibly close to being perfect, and needs, primarily, two adjustments: 1) The control scheme for Minelayer needs to be improved to a new alternative that allows for better, faster control. Currently, it very strongly encourages picking one option and sticking with that, forever. 2) Vector Pad needs to be replaced with a minor, secondary defensive tool, like an overshield generator, deployable cover, or a heal dispensary. With those two changes, Vauban would be immaculate.
  10. I don't know and cannot quickly find out how on earth powers are controlled with consoles, but for keyboard, the thing I'd suggest is a lag-less 'drop down menu' style. For Vauban: Press 2 to swap all of his abilities to his minelayer abilities, then the moment you choose one, it reverts back to his normal abilities. This would allow a quick two-tap combo to cast precisely what you want to cast. 2-1: Tether, 2-2: Flechette, etc. Overall, I don't think quicktapping 2 is going to be any more of a hassle than holding it down. But, as said, I don't know how this would interact with consoles since the information on how abilities are fired on consoles seems to be the kind of highly classified info that's not on a page 1 result on a duckduckgo search.
  11. A Danseuse. She who dances in the void, for nothingness is all that is left in her wake. The theme would prove challenging to animators, but it has room and opportunity for innovations in mobility to present a flowing kit that allows players to weave their own dances.
  12. Damn. Then the change really doesn't hold much weight. Adding 100% damage to the next shot is nowhere near comparable to dealing 3x damage on the current shot. I hope that gets changed, so we can get more room for single-shot status cannons like the Daikyu or Mutalist Cernos.
  13. When hitting a clean enemy with an attack that triggers a viral proc, does the viral effect increase the damage of that attack, or only the attacks that follow it?
  14. Oh NOW I get what you mean. I thought you were talking about cycle-and-cast (what we have now), instead of the drop-down control scheme. My bad! I suppose adding a hold function could make repeated casting of one ability easier, but I don't think it'll be a very relevant feature for the abilities I've got lined up at the moment, since I don't think those are very suitable for bulk casting. It might help Minelayer, though, in quick deployment of tethers and overdrivers.
  15. It's 1. I thought that was evident from the example I gave with Vauban's kit.
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