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  1. That's nonsense. They won't carry you, but everyone's going to keep using their abilities at top level PvE because they're strong enough to contribute. They won't max out your single target DPS (save for Falling Star's Thundercrash or Geomag Chaos Reach) but they do just fine on mob control. You won't run an ability build against Atheon, or the Templar, but Oracles? Gatekeeper? Crypt Security? Those are where you can use abilities just fine.
  2. But the issue is that 'surprising amount of damage' for a warframe ability is a heavily invested spike of 50K, while a 'surprising amount of damage' for a weapon is probably similar or higher with no build-up. This still puts the ability a few miles behind weaponry.
  3. That's not really a normally feasible situation though, since it requires set-up of both Immolation and consecutive multiplier, both of which massively increase energy costs and have very high upkeep. Compared to plenty of weapons that pull off the same kind of values for simply pressing or holding M1 for a little bit, and quite a few of those will have a similar or greater AoE.
  4. I think it should be down to playstyle preference. We should have frames that work well with guns (Which we do, in Mesa, Inaros, Wukong, Chroma, Mirage, etc.) and we should have frames that are their own weapon.
  5. Yes, Ogris is way stronger. Yes, Ember is 'one out of four', but Ogris is 'one out of three' The functional difference is that one completely wipes cells and the other barely scratches a single target. No, the energy cost means nothing because it's entirely disproportionate and energy regen is through the roof. Yes, Ember's ult costs 4 times as much, but it also has, what, 300, 400 times the output? You complained about 'making the game more spammy'. I raise the point that the Ogris and Fireball are functionally identical to point out that the game wouldn't get more spammy, it would be just as spammy as it already is, just with 1 instead of LMB. Or 1 in addition to LMB. Either way, if it's okay for Ogris to be spammed, it's okay for Fireball to be spammed.
  6. In reality, we already kind of have the designs needed to give abilities the opportunity to shine. The simple fact that Covenant has a cooldown allows it to do the absolutely broken thing of just rendering the entire party invulnerable. And Redline having a build-up before hitting full force is a simple enough counterweight as well. Not to mention Nidus, whose abilities get their damage output literally multiplied by a hundred if he can build his stacks. Hell, Baruuk got it right with Restraint. The devs just need to put more thought and effort into this. Add more hooks to gameplay design for Warframe abilities. Take Ember, for example, with the heat mechanism. If her overheat didn't just burn her energy, but also gradually built her ability power so that players would be left with a choice between conserving energy and devastating the battlefield, she'd have way more leeway to have a powerful fireball. I also put forth a concept whose abilities take a percentage of current energy, rather than a set value, and then empower themselves based on the energy spent. This makes spamming less impactful, but select casts more impactful, and allows current energy and maximum energy to factor in, on top of an ultimate that becomes stronger if you use other abilities before you use the ultimate itself. In a way, the upcoming Augment for Xaku's 'The Lost' seems to fit this concept, so I'm looking forward to that, although I am wary of the possibility (Quite likely, too) that DE is going to neuter it before it even releases and it gives something like 40% power strength at max, or for only 10 seconds. But the idea of having to do something to earn the power spike is very appealing and should be worked into more concepts, both new and old. I mean, look at what the new mods have done for guns. Not a direct slam-dunk stat booster, but conditional power-ups, even though those conditions are very lightweight. Why can't more Frames have these kinds of things?
  7. We can still have elemental damage mods. We'd just need them to not be multiplicative with base damage mods or crits. Part of the problem currently is that that 60% bonus cold damage then also gets +165% from Serration and then gets multiplied by somewhere around 4 due to crits, and then it gets headshots added. All of these factors just keep compounding, which is why weapon damage is as bizarre as it is.
  8. Yeah, sadly, some of the problem frames are ones that do synergise with the weapon system, precisely because the weapon system is busted in Warframe. Peacemakers wouldn't be half the problem they are if they didn't scale off weapon mods. D2 just has a good grip on power creep (or at least significantly better than Warframe) and that's allowed them to keep values somewhat consistent between options for the most part.
  9. That's not entirely true. Fireball and a D2 fire grenade aren't even close to comparable, the D2 fire grenade will outshine it massively in terms of output. Yes, it's on a bigger cooldown, but it actually has impact when it fires. Fireball does not. No matter what level you're playing on in D2, a solar grenade will clean up ads quite nicely and some will add a good spike of damage to single targets. Fireball stops functioning past level 20 or so, where it doesn't do any relevant damage to anything anymore. I also don't think that the issue is that they 'aren't worth the energy', because as you say, we have infinite energy, just about. I think the issue is that they're not even worth the button press in most cases. They won't do enough damage to be impactful enough to compete with hitting LMB once. Sure, you -could- send out a fireball. But you could also fire a single Rubico shot which does several thousand times the damage. Or a Proboscis Cernos, which also does several thousand times the damage over a much, much larger AoE. It's just saying a lot that, despite its far more intensive focus on gunplay over abilities, D2's Warlock feels like a more competent ability design set than the majority of Warframes.
  10. As long as there's a weapon capable of doing the same thing or better, a warframe ability deserves a buff. Fireball deserves to be at least competitive with the Ogris. But overall, the Warframe design team really needs some fresh blood. We've gotten some very interesting weapon designs, but Warframes have struggled to be defining. I think part of the problem are Mesa and Saryn, who, at one point or another, have been incredibly dominant in general gameplay and have induced some sort of phobia of good damaging abilities for Warframes. I really love casters and mages. I used to play mages the most in SMITE. I play Warlock in Destiny 2. Cryomancer was a no-brainer first pick in Skyforge. But in Warframe? There is no proper caster frame. No one that has any kind of hands-on weave of destruction. Ember has to rely on a 'press button, wipe cell' ability. Yareli didn't get a single damage number. Nidus can't be played in co-op and struggles with janky hit detection. Volt has no damage. Frost has no damage. Lavos had all the space it needed to be an alchemist frame and it ended up being a whip-wielding artificer instead. With terrible abilities. The best we can do are probably Vauban's Flechettes and Protea's Artillery cannon. Seriously, DE... My challenge to you is to make an Archmage themed Warframe, and have it -not- suck. Ability play on the same level as gunplay. If Warframes are a weapon, make at least one feel that way. One frame where gameplay is intact when all your weapons get removed.
  11. An idea I had when her rework was originally launched was to make it a relevant trade-off. Rather than the meter hitting 100 and immediately tanking your energy economy, I had the idea to make it two bars. The first works as it does now, but rather than drain energy off-the-bat upon hitting 100, it starts filling a second bar over time. That bar gives a power strength boost relative to how long you stay in overheat, with a gradual incline on the energy burn. That way, there's value in maintaining the bar, and some player agency in terms of how much power they are willing to squeeze out. Overall, I just want damage frames to be stronger outside of their 'press 4 to auto-wipe cell' options.
  12. Nerfing the damage boost to trade it for removing the LoS restriction would be throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Sure, it'll be easy to use, but also possibly not worth using anymore. Don't tempt DE with Warframe nerfs, they hate abilities. In most cases where I use this ability, I cancel out enemy cover by bullet-jumping straight upwards first. That sort of 'cropdusts' the area and seems to work all right.
  13. Just because something gets picked a lot, doesn't mean it needs nerfs. It might not be that Wukong is too strong, but that the majority of alternatives are too weak. We have a veritable ton of junk-frames, bump those up and make them better. I'd nerf Mesa long before I'd nerf Wukong.
  14. I don't think the government has any input on when people take their vacations, I think that's at the employers and employees' discretions. Government just mandates a minimum number of vacation days.
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