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  1. I'm pretty convinced it was the real build since, apparently, the players were all up on stage too.
  2. August is the primary target of speculations, I think. And thanks! I like yours too!
  3. It is pretty much official that Empyrean will come before the New War. Even better, it is pretty much confirmed that Empyrean will be the next big content patch. Playstation twitter tweeted that Empyrean is the next expansion for Warframe, for example, and the voice of Cephalon Cy stated that Empyrean was coming 'later this year'. With New War being slated for Christmas, it'd leave no room for Empyrean if that was to come after it. Cephalon Cy's tweet was retweeted by the official Warframe Twitter, so it's not a misunderstanding or anything.
  4. I think it's mostly referring to squad link, since that creates a gameplay bridge between the space above the Plains/Vallis and the grounds. By making actions in space affect the Plains/Vallis and vice versa, they become connected.
  5. Actually, the demo reel seemed to indicate that taking down a capital ship is a pretty complicated process that requires the Railjack's weapon capacities to carry out. Advanced security systems require a stronger computer to counteract. Also, deep-space mining and refining is probably more efficient with the Railjack than with the distillers.
  6. We don't know enough about the process to rule out modular Warframes. We have a rough understanding of how the bodies are made, but no idea of how the powers are constructed. The Orokin aren't extinct. Ballas survived. The worm survived (until we met her). There could still be an Orokin artificer out there. For all we know, the Vandal and Wraith variants are designed by an Orokin master behind the scenes. And in terms of balance: this is exactly why modular Archwing is exciting. Because it shows that this is no longer an argument, and that DE is willing to try!
  7. In the sacrifice, we got to play around with a new Orokin cipher, which consisted of a multitude of paired symbols in which players have to figure out how to string them together. I liked this, and was very excited about the prospect of Orokin tech no longer using Corpus ciphers, but I've not seen it since. Are the Orokin ciphers still due for an overhaul?
  8. I don't think so. For one, Archwing is integral to Railjack and isn't unlocked till Mars, IIRC. And for another, the demo only showed five planets, I think.
  9. The difficulty is that there's three characters at stake. There's Natah, the Lotus, and Margulis. I theorised before that the Lotus is actually an amalgamation of Natah and Margulis, and that it's Margulis' motherly instincts that led Natah to betray the Sentient. Now Ballas is in the mix, and he probably suppressed Natah's influence in the Lotus to ensure it would remain docile. Yes, Margulis was killed, but as we have seen from Chimera, Sentient technology grafted onto an Orokin body can restore it to life. It is possible that Margulis will be reborn from the New War. It also seems that Natah has taken a liking to having Margulis as part of her, as she integrated her body (At least, her face) into her own, and I furthermore also think that this is the reason why Natah started the Amalgam project. She's learned that Amalgamation can bring power, and intends to use that against the Sol system. This leaves me with three questions. Kill Natah? I'd say yes. She's still Hunhow's good little girl who murders as she is told. Kill the Lotus? This one is tougher, but as mentioned before, the Lotus knows too much, has seen too much. However, the Tenno themselves are in the same position. Lotus could easily sway the future of the system, but so can the Tenno. This one remains tough, but I'm leaning towards kill. Kill Margulis? No. If the opportunity presents itself, I will choose to kill Natah, and save Margulis. Whatever it takes, I want her to get the same chance at life that she gave the Tenno. This might also be the only reason I might choose to save the Lotus: To preserve her while awaiting an opportunity to extract Margulis.
  10. There's an extinguisher on board, from what I recall of last year's demo reel.
  11. As exciting as the prospect of modular primaries would have been, I do think modular archwings is slightly more thrilling, because it is only one step away from modular Warframes.
  12. Are you sure? They seemed linked together, since the Paradox seemed to be accessed by the warp travel system from Empyrian, so I assumed it came packaged with it. Do you have any sources by the way? I'd love to know for sure that it's coming this year.
  13. Does that mean it won't release this year? With the Duviri Paradox, engine overhaul, new Orbiter and everything, it's all very exciting, but if the package deal means it won't be until next year, that's going to dampen my enthusiasm.
  14. Let me give an Ember rework a shot... Ember - The incarnation of Fire The passive First Ability Second Ability Third Ability Fourth Ability Ultimately, I tried to shoot for a damage oriented Warframe while trying to abide by DE's overarching design rules and create active gameplay that sees Ember play more with her team as opposed to just pressing a button and wiping the level in its entirety. This is a really quick concept, especially the third ability, which I was not inspired for, so I may come back to this at a later point and finetune it.
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