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  1. I recognise some of it as Japanese. DuoLingo for the win.
  2. Either works, though I'd hesitate to push it to 100%, since that could trivialise content. I'd rather keep it a bit more limited to make the devs' job a little easier when trying to design a challenge. Tide would accumulate passively over time, though I'm still mulling over potential mechanical hooks. For this draft, though, you can accrue additional Tide as long as you're in or on the Undertow pool. That's a communication error on my part. Tide is not required to activate abilities, it is just consumed when cast. So at zero tide, you can still cast even Kraken. The wave would be identical to what it is now if Hydroid rides it, with the exception of some more generous collision detection I suppose. I don't think the wave pulling back would really add too much to the ability. I think it's more mechanically interesting to have a mega-nuke every once in a while than having everything just be slightly stronger. That would definitely be a massive QoL improvement.
  3. Let me try to whip up a rework idea... New passive: Flowing Tides Hydroid gains up to 100 'Tide' over time, with every point of tide increasing his armour by 10. Casting abilities consumes tide (But doesn't require it), but any abilities cast while over 50 tide are empowered. 1: Undertow (10 tide) Hydroid casts down a pool at target location, which lasts a set duration. Enemies that touch the pool are dragged under, and take impact damage every second while submerged. Hydroid himself gains additional tide while standing in the Undertow and can enter the pool by crouching in it, consuming energy every second while submerged, but rendering him entirely invulnerable, and adding additional finisher damage per second to the pool. Enemies in the pool take damage from attacks fired into it. If cast above 50 tide, Undertow heals allies standing in it. Augment: Tide Pool Enemies killed while submerged in Undertow drop additional loot. 2: Tidal Surge (10 tide) Hydroid conjures a wave of water that pushes out from his location. The wave deals damage to all enemies it encounters, and drags them along. If the button is held when cast, Hydroid rides this wave to its end location. If cast above 50 tide, Tidal Wave creates an Undertow pool with reduced range and lifespan at its end location, depositing all enemies hit along the way into it. Augment: Tidal Impunity Hydroid gains temporary status immunity when casting Tidal Surge. Any allies hit by the wave will gain the same benefit. 3: Tempest Barrage (25 tide) Hydroid calls down a barrage of corrosive shells over a target area. The area's radius and duration are increased the longer the cast is charged. If cast above 50 tide, Tempest Barrage's duration is increased, and every fifth shell dropped will have an increased explosion radius and damage. Augment: Fouled Waters Tempest Barrage applies viral procs. 4: Kraken (50 tide) Hydroid summons the Kraken to aid him, spawning tentacles from available surfaces in the target area. The longer the ability is charged before casting, the larger the radius affected, and the more tentacles are spawned. If cast above 50 tide, the Kraken will conjure a whirlpool at its spawn location, drawing in nearby enemies and dealing slashing damage with a high status chance to any enemies that reach the center. Augment: Projectile Chow Enemies killed while grasped by a tentacle are tossed at nearby enemies, dealing impact damage equal to a percentage of their maximum health. Basically, almost everything is the same, but abilities are swapped around a bit, and a new passive was added, intended to leverage a bit more power. The biggest changes are that Tidal Surge no longer forces Hydroid's movement, which should make it more generally applicable as a crowd control effect and a means to group enemies closer together, and that Tempest Barrage will do more damage and, hopefully, no longer ragdoll enemies all over the place. The Tide effects are intended to make the kit a bit bulkier and more interesting, giving him improved effects on all abilities from time to time and adding a bit more weight to ability choices.
  4. Considering the teasers that went out before the weekend, I would assume it's this week.
  5. Since the rework, it's Vauban. Because he's the only Warframe where I feel confident in a damaging ability no matter what level we're playing at. Flechettes are amazing.
  6. It should be changed to a 'drop-down' style interface. Taking Vauban as an example: Activating Minelayer replaces all of your abilities for one second. Tesla Nervos becomes Tether, Minelayer becomes Flechette, Photon Blast becomes Vector, and Bastille becomes Overcharger. The moment any of these abilities are activated, or after one second has passed, everything reverts to normal. This would allow for faster, more precise access that better supports the use of multiple options.
  7. I'd much rather have had it stack faster than increase the limit. Or a mix of both, IE: You gain 2 stacks per 5 hits, and go up to 200 max. 300 max feels entirely unattainable in regular play.
  8. This is the only part of your suggestion that I disagree with. I don't think making it a single shot would help it, as it would be in direct competition with a lot of weapons that would almost certainly outperform it. Barrage was okay-ish before the changes to impact, with enemies now getting ragdolled out of the AoE instead of staggered back into it. I'd change the base status proc to corrosive, and change the augment's status type to viral, then add level-based scaling. I think that could do the trick. I quite like this idea, especially if the wave is more or less 'terrain agnostic' so it's reliable. As an added bonus, I'd suggest having it collapse into a tidepool at the end, with any enemy that gets dragged along by the wave being deposited there and held for a duration. Only issue I foresee with this is that it could block context button use in certain situations, but that might be fixable. I'd also argue that the finisher damage it used to have could make a return if it required that Hydroid himself is in the pool in order to do it. IE: the pool deals 'meh' damage by itself, but if Hydroid is in there, it deals high, relevant damage. Reading through this, I'm starting to get a budding idea of having Hydroid revolve around watery surfaces, mostly stemming from the visual image of a tentacle grabbing an enemy and dragging it under… Something that empowers Hydroid while he's on the water surfaces, with the summoned Kraken spawning a larger pool.
  9. One thing I've had in mind is the ability to create operator accessories with the metals and gemstones from the plains and the vallis.
  10. I think a big part of the problem here is that the system has no variable outcomes or input. It plays the player more than the other way around. The bar fills up, your energy drain gets too high, you take the action the game mandates and reset it. I'd personally want to kill two birds with one stone and bolster Ember's firepower while improving on this issue by making her trade this energy drain risk for increased ability strength. My suggestion would be to have a second bar fill up once Immolation is at its maximum limit. Every tick of that bar would increase her ability damage (Akin to Nidus' mutation stacks) but once it goes above a certain value, it would start to drain energy. This way, the longer you stay overheated, the more damage your abilities do, but you also run the risk of running out of energy. This can then be paired with your suggestion as well, by making Fire Blast free once it goes above a certain value, to allow players a way out.
  11. I'm pretty certain they have the ability to remove animations outright, and have had it since day zero. Since it's still in the game, we can assume that, at present, this is how they want it to be. I have well over 2000 hours in Warframe and I've got over 700 posts on the forums and not once, not a single time in Warframe's entire lifespan, have I encountered the term 'Animation lock'. I am calling a spade a spade. Reservoir's casting animation does not halt movement, contrary to what you have claimed. This is directly contrary to the idea of changing from tailored buff dispensation to 'you only have one option and one way to play'. Not to mention that you seemed to be perfectly okay with putting the synergy with Breach Surge on the chopping block for this suggestion.
  12. That's because 'animation lock' isn't the term that's normally used. It's 'casting time'. And I don't think that the existence of casting times is an issue, and evidently, neither does DE. When the pass was made for improving game flow, a lot of abilities had their immobility removed while retaining their casting times. That's the problem with you claiming that Wisp's movement is halted when she casts Reservoir. It's not. She can move about quite comfortably. She has a cast time, certainly, but she doesn't halt her movement.
  13. Right, we'll just dump half the ability for rhetoric. Actually, it's all of the mission types where you spend a lot of time in one room. Survival, Defense, Mob-Def and Intercept come to mind. What would be wrong with still being able to lay down six motes? You want to propose a reduction in energy cost, increase in cast speed and an increase in buff coverage for an ability that is very clearly marked among the absolute strongest in the entire game, and you think that'll go over well balance-wise? The fact that there are people with that negative feedback proves it exists. It does not prove anything about how present it is in the community as a whole. That is the problem here. Because you keep pointing to a very small sample size of players, plagued with self-selection bias, as evidence of 'overwhelming minority'. You know absolutely nothing but keep throwing around 'large' and 'overwhelming' in lieu of statistical fact. You have presented absolutely no statistical evidence, and have only resorted to 'I've seen a couple of people on the forums say something'. That's hilarious, because it DOESN'T. Wisp can move freely while placing a Reservoir, relying on either free movement or maintaining momentum of parkour. And no, it's not the animation locks that were a point of contention for the casting rework that happened a few months ago, it was the interruption of movement and game flow. Wisp's Reservoir casts flow really well. And since they're barely ever cast due to persisting forever and having a solid base duration on the dispensed buff, the 'issue' you are pointing out is completely negligible. "I'm not dismissing them, I'm just equating them to not being able to fire your gun or start a bullet jump for half a second" Your entire argument here is that -YOU- don't see any relevant value in them. That's dismissing, bud. You don't understand synergies and balance. You have a reputation.
  14. 100% on kill, with an x2 multiplier at minimum. And we're talking about both. A ground level Breach Surge is likely to face terrain obstructions, you need a mid-air reservoir for good coverage. Do you really think that people who are content with Wisp's reservoirs will be on the forums en masse to clarify that they have no complaints about Wisp's current state? The forums themselves are a minority of players. The forums prove nothing. "I've seen people say it on the forums" is anecdotal. That's the equivalent of simply saying 'I'm right'. Your 'justification' is merely that the ability is, what, clunky? Cumbersome? That's a personal opinion, and you have to support that by dismissing any other tactic that the reservoirs can and are used for by declaring them irrelevant. That's not justification. That's regarding your own opinion as 'fact'. Because your attitude in that statement is reductive. 'The primary reason to play Wisp is the buffs, so compromising breach surge's synergies with reservoir is an acceptable casualty for a very minute improvement in ease of deployment.' Because two reservoirs cover less area than six. Because you're equating the synergy with breach surge with a 'redundant buttonpress'. Equating a mountain to a molehill.
  15. You do realise that Breach Surge is an end-damage multiplier with an applicability bonus, right? That's nothing to sneeze at. Just because you can't see the value doesn't mean it's not there. Not in my opinion. I want the speed buff, I get the speedbuff. I don't want to spend extra time and energy conjuring up the other two buffs because someone is too lazy to press a button more than once. So purely anecdotal then. And I don't need to present evidence, -you- are trying to make a case for changing the status quo. If that is your attitude, you may as well remove all of Wisp's other abilities to flatline her design into the only thing you are interested in. And no, she can't have both if the reservoirs would be compressed. You'd lose out on a large amount of area coverage. Yes, but they'd only be able to choose all or nothing. That is a problem. How do you not understand that 'all or nothing' is worse than 'at your discretion'? Says the person that wants to flatten an ability because it's hard to press a button more than once.
  16. Except it's not marginal, it's a marked improvement of area control. Reduced benefit at higher cost, you mean. It would break you up in the long run by costing more energy and time to manage. Do you have any statistical evidence to back this up? Only if you're exclusively interested in the buffs and do not utilize Breach Surge at all. That is the current situation, but wouldn't be the case if the buffs were compressed. Right now, players can pick and choose which buffs to pick up because they can be in separate spots. If a reservoir forces all buffs on a player, a Ne Zha that wants the speed buff but not the shock mote will have no choice but to either take both, or forfeit both. I doubt that. Close range enemies deal more damage than those at a long distance due to higher accuracy, and melee strikes deal an appalling amount of damage. Enemies in close combat are the greatest source of damage, and those would be the ones eliminated by a forced shock mote.
  17. Compressing the three reservoirs into one would mean you only have two reservoirs to deploy. That means you can teleport to only two locations, as opposed to six, and it would mean you lose half your reservoir slots for putting up a Breach Surge Anchor, as opposed to one sixth. That is a bad tradeoff to make for a very marginal improvement that comes with its own drawbacks. It would not. A health buff dumped in a hallway somewhere along the way to the objective is not going to persist on the objective point. If you are doing a MobDef for example, you'll want your health buff on the point, not in a hallway leading to the point. Typically does not mean always, not by a long shot. I don't use the reservoirs like that for example. And they do not interrupt Wisp's movement when deployed, she can move freely, and I'm pretty sure she can even carry bullet jump momentum if cast during aim glide. The 'tailored' part stems from being able to pick and choose the buffs and strategically position them. Because they benefit from incoming damage at the moment they're cast. Melee hits in particular can charge these up dramatically, but only if the enemies in your immediate vicinity aren't stunned. If they are stunned, you are temporarily protected from damage from close range, but your barrier will end up weaker, meaning you'll need to recast it more often and suffer more moments of frailty.
  18. You've clearly never run a negative efficiency build. Teleport points allow for quick movement between points, which is valuable when trying to defend multiple points. Interception is an obvious example where the reservoir's teleportation anchoring can be used to great effect. Additionally, Rift Surge works better if cast from high altitude, so having a reservoir in mid-air is a serious benefit in any point-defense. If I'm running down a hallway and want to cast in a speed-buff, I don't want to spend an extra second conjuring two buffs I'm not interested in. There's nothing poor about the usability of the reservoirs. They're excellently tailored to their variate uses. Warding Halo and Ironskin come to mind.
  19. Not necessarily. Ballas isn't the only Warframe architect, as we know Titania's is still (technically) alive, and we can be pretty sure that Ballas also did not design Harrow. There's actually an interesting conjunction here with the Glassmaker, since that is an unearthed Orokin technology, perhaps the broken Frame would also be a rebirth of Frame-forging in the same way. It could be anyone. Would be an interesting twist if it IS the Glassmaker. For the topic at hand, though: I think I put forth a decent loadout, but I have to say that the theme is pretty awkward. A broken frame, thematically, is difficult to execute without making errors along the way. You can have him actually consist of the parts of other Warframes, but that makes him lose his own identity. If he can take the parts of other Warframes to replicate their abilities, what does he do when alone? And what happens to the frames whose parts he steals? Another way to do it is to give him a disjointed kit where none of the abilities fit together well, but that is a gameplay design error that would make him less fun to play. Or you can make a cohesive kit with wildly varying visuals, in which case the theme really doesn't quite 'pop'. I'm definitely intrigued by what could come out of this process, though.
  20. The critical aspect here is the autonomy. No matter what the damage numbers are on any given ability, a weapon can do it better. Anything that is in direct competition with weapon fire is inherently useless. This is why Photon Blast is awful: There are plenty of weapons in the game that do what it does faster, easier, and more consistently. Flechettes are so incredible because they -don't- compete with weaponry, but instead work alongside it. Dump a few flechettes in a location and no enemy that tries to pass through will survive the meat grinder, while you can still use your weapons for anything approaching from a different direction. Having the Photon Strike deal 'more damage' will probably not work because weapons exist. A short, almost single-target burst of damage after a, what, 1.5 second cast time? The damage number doesn't matter because it's not properly applicable. If it wants to be relevant, it needs to provide something that isn't damage, or find some other way to not compete with weapons. Off the top of my head: - Photon Strike repeats automatically, based on your duration - Photon Strike leaves behind scorched earth that deals heat damage to enemies that cross it. - Photon Strike has no casting animation, but instead targets all your Tesla Nervos. (Tesla Nervos changed to always spawn four. Hold button to make them switch between focusing one target or spreading out) - Photon Strike releases a lightning bolt on impact that bounces to nearby targets. The initial bounce deals full damage, with subsequent leaps to new targets losing 10% of its damage. I also want to stress that the Flechettes should absolutely not be nerfed. They are the very first self-scaling ability in the game that is -not- completely obsolete, after Spores. We still do not have dedicated caster Warframes and Flechettes are the first step in that direction. I'd like that to continue instead of nerfing down ability damage so Warframes can return to being weapons platforms.
  21. Do not blanket nerf on account of specific bad apples. Mesa's ult is not a valid reason to nerf Ember's fireball, and Limbo's cataclysm is not a valid reason to nerf Vauban's Bastille.
  22. It is what listening looks like if you want the game to have some remote semblance of balance. How would you balance the self damage when the EHP of frames are night and day? Someone like Vauban would never be able to use explosives, someone like Inaros could brush it off. The stagger and fall-off are counterweights to the fact that the weapon deals damage in a radius, which is, in most cases, required to keep it from being flat-out, objectively and in all cases, better than anything that isn't AoE. I mean, even with the annoying stagger and enormous fall-off, I don't think you'll find anyone to argue that the Bramma is anything less than S-tier, for example. Or the Lenz, for that matter. Even with the stagger and 'massive' fall-off. The only point that IS bad is that weapons that did not have self-damage now do, and that needs to be rectified. The rest is perfectly fine game design.
  23. IIRC, this is already an option buried in some options menu somewhere.
  24. That would just make it a random gun like any other. There's loads of weapons that do what the Basmu does now, but there were no weapons that did what the Bugsmu did. A bit of diversity in gunplay can make a big difference.
  25. What's the environment got to do with it? Ultimately it just comes down to: Is it more efficient for me to cast an ability, or shoot my gun? And since most weapons can deal far more damage to far more targets than any damage oriented ability can (Barring noteworthy exceptions like Maim and Spores), most damage abilities go completely unused. For example, why use Ember's fireball when a Bramma shot deals a couple hundred times the damage over a much larger area? And no, if soul punch or seeking shuriken oneshot level 160 bombards then they would get used. Against level 160 bombards. Provided they can't already be oneshot by their currently equipped weapon.
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