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  1. I've pretty badly injured both my hands before. Any less keys that I have to press is a good thing, but okay sure, you don't need accessibility options, I do. I can't be the only one. If someone said "I want to go at a speed I'm used to." and that speed is "sprint speed" not "sprint + Volt speed" It would still be disruptive to that player. Players have been asking DE to fix the abilities that toggle off sprint for years to no avail. Players have also been asking for a "sprint by default" option too but we never got that either.
  2. Do you know how annoying it would be to have to hold sprint to enable Volt's speed, which would also toggle off sprint, so then we'd need to hold it again to re-enable sprint mode? Or if we didn't have sprint mode on in the first place but wanted to start sprinting, if you didn't want Volt speed, too bad, I guess no sprinting for you. There's a bunch of abilities that toggle off sprint mode so anyone who uses those frames a lot would have a problem still if they don't like Volt's speed and use toggle mode. That doesn't fix the issue for people using toggle mode at all.
  3. I'm someone who usually likes Volt's speed but I also use toggle sprint so I can immediately see an issue here. This would be a problem for anyone who uses toggle sprint. You need to hold the sprint/roll key for a moment to toggle sprint mode. If we had to hold it every time we wanted to use Volt's speed, it would also toggle on/off sprint mode too. That's also completely ignoring that most people who use toggle sprint probably don't want to hold the sprint key all the time anyway.
  4. Other players can use strength buffs and change the speed your 4 makes the enemies move when you do not want it to. There is no way to opt out of these strength buffs. This is especially a problem for anyone trying to play as a Neutral Nova (70% power strength) because any strength buff will make the enemies move slower. Your only option is to wait for the buff to wear off before you can cast your 4 again. A change for Nova could be so high strength would always be a positive thing. Her 4 could be a tap/hold switch between speed, neutral, and slow modes, with high strength always giv
  5. It also did not fix my issue. I checked and Steam is set to public in the firewall too.
  6. Yes, I'm trying to play through Steam.
  7. I've been unable to login starting this morning also. My firewall has the same setting. I tried 100% disabling the firewall and still no luck. The mobile app won't work for me either so I'm not sure if that is the issue.
  8. I have an untradeable converted lich I would like removed also. My keyboard had a sticky key so that's how I got stuck with it. If there was at least some way for me to get rid of it I'd be quite happy.
  9. I have gotten the bug again while recording and have the entire mission from start to when the door bugged in a video. I used the same exact loadout as the last time I had the issue. Trying to hack the consoles to proceed with the mission after seeing the door is bugged did not open it this time either.
  10. When I had the issue, I was on Nezha Prime. I was on solo mode and I was running a few missions in a row, but returning to the Dry Dock in my clan inbetween each mission. I was on either Nsu Grid or Flexa at the time, I can't remember. I did notice the sentient ship was currently not available anywhere when I started my mission. The pulse turbine was the only side objective there (besides the bonus area, which I did not enter) and I went to clear it after first taking out all of the crewships and fighters without leaving my railjack. I never used the slingshot, but I did use operator
  11. TYPE: In-Game, Railjack Missions DESCRIPTION: The ship killer platform doesn't always get disabled correctly. Sometimes after disabling it, it will keep firing and no longer have a cooldown inbetween shots. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Unknown, I think it only happens if it was shooting at something when it was disabled but I am unsure. EXPECTED RESULT: The ship killer platform should stop shooting when it is disabled. OBSERVED RESULT: The ship killer platform keeps shooting after it is disabled and loses the cooldown between its shots. REPRODUCTION RATE: Unknown
  12. I always immediately check that door when I enter the pulse turbine. So far I've never had it get stuck after checking it If I've confirmed it was working when I first entered. Earlier today I checked the door like normal and it was already stuck closed before I had even hacked anything. I was on solo mode so I know no one else was there before me. Trying to proceed with the mission like normal did not open the door. I did notice while I was there that enemies were able to walk through the stuck door. I summoned a specter while I was there to see if it could walk through the door to
  13. There's normal speed, boost, and drift. Trying to shoot while boosting will only slow you but trying to shoot while drifting will jam your gun instead.
  14. Unfortunately the only work around currently is to leave your railjack. You can use your crew command even if there is an electrical hazard by not being on your ship.
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