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  1. There is a problem using tactical 4 to teleport back to your railjack from an exploding crewship when it is going to explode in 4-5 seconds. The first bug is sometimes it puts you on your archwing inside the railjack when you teleport back. Leaving the railjack and reentering will still have you on your archwing. Trying to use the turrets or helm will make you completely stuck, unable to pilot/attack, and unable to exit it. The second bug is the explosion lighting can sometimes happen inside the railjack. It will get really bright and then turn 100% black. I found teleporting using the tactical menu to another part of the railjack fixes it.
  2. If you use the operator to pilot or use the turrets in the railjack, it will change your operator skin, eyes, and makeup to the same color scheme as the interior of the railjack.
  3. My operator was not working correctly while in a railjack mission. I lost the ability to go into the void at all while crouching, I could not void dash, and I was immune to all damage the whole time I was on my operator. I also could not attack and it appeared as if my operator did not have her amp equipped on her arm. I do not know exactly what caused it but it may be because I was in my operator on my railjack before starting my mission, although I did go back to my warframe before actually selecting it.
  4. The name on my railjack keeps floating away. The farther away I am from the name, the farther it moves. I didn't do anything specific to get it happen. It just always happens for me. I can't see the name on it at all while on arching in a railjack mission.
  5. When I enter my railjack, it gets very dark so I can hardly see anything. Exiting my railjack makes it dark inside the dojo also.
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