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  1. Hey, tried to invite but said you're in a clan already
  2. Hey tried to invite, but says youre in a clan already
  3. Hey, Cant keep up with the latest fads? Cognitive abilities failing? Reflexes, what were those again? Search no further, we're a medium {93} sized rank 9 clan looking to expand with new old farts (18+) for jolly cooperation. We have a fair share of research done, all the posts and whatnots, alliance, even a discord. Theres frequent squads for vault runs, sorties, radshares, general farming and just plain old helping eachother out. We're active on the discord channel, is a welcoming place for the mr2s grey excaliburs and mr20s pink monstrosities. Even if your life gets in the way of gaming, we're here for you, it can be hard to commit to gaming sometimes. Edit: It's been over a year, and now just noticed theres no clan name on this post (Clockwork Panda Army)
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