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  1. the only bad thing about that is their are some people that have already contributed stuff to each others dojo im sure and since forma is hard to get i dont know if they would like if one of us destroyed our dojos, i can talk to my guys and see what they say, if not we can just make our first alliance?
  2. Ok guys i need to ask who is want to join my clan or are you just joining others?
  3. Welcome bud If i cant find one i will be creating one soon
  4. Whats up Guys, I'm looking for a Nintendo Switch Clan, I do have a pc, PlayStation and now switch account, so far i am enjoying the switch very much and i would really like to get to know some more people, and also help them in their goals in becoming the best switch clan, i started new with my warframes to keep up with the new people coming to switch and because i don't mind the grind. so if your looking for a dedicated and a veteran warframe player, Im your guy!
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